How I solved the Challenges of Being a Startup Founder

How I solved the Challenges of Being a Startup Founder

I talk to startups every day. Thirty minutes of shared, free office hours-
20 minutes of one-on-one office hours, and 60 minutes of strategy calls for our pitch
deck writing service. When do I get anything done, you might ask?
Well, I like to think that I’m getting stuff done: my job as a CEO is to bring value to
our business where value opportunities arise, and this is one. It’s THE One opportunity. We had no idea that so many people would find
so much value in us sharing our experience starting this company. Even… Chamillionaire. There’s plenty of content on that will give you insight on how to get the market size. My job at Slidebean, beyond admin and operational
stuff, has always revolved around marketing. I like to think of myself as a self-taught
growth hacker. But, as our team expands, I’ve found an incredible marketing team that has
taken over most of the stuff I used to do: Gustavo now manages projects and our paid
marketing channels. Elena does the animation, which I used to
do in the early stages. Paula helps with production, video editing,
and manages our email lists. Maria handles our social networks
and communication. You’ve probably talked to her if you’ve sent a tweet to me. She’s the one that replies to those. Mariel does all marketing-related designs
and ads. All these tasks I used to do as a one-person
marketing team in the early days of the company. Trust me; it’s easy to delegate when you know
how long things take to do. I delegate all of this now, mostly to free
time to do stuff that no one else can do, which is, as of today, help other founders
who look to us for guidance. It’s not that nobody else can do it, BTW,
it’s the fact that the place where I can add more value is doing this. Still, as our company grows, and as my office
hour calendar becomes booked three months in advance, we have to find new ways to solve
this at a larger scale. These videos are one of those ways, of course:
most of the people I talk to in my office hours have seen our videos, and have follow-up
questions about the stuff I discussed. When the same question comes up regularly,
I’m happy to answer it, and then we make a video about it. We know that you struggle with the Market
Size slide, the go To Market Strategy, and estimating your Financial Projections. When a question comes up that I’ve already
answered on a video- I just point people to the video. But as this channel gets bigger, as our signups
grow (we get around 30,000 new signups every month), more and more of these questions come
up- and we’ve been working on a solution. On a better and more scalable way to answer all the questions that you founders have. This video is about that solution. First, on the common questions, The Market size- we are working on a comprehensive
guide to estimating your market size, we’ll have that soon. On the Go-to-Market Strategy, we have a couple
of videos on the matter, especially the How to Grow a Small Business video. Finally, on the Financial Model Template-
we are releasing our Financial Model Template, and doing a free webinar on how to use it.
We’ll build a simple SaaS business model into the spreadsheet- to show you how you can project
this yourself. But beyond all this, we know that there are
specific questions that need answering. I try to get to as many as I can as part of
my office hours. Also, I’ve had plenty of startups come in
and ask me to become their advisors- which is, of course, a great honor, but my answer
is usually no: First, I’m not an advisor to any business,
especially if they are Slidebean customers first. It’d be a conflict of interest to take
stock from companies that are our customers. Second, few advisors deserve your stock. The
amount of time that I could dedicate to an advisor role, consider I’m running my own
business, and my Youtube channel- is tiny, probably less than an hour per month. You
should only give stock to someone who can TRULY dedicate, say, an hour a week to your
company. If it’s less than that I don’t think that they deserve a part of your company. I have consulting hours available, but they
are expensive- so I’ve been working on a solution to be able to assist more companies in their
seed and fundraising stages. We are launching a new Slidebean plan called
Slidebean Founder’s Edition. It’s a specialized plan for founders looking to raise capital,
where myself and our team get involved in helping them out. So, Founder’s Edition includes,
Access to every single feature in the Slidebean platform.
A 30-minute kick-off strategy call with me; and then a quarterly catch up call after that.
One design consulting call per month: this is a call where our design team can give you
pointers on the design of your deck. One content consulting call per month, so
our team of business analysts can provide feedback on your pitch deck. They can also
clarify questions you have on the business strategy.
One deck proofreading per month One design review per month, where you submit
a Slidebean presentation for our team to tweak up.
All the legal templates we’ve published. Including a template for a stock option pool. A template for your 83 b elections. If you don’t know what that is go check out our video on incorporation. Our financial Model template: the spreadsheet
that made us profitable. A growing list of startup deals, including access to up to $1,000 in AWS Credits, up
to $500 in Brex credits, and a bunch of other discounts.
Our investor database: the contacts for 5,000+ Venture Capital firms and angel investors. This plan is launching today at just $149/mo,
and you can subscribe now, with the link in the description- If you watch our videos regularly
AND you find this useful, go ahead and try it out. The first 25 people to sign up for the plan
will get a care package from our team, which includes a t-shirt and a couple of other Slidebean
goodies. If you watch our videos regularly and find
this too expensive, or simply not useful at all, we’d like to know- drop a comment and
tell us why it’s not working- we might be able to work something out. That’s all for today. See you next week.

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  1. Damn, you guys provide the value. Big time. Finding your product has helped me so much already and I look forward to continuing to grow with you guys!

  2. I'm based in South Africa and Caya has spoken to me & added incredible value whilst at it. Next man is a frikkin machine!

  3. I mistakenly added my comments to the live chat, so here we go again. Thank you Caya for providing highly valuable content, week-after-week. Chamillionaire; an amazing resourceful man, mentioned you on his convoz app and I've been hooked ever since. Thank you both.

  4. Your content is always on point! I am very excited about the founder package that you guys have put together. I run a startup but currently do it part-time. Is it possible to put together a video on a part-time startup? I started my company while being well into another career already. I have an entire family that I am responsible for so I cannot yet take the leap into running my business full time.

  5. Hi Caya, it's very cool the service and i don't even think that it's too expensive for all that, but for exemple i'm a designer and probabily a next CEO, and i don't need all the part about design for exemple. So it's could be nice have 3 price option, it's something that in marketing works really well. For instance look Casper (mattress), they have this strategy and they did very well and choice of the product remains still simple "very important". Cheers from Tuscany 🙂

  6. Hi, I am from India and I am running a startup with my co-founder, we are in early stages. Your videos gave so much knowledge on how startup world works. Thank you for your efforts.
    The founders monthly package is too expensive considering the currency exchange value of India and we are fresh graduates so we are bootstrapping with our saved pocket money.

  7. You guys are great! Not raising money and can't afford the plan, but I'm sure it will help lots of people! If you guys just start a patreon – I'd donate to that đź‘Ť

  8. This is not a good marketing sales strategy , you have to provide firs mile stone for free get people hocked into your products cards info as well then you start charging money .

  9. Hey Caya, I really appreciate the time you’re taking away from your startup to add value to ours with these high quality educational video. I wish nothing but the best for you and your team

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