How is Your Fellowship with God? – Tim Conway

How is Your Fellowship with God? – Tim Conway

I come to the question of the hour: How is your fellowship with God? That’s the question that I
want us to think about. Every Christian ought to be able to say – doesn’t John say it so boldly? He says, “our fellowship
is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.” I mean, are we all able to say that? Can we say that boldly? Can you come in here today and say that? Yes, I know it. That is my life. My life is one of fellowship with the Father and with His Son. I know it! Since I’ve been saved, that is true. That is normative of my life. That is descriptive of my life. That is true. I see it. Oh, it’s not where I want it to be. Some days I can’t find Him the
way that I want to find Him. But as a rule, I have walked with the Lord and I know what that is. And it’s heaven on earth! It’s as best as it gets here. And the little bit that I’ve tasted, I would not turn back for the world. Can you say that? Can you say that dogmatically like he says it? Or are you seized by hesitation? Does conscience hold back? And look, you know what
I’m talking about here. John hit on it. We’re not talking doctrine here. We’re not talking just a knowledge – a head knowledge. I’m not talking about whether
you made it to church on Sunday. I’m talking about this: Can you say I walk with the Lord? Can you say that? Are you walking with Him? Jesus Christ died to purchase us the privilege to walk with God. It’s what He died for. That’s what this is all about. This excerpt was taken
from the full sermon: “Some Thoughts on Walking with God”

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  1. Excerpt is from Tim's 2014 sermon, "Some THoughts on Walking With God" which can be viewed here:

  2. (Il be Honest)
    I noticed that you do not allow comments on your video-
    (The Doctrine of Hell – Tim Conway)
    I was wondering why your silencing any one with any other view on the subject?
    What do you NOT want others to know so badly that you silence people?

  3. Hey Tim, I love to see your love and enthusiasm for God and encouraging others to seek truth and to discern his will! I would love to hear you share your thoughts and feelings on the Gospel of John chapter 6:50-59 as well as what Paul reaffirms the real presence of Christ in 1Corinthians11:27 also 1Corinthians10:15-17 where the apostle Paul says participation but in the Greek word to be translated as communion or share “ The bread in which we break is it not a_____ “(Greek work) “ * a participation in the body of Christ*

  4. We all need to walk with God, REGARDLESS!!! Through persecution, through tough times, through hope, through EVERYTHING!!! Would you be able to choose ONLY Him if there was nothing else left? Will you be able to stand when you're the only one standing? to have a TRUE commitment with God, you have to be willing to DIE to self, and RISE with Him!

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