Homan praises Trump’s plan to send border patrol to sanctuary cities

Homan praises Trump’s plan to send border patrol to sanctuary cities

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  1. Thank you, President Trump, for going after illegal sanctuary cities in New Jersey. With your help, we will turn New Jersey RED RED RED!!!

  2. Ask the American Indians what happens when you can't defend your borders and people keep breaking in and settling and bringing they ways into Indian country. Many now live on the reservation, not long ago they had the whole continent.

  3. Congress will never pass that bill as long as demoCRAPS are in charge.
    Take back the house in 2020 and let's get this country headed in the right direction

  4. I fully support Trump's stance here. This is not about hate at all. We are a nation with more freedoms than most others so this is one reason to amp up the need to know whos in our house. Lets have the sanctuary city politicians remove their walls around their homes and live as they want everyone else. Why does the whole immigration process have to take so long?

  5. I would be open to easing legal immigration requirements, But for those entering illegally (Sneaking in, Violating Laws, avoiding points of entry) should be deported immediately and banned from ever entering the US again, Those people have given up the privilege of becoming US citizens. Those entering with criminal intent should do the time, then deported.

  6. Republicans – Law and Order, Law Enforcement. Democrats – Racial Division, Criminal Enabling, National Disloyalty. Illegal invasion – The Gift that KEEPS ON TAKING. Gee, THANX, libs!

  7. Joe Biden has lost his mind, he is a real joke, he will not get the nomination or become president, he needs to retire with dignity!! His time is up.

  8. Today, I saw 4 men, same, height /wt./ same age/ as if they were Quadruplets. In broad daylight trying to get into two separate big apt. Building's one after the other at the same time. No one let them in. They all walked away together from the direction of the main street, from which they came. They were all dressed alike & in garments and head coverings, not of this country. I am living in a big city by a Sanctuary city. They are Very bold. Arrogant & walk with swift purpose. It seemed like a timed practice visit to me. Almost as if they were robots, they did not talk.

  9. Sanctuary cities are the inherently unconstitutional . Republicans did nothing about this for years. This is exactly why trump won

  10. The only true Americans are indigenous people and they should send all euro-Americans to reservations to live below poverty levels.

  11. How dare Homan claim that Joe Biden, former vice president of the United Sates, the man who was one heartbeat away from the presidency, has lost his mind? I expect better than that out of Homan. Joe Biden is an idiot. He never had a mind to lose.

  12. do y'all know why they call him creepy Uncle Joe Biden did y'all know this pedophile had to be admitted to the Mayo Clinic because of his pedophilia problem and it's still didn't cure him

  13. Trump won American born voters by +4 points,

    but lost foreign born voters by -33 points.

    Now you know the reason Democrats are the Open Borders party.

  14. These Idiot democrat leaders put all American Citizens at risk because they are looking for votes at the expense of American Lives.

  15. From California and Totally Ready for Ice to Make America Great again in this State California 👍 Come to America Legally !
    Our Country is Worth the Time and Respect
    to Enter and Reside Legally.

  16. MAGA TRUMP 2020 from the temporary sanctuary state of New Jersey, where Gen. George Washington fought many crucial battles to win our independence.
    The fighting continues!

  17. We have enough American born people for Doctors , lawyers , scientist and anything else. We need to give all Our qualified people American Jobs, other than ones that all ready here. That's my Opinion!!

  18. Good!… I'm glad to see my taxes finally being used for something worth while. Any politician that chooses to help people breaking the law instead of doing their job should be fired and arrested for aiding and abetting known criminals. The act of crossing our border is illegal and therefore you are a criminal period!. Also we have plenty of people here with their own sad stories that have actually fought for this country and to me they are the ones who should get help and aid first and foremost!.

  19. Trump is always trying to do what's best for Americans with the Democrats and their corrupt news media fighting every step of the way.

  20. Biden is suffering from dementia he's lost it completely but he never was very bright to begin with but he's lost what little he had

  21. Only TRUMP is justice For America.
    Trump is the best.
    Trump is SINCERE .
    Trump is TREMENDOUS..
    Trump is the REAL Deal. Trump is the GREATEST PRESIDENT in the history of the United States of America.
    Trump is BOSS and these are the FACTS.

  22. This country as we speak of was built by immigrants, you enslaved people for your one economic development and lastly stole the land belonging to the Indians and yet have the audacity of seeking against immigration. Rot in hell

  23. I appreciate everything President Trump does. I only have one question? I do not know why these cities aren't put in Federal Receivership? The Federal Government has the Authority to do so. He then can replace the scum running these cities. There is no doubt on the Feds ability to do so. The Civil War answer that once and for all. I just don't know why it isn't done? I am sure politics has something to do with it though.

  24. Ice don't know what's about to hit them. I'd look for employment elsewhere, Ice will be disbanded. It's simply illegal and unconstitutional.

  25. Illegal immigration is a gift to the Democrats, they've been pushing to let them vote for years. In SF they can vote in municipal elections already.

  26. Do Americans also have a problem with Canadian illegal immigrants? Or is it only Mexicans and south Americans? And what if the Canadian is married to an American and have a kid in USA? Do Americans support splitting up families?

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