How Do You Leverage Creativity to Employ Solutions for Complex Challenges?

How Do You Leverage Creativity to Employ Solutions for Complex Challenges?

How do you leverage creativity to find solutions to your clients’ problems? Creative solutions are often borne out of collaborative and out-of-the-box thinking. This means challenging the norm, testing a multitude of ideas, leveraging the power of the collective to answer our clients’ questions – both big and small. We draw on our diverse capabilities and experiences to challenge each other’s viewpoints and develop tailored, creative solutions to meet our clients’ distinct needs. It’s a rare opportunity to bring restructuring expertise to a white collar settlement, but that’s what we did. We were retained to provide an ability-to-pay analysis for a company negotiating a government settlement. Based on a simple assessment of the client’s financial statments by the government, they had determined a liability amount to be paid upon settlement by the client. But the client did not have the necessary liquidity. Given the nature of our work, our restructuring professionals have to be nimble. Here the client was on the verge of settling, so we quickly assessed the business flow and how that translated to liquidity. We provided a concise analysis to show that the cash in question was not free and clear. Marrying our real-world, operational, restructuring expertise, with our technical, forensic accounting experience, we were able to calculate and communicate the cash available for settlement by the client using both a business perspective as well as the results of the audited financial statements. In the end, the government revised its settlement determination in favor of our client. In another matter, an insurance group in the United Kingdom and Asia needed our assistance with a dispute against a multinational information techology company who failed to install the agreed-upon IT system. Beyond offering the traditional eDiscovery and hosting services in cutting-edge to complex disputes, the data and technology team created an algorithm to implement predictive coding analytics for the discovery review process. We also built a predictive coding model to identify privilege, which served as a risk control mechanism. Leveraging this work, our accounting professionals with in-depth expertise in construction disputes, applied their delay expertise to assess and value the impact of delay to our client as a result of failing to implement the IT system. At Ankura, we know firsthand that creative solutions stem from diverse perspectives and effective collaboration. This is ingrained in our culture and is what differentiates us from the rest.

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