Honest Talk About Connections In Hollywood – Markus Redmond

Honest Talk About Connections In Hollywood – Markus Redmond

Film Courage: Markus regarding connections,
I have a quote here (I don’t know who said it) “Connections are good but nobody is
going to put their business in jeopardy because of a connection.” Markus Redmond, Writer/Director/Actor: That’s
absolutely true. Film Courage: Did you say it? Markus: No…no…wait…did I? No I didn’t. Film Courage: I don’t know where we got
this quote. Markus: It’s true though. It’s a business, especially now. And it’s become a very risk-adverse business,
especially now because people don’t like going to the movie theater unless SPIDER-MAN
is there. So studios are spending the money where the
money is going to get spent. So you can know Lorenzo di Bonaventura (one
of the guys who runs Warner Brothers) and you can be like “Hey man, I know you are
doing a lot of stuff right now. I’ve got this musical about socks.” Lorenzo is probably going to say “You keep
that to yourself.” You know what I mean? It’s a business and it’s shifting daily
especially now with all of the streaming wars going on and everyone is upset with Netflix. They are pulling their content off of Netflix
and starting their own steamers and they are trying to brand themselves. This is what we do. This is what we don’t do. Counter-branding against that to get their
own. A lot of money at stake. A lot of it’s business. If what you do lines up with their business
model, cool. It doesn’t mean you’re not talented. It doesn’t mean that what you do isn’t
great. It means it doesn’t fit them. I just had a pitch meeting that went amazing
at major place. And the executives were totally into what
we had done and they thought it was really funny and timely. But they are rebranding. Their brand is this. My stuff was this. So they are like “It’s great. The writing is great. It’s going to be a fun show. It’s not for us.” And that’s fine because everybody is doing
what they need to do for their business. I don’t advocate doing or changing your
stuff to fit somebody’s business. But it doesn’t hurt to sort of pay attention
to what network, studios, cablers, streamers. What are they doing and what do I have in
my arsenal. Where does this fit? Where does this make sense? You know what I mean? Because you’re in business too. Your business is getting your brand out there. And there is somewhere for every brand. You’ve got a brand, they’ve got a brand. You’ve just got to find a brand that links
up. So that’s my very long winded answer to
that question. Film Courage: So when someone says “Now
I’m mad because Person B won’t help me get to Person A and now I’m mad and they’re
just trying to hold me down and this industry is no good. Everybody is just out for themselves…” Is that really it or is it that we all have
our own name and reputation at stake, “I’d love to help you but…” Markus: For that person, yes it’s true because
they’ve made a decision to see it that way, for them it’s true. It’s absolutely true. The great thing about being a human being
with a brain is you get to decide how you see things. You get to choose how you react to what happens
to you. So you can decide “Well this is a bummer. It’s never going to happen. Everybody bums me out.” You can take the script, put it in a box under
your bed, walk around and be mad. Or you can say “Okay, those are two people
in an industry with thousands of people and some how my work made me a film. Which means it probably will make me another
film.” So I guess what I can do keep going and find
another spot, another avenue, another outlet, another way to get this material that I believe
into the right hands. The right hands is super important because
it’s not just about getting the thing set up, getting the thing sold. You can get the thing set up, get the thing
sold and if it’s in the wrong hands, it’s going to be crap. You need to be able to lock in with whoever
is going to be working with you to bring the thing to fruition. That’s what makes a film or a show great
because everybody (for the most part) gets on the same page. There are always disagreements “Well I think
this should happen. I think this character should be here and
not there.” It’s just part of it. But if the overall goal is the same, that’s
what you want. So if Person B cannot take you to Person A
(or will not take you to Person A), it’s not the right fit. There’s a good fit that is out there, it’s
just not this person. And this person might be a better fit for
that other thing you’ve got so make sure you’ve got another thing. I tell writers all of the time that if you
want to get cooking and you’ve got a script you dig, that’s awesome. You should never stop, but you should have
something else. Because again brains, people could be like
“I’m not into this but I like the writing. What else you got?”And then if you don’t
have anything else and they are just sitting there…remember the attention span is very
short. So if you can’t come back and say “Oh
yeah, I’ve got another thing. Why don’t we talk next week about the new
thing?” People forget, people see a lot of people,
especially executives. The scripts they have to read, the pitches
they hear, all of the continual stuff coming at them. It’s very, very rare for these guys to remember
this one specific thing that I saw three months ago. They can, it happens if it really stood out
to that one person but you know…better your odds. Just keep making content, keep working (I

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  1. I honestly don't know what a 'connection' is. I guess that means I am disconnected. There are so many filmmakers no one will ever know about. I am one of them. Finding people that can connect to your vision to make the thing you want to make is the hardest thing to do regardless of getting in front of executives. I'm not mad, just lost.

