How Bad is China Eastern Airlines? – Airline Review BUSINESS CLASS

How Bad is China Eastern Airlines? – Airline Review BUSINESS CLASS

I can’t wait for this device so rat lounge people and then – tenors I still perceive tables to get your electrical outlet in this place the food selection is all right there’s like sandwiches is a finger food in some go with a shoe my kind of things and then now I got some wine and the cool thing though is the beer beer is off nice and cold according to tell that’s pretty awesome yeah otherwise it’s pretty standard I’m sure they have Wi-Fi we haven’t connected to it because we’re fishing to that [Music] please this line is pretty cool too they have electrical outlets they got private booths and chairs it’s almost like your own private office no line nice this is probably one of those like smallest lights or there Oh it’s a kind of plan pretty cool thank you what a lark that was kind of them they offered me to some water you’ll really need out of it so the service wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best either I just felt like a regular fly on the slippers no school stuff on this ride thank you spleen pretty old the table doesn’t really work outlet took about a hundred times trying to plug it in the hairline attendant didn’t even know how to plug it in some guy in the front seat had to actually help us plug it in for business class that would have expected more but now I kind of understand letting an Eastern Christian expect and then the milk came Microsoft pasta I got chicken it wasn’t bad but again it wasn’t that good [Music] on this slide they don’t allow you to use any mobile devices that connect to play on my phone it was not funded by scooters that will prevent you from a mobile device right what period is within China everything is blowing up publishing on the fly fishing [Music]

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  1. I reviewed ANA Airlines Economy from Tokyo to Manila ( Similar duration flight as China Eastern from Tokyo to Shanghai. 3-4 hour duration for both flights. Based on my experience on these 2 flights, I would much rather fly ANA ECONOMY Class over China Eastern BUSINESS Class any day of the week. For those of you who think I've been unfair on this China Eastern review, check out the ANA Economy class review to see the difference first-hand.

    If you'd like to see more airline reviews, let me know by hitting that THUMBS-UP button. Thanks again for watching!

  2. I don't know why you are so biased about China, but if you don't like China, please don't come to China, thanks a lot, thanks to your whole family

  3. 日本人就这B样,特别是还是外国种,带着白人那种高傲,还留着日本人自身的卑鄙。一副无辜的样子各种WHY WHY WHY, 只要什么东西和中国沾边就是中国出了问题?另一个视频怕是被喷的关评论了吧,什么都不懂就只会指责中国人,你来到别人的国家就遵循当地的传统,要是不喜欢请你滚。

  4. I think your review is fair. China Eastern is horrible n everyone knows that. I don't understand why Chinese are defending that cheap ass airline. Maybe some people actually think its good? Poor them.

  5. Have you went to university before? no matter how frequently you use“Thank you, please” all day,speak quietly, try to be a “polite” person from outside , still can not change how dark and uneducated you are. Plz don’t use anything from China and don’t go to China again, because if I am the girl that appears in your video, I must stop you and crush your phone, you have no right to video people without their permission and criticize them. Every people should show enough understanding and respect to other countries.

  6. 1. You get how much you pay.
    2. If you were receiving money from any other parties to make this biased video, next time be responsible, make it professional and persuasive.
    3. It is the Chinese government who conducts the phone regulation, so don't embarrass yourself by complaining an airline company who has zero discretion on it.

  7. because you are rude, narrow mind, short sight, mean. That’s why you see Chinese are rude, even the airline is not good. Hope you have everything bad experience everywhere.

  8. Chinese are rude? Maybe we should go to Japan kill few and rob few, then denies to admit ever did it. How civilized was that? You clown.

  9. Chinese are rude? Maybe we should go to Japan kill few and rob few, then denies to admit ever did it. How civilized was that? You clown.

  10. Chinese airline always not good, but deserve the price you pay, comparing with other airline over world, i think the value for the price is ok.

  11. 不喜欢中国你就别来 不喜欢中国的航空公司你别坐 像个老太婆一样唧唧歪歪唧唧歪歪 不喜欢中国故意选中国航空公司,你难道有斯德哥尔摩综合症?🙄

  12. The airline looks alright to me.
    You are just a rich spoilt pinoy kid who grew up in US who loves to complain about everything.

  13. I can tell you never fly on the long-haul business class before. Even one the best Airlines, SQ, their short / medium haul business class as not as good as the long-haul one.

