Hotel Marketing Ideas: How Bellagio Plans to Use RCS Business Messaging

Hotel Marketing Ideas: How Bellagio Plans to Use RCS Business Messaging

Derek: I’m in San Francisco this week attending
Mobile World Congress, where I’m looking at how top brands are using RCS business messaging. [00:00:12]
[Music] [00:00:36] Steve: Hi, my name is Steve French. I work
for OpenMarket. We do text messaging services for large enterprises to provide good customer
service and marketing campaigns for their customers. What I’m going to talk about today
is rich communication services, otherwise known as RCS. This is the next generation
of SMS-based services. It provides a better user experience. It’s IP-based and provides
better analytics for enterprises to learn how to optimize their marketing campaigns
and support services. The background for this is I’m going to basically
stay at the Bellagio hotel, and I’m gonna walk through a series of everything from confirmation
messaging to my check-in. So, I’ve just received a message. In this case, my name is Sarah.
“You are due to check-in today at the Bellagio, suite # 612. We look forward to seeing you.”
Once again, I can click on Map to see the location or Contact if I have some follow-up
questions, or I can click on Entertainment, which sounds pretty [inaudible 00:01:30]. So let’s see what they’re offering here. As
a valued customer, they’re offering me looks like some discount tickets to see Cirque du
Soleil. So let me view the trailer because I’ve actually never seen the show before.
Open up a new window. Looks pretty fancy. So I’m watching the trailer, looks pretty
interesting, so let me… I’m gonna check out these tickets and see how much they are.
Click on the Get Tickets button, and it asks me how many. I’ve got a friend coming, so
let’s put it on two. So here’s the ticket information: seats 1 and 2, $95 each. I can
check out other dates if I want if I’m going to stay a few nights, or I can just purchase
them for $190. So I’m gonna click on the purchase, and now we can see it says, “Thank you for
your purchase,” and they’re going to charge it to your card on file because I’ve already
basically booked the travel with Bellagio, they’ve got my credit card on file and they’ve
charged it to that credit card. And that’s the demo.

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