Hosted PBX phone features

What phone features are provided by hosted
PBX? The days of businesses being required to pay large capital expenses for PBXs are now in the past. Until now, the most common option for a business to manage their commercial phone service was to buy or lease a very expensive PBX. Companies that had multiple locations often needed to buy a PBX for each location. Traditionally, PBXs were required to provide routine features such as call routing, voicemail, call forwarding, call transfer, 3 way calling, call waiting, hunting, caller ID, and many others too numerous to list. Now, thanks to technological advances in cloud computing, PBXs are no longer needed to facilitate commercial telecom voice services. Usually for the same price, or less than what you are paying for your existing voice service, you can switch, with no installation charge, to commercial voice service that provides
for free, the features that formerly required a PBX. Hosted PBX can usually replace analog, SIP, or PRI service. Hosted PBX also includes free unlimited local and domestic long distance
service. Free phones can be provided as well. Some examples of the features include for free with cloud hosted PBX are: Auto Attendant, voicemail, find me/follow
me, hunting, call forward, advanced call forward, call
transfer, account codes, 3 way calling, call waiting, do not disturb, inbound and out bound caller
Id, Anonymous call reject, last number redial and caller ID block. To summarize, now businesses no longer need PBXs to administer commercial voice services. Now all features of commercial voice services are managed free by the telecom provider online. Customers can manage these features with a simple web based online portal. Hosted PBX also provides “unlimited” free
local, long distance, and toll free service. Another extremely important development, with recent advances in Ethernet bandwidth
technology, is that many companies can now reduce the cost of their voice circuits by more than 50%. Don’t get left behind. Eliminate all PBX costs for your company. Eliminate all domestic long distance and toll free costs for your company. Reduce the cost of your voice circuits by more than 50%, depending on your location. Installation is free. If you would like to watch other videos which address related topics, please click on one of these green links. Or, click the link to our website, directly beneath this video to use our patented real-time pricing tool. This pricing tool is easy to use, and there is no obligation. Our pricing tool will assist you in checking prices and availability, for any business telecom service for your
business location, including: T1, Ethernet, Fiber, Voice, VOIP, larger circuits
like DS3, Fast E or Gig E, or networking between business
locations, for any location in the United States, or, international networks, please visit our website at I’m Jody Ellen, the Director of Training here at FiberLine
Communications. Thank you for joining us today for this training

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