How Inception Should Have Ended

How Inception Should Have Ended

How Inception Should Have Ended You couldn’t have peed before you went under? I’m sorry. It was free champagne. This rain is no good for the mission. You’re gonna have to pee your pants What? I’m not going to pee my pants. You gotta do it man. Are you crazy? We were sitting in first
class up there. Letting your subconscious change the environment of the dream is
dangerous. You’re gonna get us discovered. You pee your pants right now. Absolutely not! You pee yours. This is a very delicate mission we
cannot let our personal feelings get in the way. Just do what I do and everything will
be– (crash) Well I don’t have to pee anymore. Where the blazes did a train come from?? That… That was my wife.. Who may also try and kill us. If she gets a chance. What?! Waiting for a train.. a train that will take you far away.. you know where you hope the train will take you but you can’t know for sure! You just said don’t let your personal
feelings get in the way. Look, I know what I said It’s okay, got it under control. Hey there.. Wait, what is this? Whats happening? Heyyyyy… I’m sorry. Sometimes I think about the ladies when I
dream. Arthur! I can’t help it man, it’s my subconscious. Hey. Hi. Hello. Hi there. Uh oh.. (singing) Who is this guy? Sorry, sorry. He’s just a guy I know… sorry! Well, this is all becoming very distracting. (horn)… (horn) Not as distracting as that noise of
course. (horn) Well, excuse me I’m new at this! I am beginning to have anxiety about completing this inception. Oh dear! I often dream that I am in my underpants when I get nervous. Come on guys, we are professionals! Everyone get a hold of yourselves okay? We have to find Fisher and stick to the plan! So snap out of it! Okay… looks like we’re good to go There they are! Get outta my head you criminals! Dang it, Moll (shooting) Limbo!! How low can you go? How low can you go?? How low can you go?!

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  1. They're in a dream, why the fuck can't they use dream powers like Freddy Krueger? Anyone knows if you're dreaming, you have all the control. This is Yusuf's dream, he could easily spawn a tank or give the other guys god like powers. Instead they spend half the movie avoiding death. The exception could be if the machine they use is actually a virtual reality simulator and not an actual dream

  2. some people think that u only see Cob's subconsciouses because everything is a dream and Dom is just doing inception on himself to feel the guilt of indirectly killing Mal

  3. Inception is a boring movie, even HISHE cannot save the day, any crime radio play is smarter, greetings to Task Force Hamm with Vorderbaeumen, Lenz, Scholz and Latotzke. This guys rocks da house, man!!!

  4. Wait. Couldnt they just kill fisher and Brown so that the company would fall? Or would a new ceo be appointed?

  5. A MOMENT there is a huge error in this video.
    In the movie it is assumed that when you die in a dream of someone you do not go directly to the LIMBO (the place where Limbo is doing the protagonist at the end of the video) wakes you up in the place that you injected the red liquid of the suitcase.
    who whach the movie will understand.

  6. The first time I saw Inception I peed my pants because my dream was so real, it turned my reality. 😂

  7. The "You Pee Your Pants" thing actually happened last week. So basically, we were working on a plan to take down the Twitch Streamers on Fortnite and then said moment happened.

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