How do I know if the Bush Fellowship is for me?

How do I know if the Bush Fellowship is for me?

For over half a century the Bush
Fellowship has been investing in individuals in order to make our region
better for everyone. Any person over 24 years old living in
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or one of the 23 Native nations sharing the
same geography is eligible to apply. Fellows come from all job sectors, ages,
backgrounds and communities. You may be asking yourself how do I know if the
Bush Fellowship is for me? Are you able to showcase your extraordinary track
record of success? In what ways have you made an impact in your career or in your
community that soars past what your job description asks you to do?
How has your leadership made a difference inside or outside of your
work. For example if you are a researcher are you solely focused on the research
or are you thinking creatively about how you can ensure your research has the
greatest impact? We know that for each person in each
community terms like leadership and success can mean very different things.
Leadership doesn’t always come with a title and success is not always measured
with an award. Can you point to the ways in which you have consistently
challenged yourself to grow? How have you made the most of the opportunities in
your life or searched out new ideas to bring to your work? What action have you
taken to shape your growth? When you look to the future are you able to describe
the bold vision you have for your community and most importantly the role
you will play in making that vision a reality? What does the future you’re
working to create look like and what are you doing to help make it happen? If you
can answer these questions and are ready to grow even further then this
Fellowship might be right for you.

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