Horrifying Fast Food Worker Confessions

Horrifying Fast Food Worker Confessions

You might not want to think about it, but
some pretty shady stuff goes on behind the scenes at fast food restaurants, and these
workers are ready to spill. From sketchy food prep practices to dirty
equipment, these confessions might make you think twice about hitting up that drive-thru
again. Delicious fast food doesn’t just rain from
the heavens, like gifts from the gods of fat, salt, and sugar. It’s made by the hopefully washed hands of
hard-working, underpaid employees who know all the gruesome details about how the sausage
is made. Most customers like to keep their heads in
the sand when it comes to how their meals are prepared, because honestly, the less you
know the better. Which leads us to some unfortunate insider
info about Taco Bell. As one Taco Bell employee expressed on Reddit,
people might want to stay away from anything on the menu that involves meat, which is basically
everything. “You DO NOT want to see how the meat comes
into the store. The meat we use for the tacos and other things
[…] comes in big plastic bags labeled ‘Suitable for human consumption.’ They smell absolutely awful until we put the
seasonings in.” Another former employee dished that they sometimes
used meat after its expiration date. So the next time you run for the border, don’t
be surprised if you also have to run for the bathroom. “Ay-yi-yi.” One word no one wants to ever hear in a restaurant
is “infestation.” Any pest is a nuisance but there’s one bug
that’s a cut above the rest: the mighty cockroach. A creature so fierce that even nuclear explosions
can’t stop it. “Nuclear radiation! A mere, gentle kiss upon my back. I CANNOT DIE, FOR I AM DEATH!” As dark as that sounds… the poetic little
bugger is right and Starbucks learned it the hard way. Despite its powerful presence across the world,
the coffee giant is still privy to the mayhem-inducing woes of roach takeovers, and one ex-employee
had a particularly nightmarish experience. The traumatized barista dished on Reddit… “They were everywhere. The pastry case, in the storage, around the
dry powders.” But the most horrific sight, according to
the informant, was that one of the roaches crawled out of a coffee machine’s spout. And you definitely don’t want your grande,
half-caff, skinny latte flavored with a sprinkling of roasted cockroach residue. Unfortunately, all pests enjoy snacking as
much as humans do, and there’s one place where they can always find an all-you-can-eat buffet
and it can’t be avoided, especially in restaurants. Now more than ever, restaurants are catering
to guests with a wide range of dietary preferences but there’s still plenty of misunderstandings
between two major groups of customers. Some carnivores have a tough time accepting
that anyone wouldn’t want a huge, juicy steak served to them. But then again, some hardcore vegetarians
have no idea how someone could sleep at night knowing their dinner was once an innocent,
defenseless animal that wanted nothing more than to graze in peace. Recently, one anonymous ex-employee of A&W
divulged a secret that perfectly illustrates this divide and, at the same time, will make
every vegetarian gasp in shock. The legendary fast-food restaurant had been
serving veggie burgers for quite some time, but as the informant said on Reddit… “Veggie burgers were grilled on the same grill
as the meat, and were often cooked in the grease of other burgers.” Of course, it was only trace amounts of beef,
but try telling that to an angry vegetarian and see what happens. “What are you, nuts?! I’m a vegetarian.” One Redditor who works at an undisclosed eatery
admits there’s a shady reason behind those suggestions at their place of business. The anonymous tipster wrote… “Whenever we have ingredients that are going
to expire or just expired, we tell our cashiers to subtly ‘promote’ certain foods when a customer
seems unsure about what to buy.” So, the next time a friendly person behind
the counter tries to push a side order on you, just know that it might not be because
they, themselves, are truly addicted to the stuff. “I do not work with junkies.” The reason for their enthusiastic recommendation
is because that day’s favorite dish is probably from yesterday, and like many aging flavor-sensations,
it’s been mutating on a molecular level and taken on a life of its own. Those Golden Arches of McDonald’s seem to
tug at our tummies every time we look at them, even if we’re not in the mood for a quick,
cheap meal. Maybe it’s our appetite’s devil urging us
to give in to the diet-breaking delights of fast food, or the nostalgia of those childhood
Happy Meals. Either way, if that urge hits, one employee
implores customers to order with extreme caution when it comes to McCafe. According to their testimonials on Reddit,
they make sure everyone that matters to them never orders anything that flows out of a
‘McCafe’ machine. And coming from a current McDonalds employee,
that’s a pretty cold thing to say. “Colder than a South Pole streaker.” So what kind of disgusting buildup occurs
inside the machine? The Mickey D’s insider went on to say… “A couple of times I stuck my hand in the
machine to pull out a literal [fistful] of black soot. […] The insides are caked with it, the lines
where the product comes out as well.” As horrible as that sounds, the innards of
the smoothie machine also belong far away from the human stomach. The same employee said… “The McDonald’s I’m at now also has us cleaning
the smoothie machine with […] glass cleaner.” Those Golden Arches seem a lot more tarnished
now, and that’s one stain even Windex will never be able to buff out. During those frigid days of Winter when it
feels like Jack Frost has wrapped you in a blanket of ice, nothing satisfies quite like
a hearty bowl of chili. Lots of fast-food restaurants serve this classic
comfort food but Wendy’s has marketed their chili as a delicious cure for the Winter blues. However…once you hear how they create this
meaty concoction, you’d happily brave the frozen tundra just to escape the smell of
it. It’s not so much the recipe as it is the gnarly
