How Can I Land My First Business Analyst Job With No Experience?

How Can I Land My First Business Analyst Job With No Experience?

hey there Jeremy Aschenbrenner here The BA Guide covering another question that I get asked by aspiring business analysts
all the time and that is how can I land my first business analyst job with no
previous business analyst experience and this is one of those chicken-and-egg
things right the business analyst positions are asking you for to have
some type of experience being a business analyst but how can you have experience
being a business analyst when you can’t land a business analyst position oh it’s
a tough one but I’ve got a solution for you previously holding the title of
business analyst isn’t necessary for you to have experience as a business analyst
within the job posting that you’re looking to apply for they’re gonna have
a ton of gold nuggets of information as to what they’re looking for in various
skills a lot of those are related to business analysis obviously but you can
learn those in other career paths for example they may ask you to be a great
communicator in there if you were previously in sales guess what you know
how to communicate with people that’s your job when you’re selling stuff they
want you to know how to negotiate okay wonderful when you were a police officer or a correctional officer you are having to negotiate with people all the time and
you’ve learned really well on how to negotiate they’re asking you to know how
to teach people and train people something well guess what when you were
a teacher you trained those kids and you taught those kids all those various
lessons and you know how to have somebody learn a new skill they want you
to be able to take notes and meeting minutes well guess what when you were a
college student you took notes all the time in your various classes and utilized
those to study from later and those are only a few small examples the point is
in your previous jobs in your careers in your student experiences you have gained
various skills that are used by business analysts the key is to be able to
highlight those and show the employer that you have those skills and you do
that by highlighting them in your resume your resume is your ticket
your resume is the key thing to get you into the door with a company you may be
great at talking you may be able to sell and present yourself very well you may
be able to humbly boast about some of your accomplishments but you can’t do
that until you get into the interview seat and show that company your
personality and how much of value you would bring to them by hiring you the
key is the resume speaks for you you need to make sure that that resume
highlights a lot of the key experiences that you’ve learned that tied to the job
posting that you’re applying for so to come full circle you can land your first
business analyst position without business analyst experience by utilizing
the skills that you’ve learned in other areas of your life and highlighting them
in your resume to get you through that initial process and get you into that
interview chair where you can sell yourself

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  1. True, as far as soft skills go. But the BA job will almost certainly also require the person to author documents like Functional Requirements, Wire Frames, Activity Diagrams, Data Flow, Use Case Narrative, etc.

  2. Hi…I just got motivated bynur words,but I am looking into BA career,but my previous experience is into banking…so can I get into BA career??

  3. Thanks for sharing. Can you help me prepare my Resume for BA on the basis of my experience in Financial Mkt ?

  4. Hello, I'm very much interested in business analyst, I have a (B.E/E.C.E) Degree. Can you please tell me how to get a job for fresher in Indian business market. Or else what job should I look for so that I can later become a business analyst

  5. tell me being only basic knowlege of c and c++ is it possible to
    start for me analyst job on probation period
    I have got a chance
    but will it be easy to to pass first month being on probation

  6. Jeremy – great video! So many people under-estimate the value or their experience. Many skills can be clearly communicated on a resume in a way that makes career changing a realistic possibility.

  7. Hi Jeremy, I Bought all your Udemy courses, went to school got a BA certificate and feel ready. However, I get resumes rejected. What can I do? Use a job agency?

  8. Hi jeremy
    it was a very informative video
    Jeremy i work as an IT support i want to start my career as a business analyst
    I have all the relevant skills
    But i just need a road map how that what should i learn SQL ,Data warehousing etc
    Could you provide me a roadmap and how the resume should look like it would me really appreciated

  9. You can't. To get a job you need experience, to get experience you need a job. Anyone who is going to tell you otherwise is moron who never tried to get a BSA job.

  10. Jeremy thanks for this amazing content!

    This worked for me! I focused in highlighting my transferable skills when going through a career change. Experience in any area can still be very valuable as every sector needs business analysts. Recruiters are looking for people who are willing to tackle challenges and solve problems in a team, you know how to do that! Find a product you can identify yourself with, highlight your soft skills and study hard new ones, and you will get an opportunity to show your passion for a new career in an interview.

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