  2. Yea i agree with him about believing in your project. You gotta promote your stuff. Get it out and accept rejection as "savoir faire"- just standard in hollyweird .Dont quit, esp. If you believe your stuff is valuable. You will find someone to buy it.

  3. Also yes- be ready when someone asks "what else you got?" Have 5- 10 scripts ready to hand them.Thats standard for screenwriters today. Accept it and be ready

  4. FANTASTIC INTERVIEW! A must see for every, new writer or story developer in the field. The info on the attention span and finding the right fit was critical. I believe Markus said, in another interview, he sold something like only 3 screenplays of 50 he tried to sell. Square pegs, round holes.

  5. He's exactly right. The LA culture is quite strange. I have an actress friend dating back 20 years who moved to California 10 years ago.. When I moved to LA 3 years ago she claimed she was excited about hooking me up with her writer friends. To this day she and I have yet to reunite in person. Lots of empty promises. ?

  6. @1:12 "a musical about socks!"

    On tone of voice alone, I was hooked. I think this idea has…

    …wait for it…


  7. No one owes anyone anything. Everyone in this industry is too busy building their careers or keeping the career they already have together. Nothing personal, it's just how it is. If you truly love this, if you truly have the passion, you'll be just fine.

  8. It's not a long winded answer….it's just the truth. Btw….I'm glad Markus is being interviewed. Ive enjoyed his work since MURDER ONE.

  9. This channel is the best. This gentlman's words are TRUTH. Very few people in this business tell the truth, he is. Listen intently and take it all in and don't take it personally, just learn. Show is a business, period.

  10. He is saying what others won't. I think brand mindset is the best way to approach your business/career. Remember it not show personal, it's SHOW BUSINESS. Thanks for sharing this interview:)

  11. "Too crowded, find another spot". Word.
    (Other media notes: In comics, your connections are critical, so important that without them, you won't survive in this industry. It's so restrict it's the definition of ridiculous and very talented people aren't hired. My connections are everything and 100% of my gigs come from connections. In games, connections won't matter, if you are not a (huge) sociopath and do a good job.)

  12. I just try to meet as many people as possible, find out what they do, give them my info, and don't expect anything else. If the day comes when I have a project they can work on or when I have something I do need to reach out to them for, at least I have their info. I've only been in LA nearly four months now but think it's working and people understand and appreciate that I'm putting myself out there when most people probably don't.

  13. Very true. Finding the right place for your projects is the key. Easier said than done but is the reality of how projects get made.

  14. It goes beyond that.

    Everyone wants to network. The problem is not networking but what can you bring to the table. You can't ask for a favor, not even for someone to read a script or do a cameo, unless you bring something to the table. While Hollywood will keep looking for the next Spiderman film for the theaters, indie filmmakers will bring content that works on the internet systems, from YouTube to Hulu, or whatever. Some theaters will allow indie films to be shown and if marketed right can turn a small profit.

    Indie films will survive with Amazon or even DVD sales. It's about building a brand, create a following on social media, and then provide content. Forget Hollywood. They will keep churning SPiderman and reboots. Good luck with that. The next Spielberg, Lucas, Scorscese are out there and will be discovered organically through indie distribution.

  15. he hit it on the head. all about your perspective. taking your thoughts and taking action. build your brand. create your own lane. this is a marathon. keep making stuff.

  16. I work in the industry. Jewish run. They pick who becomes a star within their friend circle. YOU ain’t gonna make it. Go to law school like your parents told you!!!

  17. I’ve heard about the backups before as well. My question is, if you have a pilot idea, should the other backups also be pilots too or could they also be features?

  18. Remember, your idea, your type, your skill can be found within their circle of friends. They don’t need you. This is a Jewish game.

  19. Understand, entertainment is an arm of propaganda for the Jewish people. They don’t care about your stupid ideas. This industry helps to protect them. Grow up! Start your own thing. Don’t believe Hollywood or media dreams

  20. The question is WHY are they not helping and are they communicating that to you clearly, or are they being duplicitous and secretly trying to quarantine or worse undermine you because they view you as a threat? Everything said here about positive mentality and choosing meaning is great but it behooves you to see things as they are not as you wish them to be and the famous adage is often true “a friend in Hollywood is someone who stabs you in the chest.”