    So my advice is, pay more or collect miles. Since you are from US (judging from your passport). There is a lot of US credit card which has a lof benfit regarding miles.


  14. They are moving up in China: On Jan 3rd 2018 from British Airways flight 269 London > Los Angeles "Business Class" The flight was late 30 mins. plus when we were seated. A man a woman & child sat in front of the odd seating system. Soon as the flight started the child started screaming & crying the parents did nothing. The man kept going to the upper storage compartment blocking drink, food & other services to myself. Our seats were kicked & they kept hitting my legs & feet as they took over control of this flight making My Wife & I's flight a real nightmare this situation that is very very difficult to deal with.

    I asked the BA crew various times to have this negative & dangerous behavior to stop. BA staff stated put on these large old style sound head gear in & deal with it. I already had ear plugs in my ears. I asked if we could be moved to any other seats in the plane the BA crew refused to let me change seats even to coach seats. I asked for a refund & to let me off this dangerous flight so I could book a new flight with another airline but the BA staff on flight refused my request. BA employs on this flight would not move the family causing all these damages to coach or other parts of the plane The behavior was very negative & dangerous to all on this flight. This was a 11 hour flight this child was crying & screaming at least 10 hours of this flight.

    Damages caused by British Airways on this flight from failed to protect my wife & I from these very bad passengers who were seated in front of us. Even after requesting help various times on this flight. I have bruising from the headphones from lying down trying to block the screaming & crying & bruising on lower legs & pain from the passengers kicking and hitting me the whole flight as they missed jumping over the seats & hit my legs & ankles, plus pain up my sides & back. British Airways was not finished harming My Wife & I British Airways lost or stole all our luggage with thousands of dollars materials we travel with in are luggage. Ive filed a complaint #1739776 & yet to get any response.

  15. I flew China Eastern from Toronto, Canada to Shangai, China.  Boeing 777-300ER Economy.  I thought it was a good flight with great economy service.  The only thing that bugged me was no little packages of fresh peanuts like they have on Cathay Pacific.

  16. I took China Eastern Airlines earlier this year during my trip to China. I had the same experience. The cabin interior was outdated comparing to other major airlines. There was no entertainment system. I can't believe they don't allow you to use mobile devices during the entire flight (with the airplane mode on). A similar short haul flight from Eva Air has a much nicer interior with an entertainment system.

  17. I don’t know why people are getting so defensive here. He’s just making a video of HIS experience with the airline, I’m pretty sure he’s entitled to pass judgment on that. If you are offended (for whatever reason, because I didn’t see him mocking our country), then you are free to go make a video of your own and showcase the wonderful experience you have with China Eastern to prove this guy wrong. It’s ok to disagree but there’s no reason to hate.

  18. Worst airline ever I experienced. It because one woman crew attitude was really bad. She was leaning on the wall and looked down the passenger to ask that why I order another meal again. I’m okay with their cheap flight regulations then they should not serve but they servered food first and asked me for what?? Lol. I am done with this airline. Never again.

  19. Hi, you should really try other alirliners in China. From my experience, Xiamen Airline for example offers a great experience even you are in Eco class. I have personal connection with a executive in China Eastern. From what I can tell, China Eastern is or was a company that was used to "Old Chinese Leader" Style business, by which I mean they stuck to old things like cell phone restriction. But they are indeed improving A LOT since the importation of Boeing 77W.

  20. Lol…at the movie clip with the guy opening g the door and flying out. What movie is that from. This is helpful because I am contemplating taking China eastern on a pretty long flight because of the low price. Now I know what to expect.

  21. Wow, this is the worst airline I've seen… I will never try any China airlines honestly. If this is what you get in business….

  22. Paolo you're making these Chinese people upset now… hahahahahhahahaaaa you're only telling the truth for god sake and they're attacking you like the barbarians

  23. All these butt hurt Chinese people and their comments. They are so used to mediocrity that they can’t take criticism. It’s not like they own these airlines. He’s giving his review and honestly his review wasn’t bad. You guys should applaud him for using your nations airlines. Most foreigners don’t even want to take Chinese airlines because of the bad rep. But he’s actually promoting it to people that it’s not that bad. Honestly Paulo keep making more of these videos. They are awesome and very helpful for my future endeavors.

