How Iran’s Soleimani became a US target

How Iran’s Soleimani became a US target

On January 3rd, the United States launched
a drone strike near the Baghdad International airport in Iraq. It killed several Iraqi and Iranian military
officials, including Iran’s top commander named Qassem Soleimani. Moments later, Iran’s Supreme leader declared
Soleimani a martyr and threatened “severe revenge” against the US. Over the next few days, hundreds of thousands of Iranians came out to mourn Soleimani’s death. But Iran wasn’t the only place where people
took to the streets… There were demonstrations in Iraq. Syria. Lebanon. And Yemen. These are some of the countries where Soleimani
commanded a network of powerful militias; which gave him and Iran extraordinary influence
across the region. This network made him one of the most important
people in Iran. It’s also what got him killed. So how did Soleimani expand Iran’s influence? And what happens to these militias after his death? It all began with Iran’s Islamic revolution. In 1979, a cleric named Ayatollah Khomeini
led a popular movement that toppled Iran’s monarch and established the Islamic Republic
of Iran. This new regime wanted to export their revolution
and that threatened countries all over the Middle East. Iran was also the first Shia government that
billed itself as the preeminent leader of the Muslim world. That especially threatened Iran’s sunni-dominated
neighbors The first one to act was Iraq. In 1980, dictator Saddam Hussein sent his
army to invade Iran. Other countries that felt threatened by Iran supported him. The US sent some weapons to Iran, but mainly supported Iraq throughout the war, hoping to keep Iran’s ambitions in check. The war carried on for 8 years and nearly
a million died. During that time, Iran was devastated and
surrounded by enemies. So, it devised a strategy to spread its ideology
and fight its enemies covertly at the same time. But first it needed a security force to find
groups to partner with outside of Iran’s borders. So in the 80s, it put together an elite unit
of soldiers and spies, called the Quds Force. They became a part of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary
Guard Corps, a branch of the military that answered directly to Iran’s Supreme Leader. Next, it needed an opportunity to unleash
this force … and it found one in Lebanon. In the 1970s a civil war was raging in Lebanon. The US had sent troops as peacekeepers but
violence was spilling over into Israel. So in 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. Several Lebanese militias fought back. Some of these militias were led by Shia clerics,
who had ideological ties to Iran. So Iran sent forces, millions of dollars,
and tons of weapons to back their fight. They eventually merged into one powerful Shia militia called Hezbollah. They attacked Israeli soldiers in Lebanon
and launched rockets over the border into Israel. Hezbollah even bombed the US embassy and barracks
killing 304 people. Eventually, Hezbollah succeeded. The US troops left Lebanon in 1984 and Israel
pulled out in 2000. Iran’s dual strategy had worked. It turned Hezbollah into a reliable proxy
that could fight Israel and even the US on its behalf, without inciting conflict on
its own borders. Iran had also found an effective way to export its ideology in Lebanon. So Iran’s Quds Force started supporting
proxy militias in Palestine and Iraq. As it built the foundation for a network,
a charismatic soldier worked his way up the ranks… In 1998, Qassem Soleimani took command of
the Quds Force and within a few years he had an opportunity to firmly establish Iran’s
influence in Iraq. In 2003, the US invaded and toppled Saddam
Hussein and his Sunni-dominated regime. This created a power vacuum in Iraq which
was quickly filled by Shias. Solemani used this opportunity to continue
to back Shia militias here; growing his network into a powerful force that fought against
the US and other Iraqis. It became one of the most violent periods
in Iraq’s troubled history. Thousands of civilians died, many at the hands
of Soleimani’s Iraqi militias. But eventually, a Shia-dominated government
took control of Iraq. Soleimani had managed to solidify Iran’s
influence in Iraq when another opportunity arose, this time, in Syria. in Syria
In 2011, protests in Syria turned into a civil war, which threatened to overthrow dictator
Bashar al-Assad. Suleimani orchestrated a network of proxies
to work together to defend Assad. He called in Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon,
Shia-militias from Iraq, and even soldiers from Iran. He also created two new militias with Afghan
and Pakistani fighters. All these groups fought alongside the Syrian
Army to keep Assad in power. This intensified a war that eventually killed
more than 500,000 people, mostly civilians and displaced more than 11 million. But Assad survived. Soleimani was successfully exploiting conflicts
to advance Iran’s interests across the region. And it was making him a very popular figure in Iran. He became arguably the second most important
person in the country. More conflicts gave Iran more opportunities. When ISIS sparked another war in Iraq, Suleimani
again called on his network to defend Iraq and keep ISIS away from Iran. By now, he had unprecedented influence and
continued to command the Shia militias in Iraq directly even after they were officially
folded into Iraq’s military. When a civil war erupted in Yemen, Iran threw
its support behind a rebel group. Now instead of being surrounded by enemies,
Iran had them surrounded. Suleimani empowered a vast array of militias
across the Middle East… Many of them are excessively violent, and
have killed thousands. Many are designated terrorist organizations
by the US and EU. And many are corrupt. Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iraqi shia militias,
for instance, are the targets of mass protests in those countries. And they’re putting down the protests with
more violence. But to Iran and its supporters, Suleimani’s
a hero. He helped build a web of militias that not
only keeps Iran’s enemies in check… But also provides a pipeline for the Islamic
ideology that Iran wanted to see in the far corners of the Middle East. It’s why Iran’s Supreme Leader immediately
called Soleimani a martyr and also declared that his efforts and path won’t be stopped
after his killing. Even though its commander is gone, the
network remains intact.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


