How long is the application process? – State Department: Consular Fellows

How long is the application process? – State Department: Consular Fellows

Essentially from the time of submitting
your application you should hear back about whether or not you made it past the first round to schedule your initial language test ideally in about four to six weeks and
that’s from the time that the the vacancy closes. So keep that mind because we don’t start reviewing applications until the vacancy announcement closes, we have reviewed them all at the same time. Once that happens if you pass that round
of testing it’s about three months until you’ll
be called to take an oral assessment. An Oral Assessment is not a language test it’s actually very similar to the Foreign Service oral assessment process
except for a great majority of your questions are going to be focused more
on consular situations that you would find yourself face with while working in
the consular section and then after that there is an additional language test on
that same day that’s about three months. Now the thing
we can’t control is the security clearance and the med clearance so we have a
little bit of control over the med clearance but that’s not the main issue, the main issue is the
security clearance. So we say probably from the time that
you receive your initial offer letter to the time you’re deployed overseas probably about 8 months could be 12 months.

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