  24. why dont u try a longer international flight maybe youll have a better experience….chicago to cebu wasnt bad at all

  25. Is a Chinese flight what you expect, of course ANA will be so much more better. I am just laughing at all the Chinese people reacting about that… everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and so are you. Well the mobile device thing is shit, I need to have my devices for such a boring flight.

  26. Obviously, ANA is better. But the Price is different. and most of people who think this review is unfair are Chinese. Cuz they may hate somebody saying Chinese things are bad. Though, it’s understandable actually

  27. This is because u had chosen the old Boeing73G featured with domestic cabin… You might try the Airbus 33L with brand new international flight cabin next time(or even 777) China eastern is gettin better n better so just keep patient just wait and see

  28. Many idiotic Mainland Chinese cannot accept criticism. They just love the CCP. How stupid are they? Smart people normally see frauds of their own country and never fall in love with their government.

  29. I went on a China eastern flight in economy and it was pretty good. The food was awful though. But we had a personal TV screen to watch movies.

  30. the flight u took on ANA the plane was like a B787, mainly used for mid/long haul flights, so the entertainment accessories are more equipped. the one on China Eastern, i dont think is business class, thats more like premium economy where the seats are a bit more comfortable, and probably the plane was quite old- unlucky.

  31. I just took the flight from Shanghai to Tokyo by ANA business and I also very disappointed that they didn’t provide me the travel kit and I don’t feel very special. Btw, if you have chance to take China eastern business from Shanghai to New York operate by the new flagship 777-300er and I promise you that is the best in the world

  32. I just searched the ticket from shanghai to tokyo.For business class,the ANA is even cheaper than CEAIR,and it is no doubt that the ANA's service is much better than CEAIR.

  33. この動画の評価って航空会社に対する評価でいいの?


  34. All Chinese airlines are very bad, ( not Taiwan ) those Chinese flight attendants are underclass, I never flight with any china airlines again Bad bad bad bad bad

  35. Why didn't you take the more expensive Japanese ones if you are such in favor of them? Usually Chinese airlines are fraction cheaper, hence maybe less quality makes sense?

  36. ive read horror stories about this company and the pudong airport but everything youre giving them bad ratings on is fine… and pretty normal for all cheap airlines.

  37. You act as the most horrible Japanese and make people have misunderstanding towards other polite Japanese people. Love Japan. But you are trash.

  38. So as a Chinese and someone who would often fly on China Eastern, Air China and United in order to get skygteam or star alliance miles, I would say that China Eastern is still better these years as they are upgrading their fleet and … yeah.
    TBH I will never fly with Air China again as they treated passengers badly on domestic/international flights. I recall I flew with them from Pudong to Kansai and a return trip in 2013, and the on board meal was just a sandwich in the Economy class. While on the return trip, the crew was arrogant and irritated me as they pass me a sandwich with calling me motherf**ker in Chinese.
    In conclusion, folks, don't fly with Air China and think twice when flying with China Eastern as it might not be the best choice.
    (CES is better than most LCCs tho )

  39. You paolo from Tokyo you cannot judge China eastern because it must be better than all your:
    JAL etc.

    And I fly from Melbourne to Shanghai yearly and China eastern is a good airline

  40. That's business class?!! Thought it was economy! Looks like the economy class of a lot of other airlines. Love Cathay Pacific and Air China. Those are really awesome, you should try!

  41. The best airlines I've ever flown with is EVA Air from Taiwan. I thought Qantas would be good since it's a pretty luxury airline here in Australia, but honestly the service and food was terrible. If you're going to fly a Chinese airline, choose Hainan. Apparently they are pretty highly rated. Otherwise just save your money and sleep on the flight using some pills.

    P.s. lowkey pretty sure some of the Chinese commenters are what's known as the 50 cent brigade.

  42. Great video! Luckily you can now use your phone during the whole flight on some Chinese airlines! These ones are Hainan and China Southern so far

  43. Seriously, why do some of you guys have to be offended just because he's doing a review of an airline!!!???? He's only sharing his opinion

  44. Funny, you are only on a narrow body plane, what else do you want? And the comparison with the ANA wide body jet is not fair. You can't make review videos without knowing this basic stuff. No one professional will compare this 2 things.

  45. I had a short flight from Narita to Taipei with this airline. Even though it was only a few hours, it was miserable. Filthy, hot, rock hard seats, people coughing/sneezing openly, my drink tasted like toilet water. I got sick immediately after flying with them. NEVER getting on one of their planes again.

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