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  2. It is not about influence.. It’s about standing together with your aliens in region against the world zionisme ‘global zionisme’, standing against those 2% of the people who owns 98% of the world money. Those who calls everyone terrorist who is against them. Those who taked culture of every single country away. Those who killed more then 3 milion people including children last 20 years just in middle east. They have all the media in hand and let you see what they want you too see. Telling people lies all day for there own interest.

  3. This video is poorly made in comparison to other videos i've seen from Vox. a statement like "to Iran and it's supporters, Soleimani is a hero" must change to "Islamic Republic and it's supporters" also, earlier when you mentioned "US sent some weapons to Iran, mainly supported Iraq" this is a cheap and quick take on history! the price for weapons were way too high for Iran and practically free for Iraq because, as we know now, Iraq was pushed to war with Iran due to Saudi and American backed promises.

  4. Great video again Vox, I'm from Iran and so interested in political issues and I'm following them closely but your clip made my mind way too clear about some conditions, thanks for sharing👌

  5. Well as an Iranian I must say that there was something wrong in your video. The fact that not all Iranian people are seleimani's fan. We all know that he was a terrorist and if you search you can find lots of videos of people burning his pictures around the country in protests that happened less than a moth ago. If you see lots of people saying that we will continue his way, well their not all Iranian people. They're supported by the regime so they can come to the streets easily for his funeral. but how many are they? A million? 5 millions? 10 millions in the whole country? Well there are about 70 millions of people that didn't come. You do the math.

  6. If any of you oblivious people understood what that guys militias have done to innocent people, you would very quickly shut your useless mouths

  7. To be clear- Soleimani was an evil man who had the thousands of deaths on his hands. He attempted to foment revolution in peaceful nations and spread the influence of Iran- one of the most authoritarian and homophobic nations on earth.

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    I will also like to see if you can make video justifying US government

  11. 4:40 When USA invaded iraq it didnt create vacuum for Shia but USA handed the leadership to Shia group though they've taken it from a Sunni. Now they're paying the price for that.

  12. I’m from Iraq. We are now protesting against our government, which is Iranian backed and is full of militias. We are being killed constantly and believe me Soleimani and Iran are big reasons why we are being killed. I admit, history is complex, but right now all we want is a secular country where freedoms are respected and without Muslim militias. So if you read this, please spread the word. We are tired 😓 we want peace and real freedom for once.

  13. People talking about how the USA started it, when the video isn’t focusing on the USA. Get over it and stop defending this dead man, look at the title

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  15. This explanation is suspiciously bad. This makes it seem like everyone in Iran loved Soleimani, when in reality only about 10% of the population supported him. "Mourning" him was mandatory

  16. U.S.: Gives weapons to both sides, fueling the civil wars to come.

    Soleimani: “I’m about to do what’s called a pro-gamer move.”

  17. Sorry to say this, I'm disappointed! You jumped right over how Iran became a Monarchy in the firat place and the pictures shown in Lebanon are of no relationship to Hizballah.

  18. The main reason Iran became so powerful is because of the US backed wars in the middle east.
    Their plans worked and now you see people in most middle eastern countries mourning Soleimani's death. The main reason that's true? He helped them when the US and Israel invaded their country.

  19. Here come the poli-sci drop outs that now have barista careers with their pessimistic US foreign policy reviews. Shut your ignorant mouths and put more foam in my macchiato

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  21. In iran people hate the regime but it was very surprising to me that unfortunately some of them supported supported Soleimani.

    Although after that the IRGC shot down the Ukrainian airplane(on purpose), people hate the regime more than ever.

  22. Please get your FACTS straight!!! It was 15 million between Iran and Iraq that attended this great General's funeral. This is not including Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine ….etc. This was a beloved and respected General!

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    The US Government and its policies of being the Judge, Jury, Prosecutor, and Executioner will no longer be tolerated in the Middle East and Muslims of that region!!!!

  25. I think the main point you forgot to mention is that Iran is almost COMPLETELY surrounded by US military bases. How do you think the US would react if it was surrounded by Iranian military bases?!

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    , In the next few years, the truth will become clear
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    And soleimani death was a beginning to kick them out of Iraq

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