House Dems begin releasing transcripts of closed-door testimony

House Dems begin releasing transcripts of closed-door testimony

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  1. Fox News should be ashamed of the way they manipulate and create falsehoods. They know that their faithful viewers are poorly educated and mentally weak. Fox news knows that Trump followers do not know up from down, wet and dry, so they create alternative realities that of course they believe. Playing with people's ignorance is not right!!

  2. Just looked at released transcript of the lady and doj guy.
    Looks like media and Dems have egg on their face.
    Crack me up.
    No quid pro quo!

  3. How can you trust anything put out by these guys. I won't believe a thing, they supposedly reveal, unless it is backed up by an actual recording of the testimony. Everything they've done leaves you with nothing but doubt.

  4. Here's an idea, since the Dems control the House and the GOP the Senate . Why not have a bipartisan inquiry held by both together, investigating everything. Truth prevails. What makes me think the Dems will be against that.

  5. Release those transcripts they're going to be used in your impeachment and your treason trial Mister Shifty shift. Get used to sleeping with another man in your room every single night prisoner shift BUBA!

  6. Funny how Schiff cited rules of the Nixon impeachment (when it is convenient for him) yet will not run the impeachment like the Nixon (or) Clinton inquiry

  7. Horrible people here. They were crying for testimony transcripts to be released. Once it is released they are still cursing??? Looks like all of these are brainwashed. Read the news elsewhere people. There is nothing on Fox website headlines.

  8. Just spent the afternoon reading all 317 pages of Yovankovitch and there's nothing there. Actually with lots of I don't knows, I'm not sure. I don't think so, and several hundred "I mean"….her testimony was in my opinion very questionable of what she actually ever did as Ambassador….a nothing burger in this one, but the Dems sure appeared like they were more interested in prosecuted Giuliani than impeaching Trump…..

  9. Republican congressman asked witnesses just as many questions as Democrats in the so called "Unfair and Secert closed door hearings"
    When will Republicans stop lying to themselves.?

  10. WOW..! That Testimony is DAMNING AS HELL..! LEV PARNAS ready to Cooperate..! HELLO RUDY..! POMPEO looks GUILTY AS HELL TOO..!

  11. The House Democrats should release a few pages of edited transcripts in comic book form for the Republicans to get their story straight. Trump would not be able to understand those words with more than seven letters in them. This is really going to fry the idiot Trump. He will think those people are testifying about Obama and not him.

  12. Selective release of transcript's?
    The transcript release shall be according to the investigation by OIG, AG William B Barr. The investigation demands the investigator's works. That's the way of Law and Order.

  13. Bombshell. We knew Trump was a crook. This just confirms he's one of the biggest traitors to ever get into office. It's on another level.

  14. I read the post and wonder if all you Trump snowflakes remember there were Republicans in the room when the testimony was being given. They can't release lies and fabrication because the Republicans know what happened. It was only closed to the public. It was open to the house Republicans on those committees.

  15. The only Treason is Trumper himself .

    Can you spell Quid Pro Quo???????
    Trumper got big problems n little hands n feet.
    Oh n gut less ,no honor ,lier,tax cheetah n Adulterer!!!!

  16. How can one trust any of these transcripts since they are done in secret? How can one verify what a witness has said?!?

  17. Transcripts are out. Trump is corrupt as f*ck. Read it for yourselves FOX viewers. Don’t rely on FOX for honesty.

  18. as long as these testimonies are behind close-door in secret , any transcripts now released would be void, …also to defy close-door hearings by the WH is not an obstruction of justice, …… adam schiff is not above the law, all hearings must be in the open for transparency to all the american people, and adam schiff must step down for his lies …..

  19. It's the Dems's circus playing on for MSM and Dems activists, not even entertaining, just passive agressive hate, totally outside my world.

  20. I would like to thank the DemOcraps for sealing the deal on 2020. You just have united WE THE PEOPLE to make sure Trump wins wins wins !

  21. Wish Tom Shillue is here telling us how to tell whether Schiff is telling the truth. The awkward thing is, the hearing is lopsided and behind closed door and no ones is allowed to come. Crazy

  22. Will Shifty Schiff be a “ No Show” when he is subpoenaed ! Oh that’s right , you can’t subpoena the King !

  23. One day you hateful Democratic idiots are going to get the broken America that you want. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you figure out that you have destroyed yourself and your family too.

