How Every Small Business Can Double Profit Overnight!

How Every Small Business Can Double Profit Overnight!

And do I have a sales energizer tip of the day for you today it’s all about Increasing your profits and that makes life so much better when your profits are better on the deed stick around We’ll see you in a bit Guys hey listen, before we go Any further is a youtube thing that you have to have a thousand subscribers before you can do these live things So I want to do a live stuff, but please subscribe share it make other people subscribe let me get to a thousand quick and then we can rock and roll and Everybody will start receiving more profits just like you so here’s the deal It’s a very simple thing to do overnight. And the first thing you need to do is just decide Decide that you’re the best decide that your product is worthy decide that other people can earn a lot of money using your product and service and then Tonight double your prices That’s what he need to do double it because listen everything on top of what you’re charging right now is your profit So if you’re charging a thousand dollars you make it $2,000 an extra thousand goes right in your pocket You’ve already paid your expenses That’s how people grow and if you think you can’t do it and why it’s a challenge for you to do it It’s not because it’s hard. It’s just you’re adding a zero you’re adding a number. It’s not hard to do the thing you have going on is your head is all screwed up and we just have to fix that and If you’re in a consulting video a consultant type of thing This is really easy the benefits that your clients get from using you are Tremendous it’s tens. It’s hundreds It’s millions of dollars that they’re getting from hiring you and your services and so for you to jump up another grand or so Or for you to join you have to double your prices It’s not going to make a difference in them at all As long as you’re providing those returns and that’s what’s really important about doubling your prices It makes a question going in your head. And that is what do I have to do to make this worth it? What is my customer really getting from my product and you start asking yourself those questions? And when you realize that your kind in in my case when I’m I’m helping somebody You know buy another company and grow through acquisition. I realize they’re gonna double it triple you know their their yearly income I’m like So if I charge a hundred thousand dollars or our charts two hundred thousand dollars doesn’t matter. They’re gonna make millions It doesn’t matter and if somebody’s not willing to pay your price now they’re not willing to pay any more and if somebody is willing to pay your price now and they’re doing it because they’re getting the Results they’re willing to pay anything. They don’t want to lose it I have a friend who’s a consultant who does a business consulting actually for the pest control industry we’re putting on a Workshop by the way in February, you gotta come it’s unbelievable. It’s for any small business but he was he was charging $500 a month or his coaching service and Now he’s charging $2,500 a month doing the same thing that he was done at five five hundred dollars a month and though somebody just goes into his pocket you get ten or twenty of those people and you’re earning some some coin and You can do that too. If you are your selling software, it doesn’t matter. You’re in software. It’s not that the commodity It’s not the product that they’re paying for. It’s for the consulting and the implementation and making it work for them what will happen to you is you will get better and You’ll start to deserve it and it starts with putting a price on there Double your profits overnight. You can do it. Don’t be scared. If you’re scared. Give me a call I’ll get your head right whatever you’re doing right now Somebody’s charging times the amount for the same product. They just got more celebrity I mean, how much would you pay for Warren Buffett to be your your wealth man? Whatever he asks for and when you get to the point that people stop asking how much do you charge? And they think in their head, I wonder if I can afford this guy, you know, you’re in the right place You do that today. Listen, I’m the deed You’re the best subscribe to the YouTube channel, and I will see you next time go get them

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