How Do You Affect the Places You Travel To? | Doing Good Business

How Do You Affect the Places You Travel To? | Doing Good Business

[Music] our country is very fabulous in terms of tourism we’re really proud of that but if you look closer I’m not sure who is really satisfied with the effects of it two travelers the businessman local like it’s come from our slogan meaningful experience for travelers and locals alike local I started because we saw three main problem of tourism industry in Thailand the first one is the unequal economic opportunity of troyzan less than 15% that goes to local communities who actually direct 85 percent of the Thai population the second one is not so many people knows about Holland in sustainable tourism the third one is the villages that doing these community-based tourism they don’t have a solution or that can connect them directly with traveler so we want to be that for them mostly people try to satisfy the travelers because they are the one who paying money which is true which is really we want to do that but also if we care more about the people who provide a service the service might even be better because they are very happy to work on it community-based tourism it’s this kind of tourism that managed and owned by the people in the village they provide tourism serve it together with the purpose of showing tourists the way they live and their cultures and their environment a new group from Europe in May we have tan TDT sure allow Michael q can gun the matter man lam kin-fung go you go no police a cocaine Cundy young be my joy blue job onion poblano this guy come to us and talk to me like ok I don’t know what else to do so that I can stay in the village to take care of my parents this village has a checking routing and beautiful natural resources he see the tourism can help him to have a job there we start being tourists in and after 2 years we have a meeting with the whole relation now 75% of them raise their hand and they see the positive thing of tourism cut America – 20 min rabbin rahim’ in facilities in Santoni machine now the Tara – table that were alone oi my advice for other social portal would be you need to have a passion for it but it’s not gonna be easy you have to stick with it don’t give up easily I want to see La Jolla as a leading sustainable tourism organization in the region and to showcase of how sustainable tourism should be treated in Thailand Oh [Music]

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  1. In a world where there is more and more of people who enjoy traveling and digital nomads it is important to take care where the money goes. Most of touristic attractions like the elephant shown in this video are only financing crual stuff like animal abuse. And I'm not even mentioning the weird sexual tourism in Thailand…

  2. The thing is that everything in there is good until they have business man involving
    They always destroyed the part that i love about it, but the villegers become better

  3. I spent a few months in Thailand (came home 3 weeks ago) and I had the time of my life. Visited orphanages, schools, elephant sanctuaries, the akha hill tribe in ching rai, temples of course, islands, beaches…. Ist was WONDERFUL

  4. Thailand has been under a military dictatorship for years now and there are legitimate human rights concerns. There are some great foundations doing good work in many areas, but it's pretty shocking that nobody seems to care or show concern about the lack of elections and the imprisonment of democracy activists.

  5. Awesome guys! I’ve been based in Thailand vlogging for the past 2 years and I love this idea …. tons of Thailand vids on my Chan – Longtime sub ???✌️?

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