  24. Whey do they bother? They are lies , do they think that the American people can be fooled by ships lies ??? They have manipulated the the victim's of their interrogation If thing were above the board they would not of had to hide in a basement and not allow anyone but them in.

  25. Wow you can't trust the transcripts are true and accurate because of the obstruction behind closed doors. Shambollick.. Schiff is a lying traitorous snarky looser .

  26. These transcripts mean absolutely nothing they obtain the information by doing a one sided investigation not allowing Republicans to ask questions to the witnesses a total scam by Democrats.

  27. Remove Adam and Nancy from office! Both liars, and we don't believe anything they say period. Adam lied about what the call said! He needs to be removed from Congress and arrested immediately!

  28. Mark Meadows you can release your notes compare if Schiff is lying? But you won't. You just accuse others without any proof. You didn't ask any hard questions according to transcripts. Quit lying you look weak and pathetic.

  29. Back when Jimmy Carter was President, The "Arabs" were trying to make deals with Billy (Billy Beer) Carter a beer guzzling service station operator who did not know diddly D squat about anything re: Politics, etc. He registered as a Libyan agent and admitted receiving $220,000 from the government of Libya’s Muammar al-Qaddafi. Although a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee concluded that Carter’s activities had had no influence on U.S. policy. < CHECK IT OUT!! Btw! I received an E Mail from a "lazy inquisitive" ??? who asked, Who is Billy Carter? For every up to date on everything Poster, Billy Carter was the Brother of Jimmy Carter.

  30. Trump can fire and replace any Ambassador he wants to. Shouldn't Our President have at least the same rights as a murdering, drug dealing, gang member? (the RIGHT to confront his accuser, the RIGHT to call witnesses, the RIGHT to have his lawyers present)?

  31. this Schiff is so slimy they have all the bases covered to make this molehill into a mountain. Why isn't SCHIFF being INVESTIGATED?

  32. And in those testimonies, that include Republicans asking their own questions, offer NO defense for Trump. GOP are sweating bullets.

  33. After YEARS of manipulation, lying, "investigations, muckraking…these "guys" think anyone is actually going to believe…ANYTHING they have to say??..
    Do they all think lying, sedition, psychiatric conditions, condesention…are virtues?
    Maya Angelou quote:"when someone reveals themselves to you, believe it THE FIRST TIME"..!!!

  34. Selective ? When you have the person saying : yes he did it. What else would there be selective or not that would contradict that ? This is corruption at the highest levels of the government. Trump need to get out of the white house.

  35. Only reason youd do it in private and then release transcripts to the public afterwards is if youre trying to manipulate things.

  36. Poor trump supporters are being paranoid and delusional.

    Hey the president shoot someone on 4th avenue and there is video evidence.

    Trump Supporter1 : Neeh the cameraman is an alien.

    Trump Supporter2 : That was not Trump, that was an alien shifter.

    Trump Supporter3 : So wuut ? He deserved it!

    Trump Supporter4 : So what if 5 experts says that the video is not fake, I still believe, no, I KNOW that the video is fake.

    Trump Supporter5 : What about Biden ? He shoot someone too 2 years ago on 2th avenue and we ALLLL know it.

    The stupidity that exists right now in america is funny and sad at the same time…

  37. shiff is more than "playing fast and loose" he is LYING and tampering with EVIDENCE, and baring FALSE witness against the sitting President in his continued effort to advance obama's Treasonous plot to unseat the the Duly Elected President of the United States of America ! That is TREASON !

  38. I would not show. This ridiculous.When are the democrats going to be prosecuted?When is HRC going to be prosecuted? Tit for tat. If no democrats are being charged why should the republicans cooperate? The democrats are full of it. They`re liars and treasonous.

  39. Total waste of precious time. Not interested in what Schiff has to say. He’s a fraud and a despicable and blatant liar, besides being a filthy conspirator. DJT will NOT be impeached. Period!

  40. A witness that is not showing up, is NO prove or evidence for any other thing, that the witness did not show up. It is scary that a top-politician does not understand so much!
    I have seen American people on TV shows that could not even positioning USA on the world map, but now I understand that you have hard times in knowing right from wrong also.

  41. A witness that is not showing up, is NO prove or evidence for any other thing, that the witness did not show up. It is scary that a top-politician does not understand so much!
    I have seen American people on TV shows that could not even positioning USA on the world map, but now I understand that you have hard times in knowing right from wrong also.



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