How edX Works | CEO Anant Agarwal on edX

How edX Works | CEO Anant Agarwal on edX

ANANT AGARWAL: Welcome to edX. I am Anant Agarwal. I am the president of edX. I’m also a professor of electrical engineering computer science at MIT. Online learning is revolutionizing the world. Education will never be the same again. And edX is at the cutting edge of this revolution. So when you take edX courses online you are part of this revolution. Online learning is the ultimate democratizer. When you learn on edX, you are joining a community. Imagine taking a class with 100,000 or more students. This is social. This is a lot of fun. I think you enjoy the experience. At edX, it’s about people. It’s not about profit. For you, edX is about the best courses from the best schools and the best professors. Becoming a member of edX is easy. We’re really excited to have you here. We’re going to get you started quick, three easy steps, browse, choose, and have some fun. Registration takes seconds. And once you register, just browse the courses. When you find something that you like, click it. It’s that easy. Choose wisely. You’re selecting courses from the best schools all around the world. Make sure to check the prerequisites. Now you can choose your course, and you’re on your way. Welcome to the club. Now that you’ve signed up for a course, you can view Courseware. The Courseware is made up of great videos, automated feedback, and cool interactive features, all for self-paced learning. The interactives are designed to help you explore your understanding of key concepts. A big part of edX is getting instant feedback on your answers, frequently in the form of a green check mark. In a lot of questions you can try as many times as you need to get the right answer. Courses can be tough. We make sure that they’re rigorous. But they can also be a lot of fun. A big part of it edX is the social aspect. You can be as social as you want on the discussion boards. In our forums there’s an active community. It’s not just the professors. Students help each other out. A typical course can run a semester length, or about 12 weeks. Once you’ve completed the course you’re part of our group of lifelong learners. ANANT AGARWAL: edX’s mission is to help you get a quality education. edX will increase access to learning for student such as yourself worldwide. This is fun. This is exciting. And this is revolutionary. Welcome to edX. Come join us.

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  1. @Tacos Varios I just signed up to take CS50 from Harvard Extension on EdX. Take the course. It's challenging but fun, and you can begin without any prior knowledge of Computer Science. It is a good way to introduce yourself to computing and more specifically writing code.

  2. I don't know wether the certificates are as valid as the credits or diploma's you can get in these universities. I don't think so.

  3. It's exciting to be part of the EdX revolution! Thank you Anant Agarwal and everyone else making these opportunities possible for all.

  4. Who are the certificates from? Is it just EdX written on the certificate or a university as well. Is EdX an accredited institution?

  5. Where have you been all my life O_O
    I spent millions hours on video games and learn nothing I could've use that time for Edx

  6. sir! as you a indian it is a great thing to us to learn from edx it truly changes our life
    but sir there are so many of my brother and sister from my country who can't know about this .
    as they know this site they may also face the problem of language .
    so sir please think about it

  7. EdX provides a greater opportunity for for learners around the world. It's now formally open for Afghanistan universities , I am happy to be the member of this revolution .

  8. I've taken all CS50 when I was 15yo, and I was mind blown due to how amazing it is!
    I really hope there will be courses at the presentation level of CS50 in the future.

  9. So is it possible to simply download edx app from playstore & learn simply or PC needed?????….

    Update- I deleted the edx app due to worst poor video streaming and hangup problems….definitely not worth it……..

  10. I am taking an online course on Cybersecurity with MIT, it is very informative and challenging. Thanks Edx Team.

  11. Anant Agarwan is our university Doctor Honoris Causa this year! Join our MOOC on Oriental Beliefs organized by Université Catholique de Louvain and available on edX!

  12. RIP universities (in the traditional sense of, pay-absurd-fees-for-an-ultra-selective-institution-just-for-the-brand-name). It's ironic how MIT and Havard are paving the way with this. I'm not complaining though.

  13. Sir is there any cost involved for enrolling and completing the cost
    And will we get certified proof of completing the course
    And is that certificate helpful for getting jobs and in other fields

  14. I am a 11th grade student from Germany and I don't know wether edX is something for me. I heard that there are many cool courses about my hobby (electronics and computer science). And I only want to do it just for fun. Thus I am not interested in getting certifications or something else.

  15. I’m junior in highschool this year, and I’m thinkig to take more ap course by taking online classes. Is edx a course which you can put on your transcript so the college can see on my application?

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