Homeownership for the Self-Employed Just Got Easier

Homeownership for the Self-Employed Just Got Easier

Are you one of the millions of self-employed
business owners, contractors, craftspeople, entertainers, or aspiring artists who are
working to follow your professional dreams and carve out your own niche in the working
world? Because you are pursuing your dreams in one
aspect, it shouldn’t prevent you from following your dreams in another, such as buying a home. With New American Funding, and a Non-QM Home
Loan, specifically designed for the self-employed, qualifying just got easier. No tax returns, w-2s, or 1099s needed. At New American Funding, we understand pursuing
your dreams, and we want to help if owning a home is one of them. To find out more about our self-employed home
loans, call today.

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