How I almost had a LUCID DREAM

How I almost had a LUCID DREAM

Hey guys! So do you know what lucid dreaming is? Basically it’s a dream, in which you are
aware you are dreaming. It’s pretty cool cos when you are dreaming
and you know you’re dreaming, you can, supposedly, make anything happen. You want a dog but your parents don’t? Poof, here you can have it. You want a dragon but physics on Earth doesn’t
allow it? Poof, here you go! Well, either that or you get a degree in genetics
and make one yourself. How hard can it be? Take a lizard, take a bird, mess with their
genes, boom, easy. They just want you to think it’s impossible
cos dragon movies would be less special then. You don’t want to work but you also like
not starving to death and having somewhere to sleep. Poof, you just won a lottery, you are the
richest and the happiest person on the planet! But, you’re also about to wake up and be
the most disappointed person on the planet so yeah, prepare yourself. Anyway, I wanted to perfect lucid dreaming
ever since high school. To the point where I even had a dream journal
cos it supposedly helps. And I am not even the kind of person to write
journals. I had one, lasted for a dayAnd then I read
about how you can make a habit of asking yourself if you are awake all the time, and eventually,
if it becomes a habit, you’ll ask yourself if you are dreaming in a dream and ermahgerd,
you might realize you are dreaming. Or somethin’. am i awake – am i awake? Am I awake, please let this be a dream. I don’t know. I never did it cos it seemed like it could
become a big OCD problem and I had enough of those. HOWEVER! Recently I had a dream, where I actually asked
myself if it was a dream during a dream itself. So let’s get into it! So I’m sitting, right? I am sitting on a huge snake. Snake with wings. Basically a dragon. But it wasn’t like a Rayquaza or those Chinese
Dragons. You know the huge snake from Harry Potter? Basilisk? That is what it was! A huge Basilisk, but it also had wings. And those whiskers, I guess we can call them. It didn’t 100% resemble Basilisk but I looked
at what I was sitting and thought, “hmm ok, so I’m riding a basilisk, ok”. It’s like when you dream of person A, but
they look like a person B, but you just know that it’s person A. So a Basilisk it was. And I was flying through the skies. Clouds And all that, right. And for some weird reason, I thought, Am I
dreaming? “ugh Sven, what do you mean for some weird
reason, you’re riding a dragon, what else you would have thought”
And that is the funny part! So I ask myself if I’m dreaming…I look
around…see how I’m sitting there on a huge winged snake, flying through the skies,
so close to realizing I’m dreaming and having my first lucid dream, and I say to myself…nah,
looks real to me. REAL! And I shrugged. I remember shrugging my shoulders! Like, nah I do this every day, this is normal. Pfft What a silly question. And then I woke up a second later, and I was
literally laying on my back with the expression of disgust and confusion, and whatthehell
just happened look on my face. I wasn’t even regular kind of disappointed. I was ate all the popcorn before the movie
even started even though I promised myself it wouldn’t happen like the last 100 times
kind of disappointed in myself. That morning I decided I will stop hoping
for the lucid dream and just let it happen on its own. So yeah, that’s the story about how I almost
had a lucid dream but I guess riding a dragon is just too normal for me. Maybe if I had a dream of me not being late
to a Monday morning class, that might do it. Such a shame. And i have such huge plans for my lucid dreams. Like having a pool filled with Skittles and…actually
that’s all I had planned for now. I was … just kind of going to improvise
from there. Oh well. Anyway. Let me know if you guys have lucid dreams
and what that’s like. Since it’s obviously not happening for me. Don’t forget to subscribe, share and comment
and yeah, be active, stay in motion, and I’ll cya next time. Tlk tlk.

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  1. From my birth to around 9 years old all my dreams used to be lucid ones but nobody knew what it was at the time so basically everybody thought that I was lying. Or stupid. ^^" At some point I was even able to "amplify" it and have similar feelings as in reality ! Buuuut i never did a lucid dream since then so I don't really remember that much how it was

  2. I remembered one time I knew I was dreaming and I was like HOW DO I WAKE UP!! and I remembered in alice in wonderland she pinched herself to wake up I did and I was like IT DIDN'T WORK I'M TRAPPED!! xD

  3. I've only had like lucid moments, useally where I'm like, wait. This makes no sense. And then the dream just continues XD

  4. I had a lucid dream once because i also did the thing of asking myself am I dreaming but it was a nightmare so I just choose to wake myself up and not do some cool to change the nightmare

  5. Dang, your videos are all really entertaining to watch. You deserve more subs lol. I feel like you're going to get really big one day! ^^

  6. The only time I had a lucid dream was when I was like 4. Since I was extremely dumb back then I kept telling my parents "remember when the house used to fly there was a wheel right here!" Yes I had a lucid dream about a flying house…

    I WAS 4 OK

  7. Wow good video i shared it to my google plus page ps you deserve more soaps you deserve like 400 million I know that's crazy but you do

  8. Ok I found u when u commented something about skittles; and I was like I like skittles I'll check out his channel and what I found was animations I dropped everything I was doing and subbed because who doesn't love animations😂

  9. All My Life people close to me have been talking about their lucid dreams and i never had one. Untill one day mid dream i realise that its a dream so obviously i want to fly so i get up on a Cliff and i Jump. Guess What! I didn't fricking fly. I just fell down and The moment i hit the ground i woke up. So yeh. Thats My expirience

  10. Just asked yourself "am I dreaming?" won't work. You also have to practice a reality check when you ask yourself "am I dreaming?", then it will work.
    When I dream, and I ask to myself "am I dreaming?", I also check my fingers,, in a dream state, my fingers are approximately 1 or 1,5 centimeters only, so,, doing like that, I know that I'm in a dream. Then, I'm looking for a door and thinking in myself "behind this door, there's a lot of sexy girls" , then I open the door and I'm in an orgy.

  11. Its easy to train your brain for it juwt focus on something that is in the dream for example when i do it i focus on a wall and if u are dreaming the wall would move

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