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one has dropboxes main values is to be
worthy of trust it’s a very deeply embedded value in how
every drop boxer thinks about their own role our customers are especially our
business customers need to have assurances that their data is there that
is highly available when you work as a global business everyday somewhere
someone’s working so at any point at any time your information needs to be
available Dropbox’s give us that tool for company
like Dropbox the safety and security of i use a dose of utmost concern the
people i work with they live in breed storage and durability and data safety
out publicly stated durability figures for storage dropbox or over 1190
durability and that means the data is safe with 99.9999 11-9 percent
durability for us means an absolute zero tolerance policy data loss because
there’s so much innovation that’s happening bottoms up the new and
evolving role of the technology leader and organization is to pay attention to
monitor what is making my employees productive what are they using and then
make it safe the tools that we use have to be really
secure because a lot of the customers that we support the man that level
security from us additionally the tools that we can
embrace internally have to be elegant and as simple as what we build for our
customers the traditional thinking is that security and usability are mutually
exclusive what we have seen is that usability is a
key component to driving adoption the products in age usability drives up the
adoption rates and provides that common platform that now I t can reach out and
help secure with dropbox business and dropbox enterprise it’s the easiest product to use and very
little training that needs to go into it once they have a look at it it’s just
sells itself basically dropbox always made and continue to make fundamental
investments in how we store and manage your data we make those investments
because our customers need to have assurances that we act according to our
value of being worthy of trust

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