method of preparing the chili. One ex-employee describes the horrendous procedure
in vivid detail on Reddit, saying… “It’s made from dried up, leftover hamburger
meat. It sits in bags of its own grease in the freezer
for god knows how long, until it’s pulled out and boiled. Then it’s mixed with giant cans of beans and
tomatoes that smell like vomit, and boiled again for hours.” Now, if you think you’ve heard the worst of
it, prepare yourself because there’s one more bit of information that the chili informant
went on to spill… “Whatever wasn’t used at the end of the night
was poured back into vats and stored in the walk in until it would be reheated in the
morning.” So, basically, that steaming cup of chili
you just ordered might have been hot, cold, stored and restored many times before it finally
reaches your taste buds. “Nooooo.” There are times when a basic cheese pizza
is all you need to be satisfied, and there’s no reason to shell out any extra cash for
more toppings. Other times, the idea of a pie loaded with
pepperoni, sausage, green peppers and olives is so enticing that you don’t mind spending
more. But at Little Caesars, something smells a
little fishy about their pricing policy for additional toppings. One Redditor who worked at a location in Washington,
thought it was strange that the ‘Cheese Pizza’ and the ‘Pepperoni Pizza’ both cost $5.99. How could you charge the exact same price
when one pizza clearly has a meaty topping? According to the restaurant’s manager… “It’s that way because the customers are informed
that more cheese is added onto the cheese pizza.'” But is that really the case? The former employee responded… “This was a blatant lie, as we put equal amounts
of cheese on all the pizzas. The cheese is added before any other toppings. […] So you don’t really know which ones
are going to be baked as pepperoni.” We hate to think that there’s anything devious
going on at the headquarters of Little Caesars but something about their pizza-pizza pricing
doesn’t add up. Oh, well…at least they didn’t rub it in
our faces. “Only a dummy would pay more for less toppings.” As much as the words “health department” make
managers panic, their existence is vital when it comes to safety. Every meal needs to be prepared by employees
wearing hats or hair nets and all food items must be properly stored in approved, sanitary
receptacles. Every square inch of the restaurant falls
under the microscopic eye of these serious professionals, and they’ll try their hardest
to find even the smallest infraction. During one surprise visit to a KFC, the health
department stumbled upon an infraction that would have given The Colonel plenty of sleepless
nights. According to a Redditor… “There was a dead rat at the bottom of one
of the fryers. The sanitary city council group came to do
the 6 month check up […] and found it. […] [They] came to the realization that
it had been there for quite some time. Needless to say, the place was shut down immediately.” But the larger question remains, how does
a rat magically fall into a deep fryer? Was this an accident or sabotage? Like many of the universe’s greatest mysteries,
this one might never be solved. “There’s got to be an explanation.” “Oh, I don’t know. I think some things are better left unexplained.” Usually on the first day of a job or during
that dreaded training period where you walk behind a seasoned employee and awkwardly shadow
them, a new recruit will be informed about the company’s rules and regulations. The strictness of the criteria varies from
place to place, but there are always some staple expectations: Dress appropriately. Don’t arrive late. Don’t tell customers what you’re actually
thinking… “Do you want me to hold the spit? Haha, just kidding, officer.” And, most importantly, keep drugs as far away
from the premises as possible. It’s “puff, puff, pass,” not “puff, puff,
work.” However, some employees might have had other
things on their mind when that rule was discussed. One person who used to work for Domino’s Pizza
confessed to lighting up before nearly every pie-slingin’ shift. The chillaxed employee bluntly admitted on
Reddit… “I was always high when I worked for Domino’s.” It’s bad enough that this cashier was standing
glazed-eyed behind the register but you won’t believe who was providing him with the devil’s
lettuce. It turns out that his supervisor was redefining
the meaning of “supply chain” and selling sticky-icky to members of his own team. While it sounds like a mellow workplace where
nothing is likely to go wrong, you might want to think twice about ordering from Domino’s. Under these conditions, you could get a pizza
with a few extra ingredients and who knows how you might react to them. Ice: The
cornerstone of any drink you intend on keeping cold while you’re in a hot car. Believe it or not, there are some individuals
who actually hate ice and prefer their beverages lukewarm. Most people, however, like to drop some frozen
cubes into their sugary drink of choice…even though by the last sip, it will be thoroughly
watered down . But, watered down sodas aren’t the only thing
you need to worry about when it comes to ice. According to one Redditor, who’s worked at
multiple establishments, ice machines are, quote… “Rarely cleaned out. Like almost never. Bugs, dirt, food particles, whatever.” The employee went on to say that when the
unsanitary condition of the ice machine was brought to the attention of management, they
brushed it off and said the employee should have better things to do than monitor the
ice machine. But…in truth, we would all love to have
someone monitor the ice machine and ensure that our refreshing, chilled beverages don’t
end up as rancid as some of our burgers. And, seriously, do you really want flies with
that order? “Here ya go.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about fast food
restaurants are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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  1. I had a friend work as butcher at the
    BI-LO grocery store. His managers would tell them to scrape off mold of the meat and still sell it to people.