  21. chicken/egg problem here. you can't link up your brand until you have a brand and you don't have a brand until you've had a commercial success with your brand.

  22. that situation is not limited to pilots/tv though . if an author was to query a fantasy novel to a company that only does documentaries , it will probably not get picked up…

  23. For such a big guy his voice doesn't project much or have much presence, til the last few seconds. Maybe it's the audio eq the mix. But maybe he'd be wise to work on his voice projection not just arms!?

  24. People forget that most people are in the movie business to make money. All the red carpets and premiers and talk shows and interviews are marketing for the movie. If you write a script that will make money, you will find connections. If you don't, you don't. It's nothing personal, just business. If it was your money on the line, you would go with the movie with the less risk because no one wants to lose money.

  25. “People don’t want to go to the movies…unless.. Spider-Man ‘s there.”

    How true was that statement following the Sony-Marvel-Disney fall out!?

  26. 1:02 Lorenzo Di Bonaventura stepped down from Warner Bros. in 2002: https://www.screendaily.com/lorenzo-di-bonaventura-steps-down-at-warner-bros/4010355.article

  27. This is why I chose to just be an independent freelance writer. I'm my own boss and I can build my own empire.

  28. He’s dead on about not going to a theater unless there’s a pre-sold franchise at play. Is my whole family going to spend $80 to go see the Palm d Orr winner? No. Spider-Man? Probably

  29. Not everybody can be Orson Welles kid… LOL ! Grow a pair. Fund it or get a job. Boo hoo, I am talented and being ignored.

  30. Successful movies are all about marketing, like most everything else in media. If your product can't be successfully marketed it's DOA.

    Your passion product is as good as garbage if it won't put asses in seats. You can come back to it later once you've made your mark.

  31. I think it has a lot to do with ego as well, if you can keep want you want to do in perspective and keep yourself in perspective, not like Troy Duffy, you can make connections, but if you act like Troy Duffy then that's a death sentence in Hollywood.

  32. 4:05 it’s actually True. Not that person. He gave it away. You can feel it in your subconscious mind. But since it’s all business you have to be tactful about these things. It’s brand and business as he stated before.

  33. My opinion, best way for someone to understand your idea is to shoot a clip yourself..people are visual, and few, especially people who control the money in LA HAVE NO IMAGINATION, thats why you have so many re-boots, makeovers, sequels, prequels, etc..put some money into it, shoot your own 3 min clip, that's what will get attention if its good

  34. About what this guy say on how it's up to you to decide how to view your situation, is brilliant and spot on! I love it! VERY great and important points.

  35. Who the fuck is Hollywood????
    He’s making excuses for gay, racists with zero talent, just to get a check.
    Black men have made the choice to be docile ‘butt rape’ pansies.

  36. Business models in Hollywood are niche; hemmed in on all sides by financiers, and distributors, and studios, and sales agents, and managers, and unions, and crews crowding the space such that no one can take a breath. It's a self-perpetuating false narrative of scarcity– which breeds fear, and by consequence, risk aversion. Don't buy it.
    There are BILLIONS of dollars being spent EVERY YEAR. To suppose there is no path for you to make a film, is to fundamental misunderstanding how money works.

  37. Great advice. My question is how do you find the right ones to get your work to? I live in small town Texas, working and raising kids, I can't just pick up and go to Hollywood. Is there still a chance for people like me?

  38. Markus Redmond, hearing these wonderful and wise words of yours met me at this precise moment in my life and they hit me like a ton of bricks. Thank you so much and especially for this wonderful channel for dedicating itself to interviewing working professionals in this crazy, wonderful, and unique industry we all love.

  39. I'm mad at someone who said that he would forward my concept for a music video to a famous band and didn't do it. He's got the connection and won't help me out although he said he would. If the concept was too bad for him, that would be a reason I could accept, but I know for a fact that he didn't even read it.

    That's just grinding my gears. But I also relate bc I'm behaving the same way to the ppl who want something from me. We're all just busy moving forward I guess.

  40. Just had a guy whom I msged for a collaboration, wherein he did not answer back which i find very strange, and I did send my idea. Needless to say I wont delete that email message if in case he steals my idea of a pilot and sells it. That money is mine, my brilliant franchise was all out in the open. Seeking a writing partner for nearly a month has been playing with snakes. I wish I was lying. Who can I trust… Noone!

  41. Part of me feels devastated to think this is how it is and want to resist it. Part of me wants to accept it and just throw my heart out the window because this is how it is lol. Edit: Love the advice about just keep creating content though.

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