How I Help Business Owners Get Out Of Their Own Way

How I Help Business Owners Get Out Of Their Own Way

– So we’re here just asking
people what their business is, how we can help with no other
agenda than to help people take one step closer to creating
the change they want to see in their world and sometimes
that means getting started, and sometimes that means
refining things around the edges, but we’re
just here having great conversations and helping entrepreneurs. My goal in the 10 to 30
minutes that I spend with each person is to clarify
their path forward so they can take the next step. It’s tempting to try and
give someone the whole plan, but most people just
can see the next step. So if we can clear the noise
enough for them to be able to take the next step,
we’ve done a really really good thing for that
person, and their next year is going to be totally
different and then if we meet again we have the next step. That’s always, that’s
always what we’re going for is just what how do we clarify
the path to the next step. And then build the momentum from there. So I think that’s what you should do. – Okay. Well I appreciate the advice. – You bet. – Thank you so much Ryan. – You bet, good to meet
you, good luck to you. – Thank you, appreciate that. – You see most people will
pursue the money so that they can do the thing they want to do later. – Yeah. – But if they just pursued
the thing that they want to do later they would’ve tracked
customers, clients and fans that support what they like to do. Most people do two different things. I do this for the money so
that I can do this other thing. But if you do the other thing,
the people who follow that already resonate with what you like to do, and when they pay you it’s
really easy and natural for you to fulfill that. It’s like you’re fulfilling
it on the journey of you doing what you like rather
than in spite of the journey. – Yeah. – You hear what I’m saying? – Yeah. – When you launched your first
course you did it in spite. You did it so that you could
monetize this thing that you want to keep doing and it
was so frustrating that you stopped doing the thing
that you like doing. – Yeah that’s true. – I’m hearing, I’m hearing a
lot of information overload with lack of clarity, and so
when I’m listening for or or watching for among these
young entrepreneurs is not what they’re doing it’s
like what they’re saying without saying it. Which is often times
like I’m thinking about I should do this, which
usually means I heard that it’s a good idea to blank but I don’t want to. And so I’m learning to hear
behind that and getting a lot of reps in on hearing what’s
not being said or said without words and that is that that I’ve been speaking more to that than to what they’re saying,
which is creating a lot more of a fundamental shift in that person than giving them the next
Facebook ad copy to run. You are not busy Wendy,
you are frustrated. – Yeah. – You are frustrated because
you’re doing too many things that aren’t leading you to the life and results that you want. – Yeah you’re right. – And you are frustrated
because you’re doing all this buffer work to eventually do
the work you want, but you’re not doing more of the work you
want, you’re doing a lot of the work you don’t want. – Yeah. – That’s why you’re busy. – Yeah. – But you’re not really busy. – Yeah. – Cause you’re doing a lot of things that don’t matter to you. – Yeah. – Stop doing those. – Okay. – And go heavier on the
things that you do want which, is serving the
clients that you’ve got. – Yeah you’re right. Thank you. Funny how you can kind of
trick your own brain too and I’m a coach myself so I
can see this kind of thing in other people but when
it comes to yourself you trick yourself into thinking
oh yeah I’m taking action. I’m doing this, when in reality you might be thinking about it, you but it’s really not happening. So we all I think have a tendency to not be brutally honest with ourselves, which is why it was so helpful even to just have someone
who doesn’t understand my business that well to be able to see very objectively okay here’s what the
problem is Wendy yeah. – I am practicing just
focusing on serving first and letting the cards fall
where they’re gonna fall. And I’m operating under the
thesis that if you if you do good by enough people for long
enough, good things happen. And if I’m wrong I’m
gonna be a lot happier in my being wrong and if I’m right I have a feeling that it’s gonna accelerate growth and just allow
you to do more cool things. You know at the end of
the day all of us want the freedom to do cool things, whatever we define as a cool thing. And we make it so hard for
ourselves to just do the cool thing, especially when we
start factoring money into it. Gotta get the money to
make it sustainable to do the cool things. I’m currently practicing
the thesis that if you just do the cool things and
other people think it’s cool too, that the money
starts to become sustainable enough for you to keep doing it. And if you let go of the ego
attachment to the surface level results and just focus
on the thing you want to do anyway, everything else
kind of falls into place. Because we want the Instagram
followers or the social media shares, or the money so that we can do cool things. If you just do the cool
things everything else kind of aligns up to support that. One of the things that I
think is cool is just chatting with entrepreneurs and helping
them build cool things. So we’re just doing that. And I believe that everything else will just fall into place. – I think after I had this
brief conversation with Ryan, I’m definitely gonna be
able to make more money in my business. I’m gonna be able to charge
more money and raise my prices, which is something that
was really holding me back. There was a lot of fear around that. I’m also going to be able to
have a lot more time to focus on what I want to do because I’ve been focusing on
activities that are really not what I want to be doing because I felt like I had to
be doing them, and as a result I’m not I haven’t been making the progress that I’ve been wanting to. – It’s really good to see
people, especially in California pumped about the name The reason I bought
and built our company on that name is because I
was really concerned about the way that capitalism was
being represented in the media. And you didn’t hear the positive
side of capitalism at all. And it’s really good to see and
hear that the more we boldly say that word and name,
more people are saying hell yeah.

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  1. Deep in our minds, we all know what we want to do but is so fucking easy to lose direction when is so much noise around! Thank you Ryan for sharing your time and valuable knowledge with us: the small ones who constantly learn and soon will be big! Love you man!

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