How can the TED Fellows program change your life?

How can the TED Fellows program change your life?

It’s made me more creative. It’s made me want to be better and that comes from what these people are and what they represent. To be in a place where no one recognizes any limitation ever is freeing in a way that very few places
on the planet are. Being a TED Fellow is one of the most beautiful and important things
that has ever happened in my life. I hesitate to say “life-changing” because I think everyone
says “life-changing” but it truly is that. Game-changing. Empowering. Funny. Inclusive. Nurturing. Larger than life. Extraordinary thinker, I feel. If you think that what you’re
doing is important and is helping the world, just apply. You want to feel hopeful and inspired and like there’s a group of people in the world that are thinking on a massively
complicated level? Go hang out with those guys! Fellows rock guys. Peace.

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