Honors Fellows

Honors Fellows

[Mary Alice] I think my biggest accomplishment at
this point was… that my research has helped me to the next stage of my life. [off camera] Do you still have the little robot around? [Jack] Yeah, he’s around. [off camera] We’ve got to get that. Because those things are so cute. [Mary Alice] Pretty much everything that I need has
been here. I could talk about this forever. I’m Mary Alice Allnutt. I’m an
Honors Fellow, Lumen Scholar, and a Periclean Scholar. I’m a biochem
major and with a minor in neuroscience. [Jack] My name is Jack Landry. I’m a senior
Honors Fellow. I’ve played football here all four years. I’m a computer science
major with a business minor. [Mary Alice] The Honors Fellows is a program
that you apply to when you apply to Elon. It’s a whole process of application.
And then once you get here, you attend classes with other Honors Fellows for the first two years. [Jack] The thing these classes offer is it gives students the ability to connect on
a different intellectual level. [Mary Alice] And that will give you a lot of practice
writing research proposals. That’s kind of the goal of those classes. And then
from there, you start to actually do your own research. [Jack] You’re able to really
build closer relationships with professors. And they’re there for
you when you need them, so… they’re either an email, or even just walking into their
office, they’re right there. [Mary Alice] My faculty advisor has been really important
obviously, and just showing me how to do things and explaining to me where I need
to kind of direct my research. My research is on the importance of
neurotransmitters in the stabilization of amyloid beta oligomers in Alzheimer’s
disease. [Jack] I’m developing a facial recognition program to implement on
different devices, specifically robotic devices. It definitely gets rid of a lot
of limitations that a person operating some type of device would have. [Mary
Alice] You have a lot of great equipment here. And so we’re really well equipped to do
research. For the NMR, for example, for big Research I institutions, it is so hard
for an undergraduate to be able to use that equipment.
I ran things for days at a time and just, whenever I felt like using it I
could use it, which was really cool. I’m presenting at SURF day (Spring
Undergraduate Research Forum). I love SURF day here at Elon, because there’s so many
people that are primarily focused on undergraduate research. Most of the
people doing undergraduate research at Elon are going to have a poster
presentation or an oral presentation. [Jack] It keeps you going to know that there’s
people in the same boat as me, there’s people who are just as dedicated as me
to what they’re doing right now. You’re here in the first place for the same
reason, so it’s nice to know you can finish for the same reasons with them.

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