How I Can Help You Grow Your Business Profit Faster

How I Can Help You Grow Your Business Profit Faster

James Schramko here with some important news
updates about, what’s changing and how you can get the content the
way you like it. SuperFastBusiness is growing Super-Fast In the last year or so,
has grown really fast. We are almost up to 50,000 podcast downloads a day. We have well
over 10,000 YouTube views a month, and there are lots and lots of page views. Now what sort of information am I putting
out there? Well I review products, I talk about business, I talk about Internet Marketing,
I talk about SEO and traffic, and website development. Now what I want to do is to make
it easier for you to get the right information at the right frequency, so I’m doing a little
revamp. Three simple categories Now I’m pushing reviews, internet marketing,
and business news all into one brand new category called Business. Let’s face it, it’s my specialty.
It’s my passion. I’m going to be talking about business a lot, so there’s one new category
for that. The other category is for Traffic and SEO, and the other category is for Websites.
They’re the three main categories that we’re running with from If you’ve bought any SEO or Traffic product,
you’re probably getting the SEO or Traffic News. If you’ve bought a website from us at, you’re probably getting Website News. Now if you’ve bought any internet marketing
or business product, you’re probably getting Business or Internet Marketing, from now on
you’ll get Business news. Weekly digest Each time I send out an email then I will
give you the option to get the weekly digest. And the weekly digest means that you just
get one (1) email per week with a link to every post that we put there this week. I’ll
also put posts from and, my two other podcasts. Both of those are available
on iTunes as is SuperFastBusiness. Alright, so if you’re with me so far it’s
pretty simple. If you want one email a week, choose the Weekly Digest option which I send
to you in the email. If you want everything, go to and put your email
in the top bar where it says Subscribe, and you’ll get every email. There will probably
be about an email every day or two, if that’s not too much then that’s fine. Remember my
videos are usually pretty short. InternetMarketingSpeed and courses on Now what I’ve got coming up is some really
good feature podcasts. Just audio with some special guests so I got lots of those coming
through, and I’m bringing across my best posts from InternetMarketingSpeed and rolling that
into SuperFastBusiness. It’s putting a lot of focus on SuperFastBusiness so that means
more goodies for you. Right now you can get two free modules from
Wealthification, and I’m about to announce a course available from SuperFastBusiness
that is FREE to everyone. So you’ll be able to get this great course. It’s been really
popular and it was a paid course up until now, so I’m about to roll that out at the
time of making this video. Ways to get information So, you’ll have lots of ways of getting great
information. Remember you can subscribe on YouTube, iTunes, the RSS feed, and of course
the emails so there’s all these different ways that you can get this information. Well
thanks for spending a few minutes with me so that I can explain how this works. SilverCircle is open Today Now in my final news update, SilverCircle
is open right now and that’s where I can help you grow your internet business much
faster. Your profit bottom-line will grow faster when I help you in your business. Head
over to right now and you can see if you qualify to apply for this
elite group of super entrepreneurs who are absolutely raking it in and doing a fine job
with it. We only open every three months because people
tend to stick around. You’ll also get updates from me every single day plus a weekly summary
video like this but just a private one with all the good bits. Anyway, I’m James Schramko. This is the new and I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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