  2. I saw some bad behavior at my local Panda Express so I had a talk with the manager I asked him aren't your employee train in safe food handling practices, and I kid you not the manager shook his head and said nope they don't have such training. Yeah my jaw was on the floor

  3. NEVER eat at a Popeye's buffet ! ! I worked at Popeyes and I tell you this. All during the day, when chicken either expires past the holding time or is returned, partially eaten or not, it is thrown into a bus pan under the counter. It remains there until closing time at room temperature with whatever germs decide to grow on it. At closing time it is put into the walk in cooler and the next morning it is cut up and used to prepare the buffet items for the day.

  4. Once when I worked at Hardee's someone wanted breakfast. The problem was I had just threw away the last of the biscuits. I was making biscuits that day. So the manager came over and got one of the biscuits from the top and served it. I didn't think it should have happened. If it were up to me I would have just told the customer the biscuits had already been thrown away. The manager no longer works there anymore.
    Also be aware the tea urns can get gross. Slime and all brown around the spout. It's supposed to be white.

  5. As a fast food employee. When we put something in the fridge over night. 8t never lasts any longer than 5 hours the next day. And is just like the chilli u have at home. And can be reheated once and will still have the same quality lol. This shit stupid bro

  6. that McCafe 😵I used to work at McDonald's it's horrible be so much build-up it be so much sour milk and orange juice machine even nasty 😷

  7. My husband used to be a manager for Orkin pest control, he was over the business part of it. Fast food was his number one client and I heard horrible stories. Needless to say, I don't eat out.

  8. I don't really eat any fast food. My body rejects it if I ever try to. Panera, tropical smoothie,Chinese food and real pizza places (not chains) are some that never bother my stomach.

  9. Don’t see how they are underpaid. Worked fast food during my sophomore year. Want more pay, go find a better job. Now work on cars and been doing so since junior year. It’s dirty, hot, dangerous to its own extent, but it is rewarding on payday

  10. Don’t see how they are underpaid. Worked fast food during my sophomore year. Want more pay, go find a better job. Now work on cars and been doing so since junior year. It’s dirty, hot, dangerous to its own extent, but it is rewarding on payday

  11. I don't care if Jared from Subway starts working there with no gloves…NO one is taking away my crunchwrap supreme at Taco Bell. And the real controversy a Taco Bell with the meat is they still use pink slime even after saying they stopped. One look at a leftover refrigerated taco reveals this.

  12. So I went to my local Burger King and yes. The guy who took my debit card, gave it back, and gave me my food had that "I've taken a whole bunch of pills, weed, and something else" glazed look. Like all of that was hittin him at that point.

  13. I never eat out at fast food joints. I don’t trust the sanitation but especially the people making the food. I’m sure if I could peek in any restaurant kitchen I’d probably never eat out again

  14. in england a friend of mine told me that the managers at MC actually sell cocaine and it's fking normal to see this, it's everywhere

  15. I worked at Domino's and 20yrs later at Papa John's, I heard stories that came from X and current employees that were just flat out lies that they think sound cool that they know something no one else knows

    And yes a cheese pizza has more cheese than a pepperoni pizza….except at Papa John's where the pepperoni is under the cheese…..if you want less cheese order the Pepperoni on top of the cheese……with the pepperoni on top you never notice the gaps in cheese

    And what most people DON'T know about pizza is………cheese is the most expensive thing on a pizza

    And further………with every additional topping you get less cheese…….if you order 5 toppings + xtra cheese you will get less cheese than on a cheese pizza……you will get a thin base of cheese….5 toppings(each topping also means less of each topping, except pepperoni) then sprinkled with cheese……then about half of xtra cheese

    This is just passing stories as truth from disgruntled employees…..probably fired for not following sanitary policies

    Don't know about starbucks……never go there, the coffee sucks…….but think about it what else could you make up about a coffee shop other than roaches

  16. Not a good idea to use reddit as a reliable source of information. The beef comes pre seasoned. When did this worker work at tacobell? Your videos are cancer…..

