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  1. If I had 3 wishes. I would wish all animals (excluding mosquitos, fleas, ticks, roaches and parasites. Including humans) were shown compassion. No more abuse, confinement and violence. #2 I'd wish that money didn't control governments and they would legislate for the wellbeing of society. #3 I'd wish people would respect the environment, having less kids, using less harmful chemicals, not being heavy consumers, and using renewable resources.

  2. everyone could get a job if managers would pay right and also not be idiots only want the best of the best people with years of experiences, no family, super flexible in time, looking like a model and never argue about work.

    there are also other people who gove jobs to “alternative“ people but they getting less and less.
    rents and taxes are way to high and jobs pay not enough, this cant go well anyway…

  3. To take something that doesn't belong to you is so unfair,this earth is our home,we as a human family we're supposed to turn the earth into gardens, and parks.Even the most wealthiest person eats from the earth,We all ask for God's will to be done on Earth as is in Heaven, all the Heavens are orderly, giving the creator his proper due and showing his glory Amen.

  4. I've been homeless. I'm still homeless in an old RV I picked up for cheap paid for from a small inheritance years after my mother died. I have money left that I'm surviving on. What I have experienced from the "institutions" is they provide very little and most is too late. Without getting deeper what I want is to meet others who might want to pitch in with me to first provide a place for those who are serious about working to get back on their feet. I've seen many commercial buildings for lease which could provide both housing and a place to work, all at the same place. I can start a factory there building and selling products that I did for 10 years. My profit margin ranged from 10% to 60% . My supply sources were many. By creating most of what I was buying I know my average profits would stabilize at about 45%. My gross income was about $10,000 per week at best times and $4,000

    Anyway, my goal is to provide the rooms for each to sleep, two full baths, and central area with a kitchen. At the moment I'm looking small scale because it's just me. However, what that is is leasing 1500 sq ft at $1 per foot. That's if I'm doing this on my own. I'm hoping I have others involved to be able to do this in other towns after this one is on it's feet and rolling. The space I'd like to start in would be at least twice that space, leasing at the same $1 per foot. I've seen many available in many areas. I'm in limbo at this moment. I'm not interested in hearing from those whose only input is negative. Please be considerate while I do try to connect with those that are interested. Thank you.

  5. Another reason why education should be free. He sounds smart and decent. Why in the world should be hard for a person like this to make a living in the richest country on Earth?

    All that 3% unemployment is BS if high education with credentials isn't available to all.

  6. I’m scared this is going to be me soon. I’ve been unemployed for just over two months now and I can’t find work anywhere. Not even cleaning toilets. And the fact I’m young and female too, it’s really really scaring me.

  7. Cut the dredds abd take off the hat. Take a bath. Then go and ask for work. You WILL get a job. So what you need us a hundred dollars to clean up your appearance.

  8. This is the problem with our country they don't show respect towards the homeless the homeless are NOT getting the help they need in there life and this is WRONG man IF i was RICH i would Give it to the Less unfortunate because they need it just as much as I do.

  9. Hi invisible people it is Jaimee Gilmore once again I'm coming to you because I need your help I know that you were very busy but I'm not going to stand for what is going on in my life right now I'm going to be making a video I would like to send it to you privately if possible I don't know what the email address is please get back to me at that in the meantime here's a video of what happened to me at a job and this is the one hundred percent honest to goodness and it's not fair I called several lawyers and nobody wanted to take my case this is an atrocity this world is very cold keep up the good work invisible people I cannot tell you how happy you make my heart. There's at least one person out there doing this just as you are an absolutely amazing person and if it comes a time where I can nominate you in order to win some type of national or Community award for civil rights or for speaking up whereas other people tell I'm there to vote and so will all of the hundreds of homeless people who get mistreated everyday I love you so much thank you

  10. This is the worst thing, I've been homeless for sometime and finding work is hard because I have a hard time speaking. I try my best interviewing.

  11. The homeless need to be rounded up and placed in detention camps. Get them the medical and mental health help they need. Teach them some life skills. Innocent citizens deserve protection from his type.

  12. my country is other way around, job for student doesnt exist but job for school drop is plenty, they even reject college student want to work in a factory

  13. I will go homeless too soon if I can't get a job immediately 🙁 Been getting interviews but I guess I suck at interviews

  14. I honestly hurt for the homeless. I pray God blesses me with the resources to provide real help. God bless you sir.

  15. im so grateful and blessed by God I have a part time job ssdi and on section 8 but at least I also work ssdi is what I paid in from working in my past too but at least im currently employed its better then nothing ive been working currently for like 2 years and im keeping it for as long as it takes I want keep working till I cant work anymore but I see my self its gonna be along time till I cant work im only 45 years old at least. I can't complain.

  16. I am a resident here in Gainesville and let me tell you, this homeless people are full of shit. You wanna know why he can't get a real job? Why he chooses to be on the street instead of a shelter? Why he can't keep a job? Because he can't pass a drug test. Homeless people are scattered around in the streets not asking for food but money, money for drugs. Most of them use this money to get drunk at night and harass college students that walk to the UF campus LIKE MYSELF. So please, if you are not from around here don't assume people are not doing anything to help

  17. I have something to type about here. This man wouldn't be in that predicament in the first place. If he knew how to manage his money. Yes you are going to spend on bills, food stuff thats important. But at the end of the day you have to a rule for yourself and control of your money. The value of the dollar counts. This man wouldn't be in that position if he knew how to manage his money. Im just looking at how it is. All this time you are living earth and dont know how to manage your money really? Come on people really.

  18. Nobody has hearts anymore. As long as they (hiring manager) have their job they don't give a fuck about anything or anybody. Including myself. Yeah I made mistakes and have a rap sheet but I changed. I went to rehab and am still clean and sober. And I still can't get a job. America is definitely not great. If I ever have my own business I will hire anyone. Fuck a background check

  19. I wish he could come to Detroit. It's so easy to find a job and get employment even when homeless and rent isn't expensive in Michigan. I feel for him man

  20. I pray that God gives his man guidance and he gets shelter and food and a job this is been a year ago this is 2019 please God show the way. Amen

  21. Food, Shelter, and a Job. Never take those 3 things for granted. I will pray for this man. No human being should live in the streets especially going to sleep hungry.

  22. The problem this guy has is that he has specific skills that aren't paying off for him in terms of jobs. He's forced to do day labor gigs which pay minimum. It's unfortunate that he is yet another victim of the unequal and unfair job market.

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