  17. I only eat Papa Murphy's Thin Delite pizza that I bake at home !!! All their employees wear gloves & the food looks fresh !!! I have also seen them changing gloves if they handle anything else !!

  18. This has been a debate with vegans …why do you want a vegan burger? Something that looks like meat? No you should not be doing this….look at vegans in other countries..they are real vegans and would never request a look a alike (that is supposed to be veggies only that look like meat). That is a dead give away…go ahead and eat meat..stop fighting. Before the attack is on ..I was a vegan for years. JS

  19. About Wendy's chili not sure where you got your report from? I can say my son worked as a cook with Wendy's for years and after High School for Three years. The process you are saying about the chili at Wendy's is not true. Their chili can stand up without a high price tag..it will win. No used foods are involved. Check it out! All enjoy Wendy's for the price, including your grand people and more. JS Interview my son for FACTS. Blessings..Bye!

  20. When going to a fast food / or a restaurant ..who is the party that brought / own the chain of the restaurants? Likely the person is not or is from America. If so… it most likely (not all) they are from a foreign country.. their (not all) belief is waste not want not, thus they have found a way to get around FDA. ..People please fill free to contact FDA and save your foods so you can send it to them. In other countries (not all) example: a fly can be found in your food..no joke..you report it..they will remove the fly before you or behind closed doors…return your same food and tell you …they fixed you a brand new dish…question? Do you believe? JS

  21. Lots of weed smoked in the McDonalds "walk in" when I used to work there. Everyone chipped in.
    As far as we and the customers were concerned, the food was great! And it was, honestly.

  22. They hire people from other countries who have no toilets or toilet paper or soap and expect them to follow American health codes haha

  23. I liked the stories that you shared but I would suggest that you take out all the extra stuff and get more to the point. Although i like the funny short clips here and there

  24. Roach season in 10 different flavors. Most popular smoke garlic roach. Found one in your local kitchen cabinet

  25. Someone on reddit who experienced this in one or two places now means every store in the franchise practices the same thing? Even fancier restaurants have disgusting violations.

  26. Why would the guy from Dominoes rat out his manager for selling pot, it's not like the manager forced him to smoke…

  27. I watched this same Exact video about a year ago. Why do you guys keep positing the same videos over and over again?

  28. Worked at TBell, the meet smells bland, looks like chunky chili meat and only gives you diarrhea when they either pull it out early, or leave it out too long. Which are common tbh. But hopefully that explains it more.

  29. My husband is an HVAC instructor and worked the field. Worked on ice machine… and you do not want to see what that ice seats in😜

  30. And so what….I make chili at home….and the left over goes to the fridge…..next day or the day after….it taste better….

  31. Everyone knows that your taking your life into your hands, when you eat at a fast food restaurant. The owners treat the employees like crap, they don't give them a fair salary, so the employees have an I don't care attitude. People can be pretty nasty. Not washing there hands after using the restroom. And a whole lot of other gross stuff.

  32. The McCafé machine is ok. It’s just full of grimes because no one cleans it, the smoothie machine though… it’s bad

  33. i had some friends get food poisoning eating Wendy's Chili. I knew about the Taco Bell meat cause I worked at Taco Bell when I was 17, it is gross.

  34. I don't worry about a .50 patty getting picked up. That is cheap to throw out. A big steak dropped on the floor will get tossed back on the grill and served.

  35. Worked for the racist pizza joint.. the manager would smoke in the walkin.. one of the drivers for the hut that was across the street was the managers dealer. The only female driver was a coke head and would blow lines while out on routs.. She would cut it up on top of customers boxes.. Be sure when calling in a delivery that you are polite to the person taking the order.. other workers would make sure to add hair to the topping list of any rude or drunk customers.. the hare did NOT come from the head area…

  36. Actually I work at wendeys and we use fresh meat for the chili meat then we put it in the walk in then we heat it back up how you said the next day

  37. So the boss was selling his employees weed??? Can i work at that Dominos? I’d gladly have that second job.

  38. When I was 16, I worked at Jack in the Box. One night when business was slow, the drive thru took an order that included taquitos. Well all the items were prepared to order except for one. It was the taquitos. Instead of making the taquitos the traditional way, they got specialty preparation. Two clean sanitary Kotex were breaded and thrown in the fryer. The order went out the drive thru and that was it. They must have liked it because no one ever came back and complained about the order.

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