Homan: Nobody’s done more for the country to protect Americans than Trump

Homan: Nobody’s done more for the country to protect Americans than Trump

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  1. The US Democrats have promoted and facilitate all the immigration programs to FLOOD US with iligal voters. Everything from Caravans paid by DEMOCRATS AND the FLOODING of AMERICA with Muslims who are total chaos and completely incompatible with USA. This was all by design by DEMoCRats trying to undermine and overthrow the USA

  2. NO CHILD born in American that do not have PARENTS that ARE AMERICANS are eligible for instant citizenship. The law was to protect the SLAVES that were brought to America and their children. Only the ones brought here as slaves and their children born in American qualify for this provision. As it has been 150 years sense the abolishment of slavery, there are no citizenship just because your mother illegally entered and had you in America. Your are the same nationality as your mother, not AMERICAN. DACA children, become citizens or LEAVE, you have 5 years max to accomplish this or you will be deported. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. ICE bravo 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍ICE bravo 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 Arrest them all kick them all back to where they belong ICE bravo 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  4. The converse of Homan's topic must also hold true: 'Nobody's done more harm to the country to hurt Americans than democrats.'

  5. You are so right sir he is the greatest president that I have ever seen or heard of since I've been alive for 67 years you know why he's the greatest president because God is with him a prophet said in 2014 that he would become president didn't say his name and they would try to impeach him but he would serve two terms and he will serve two terms because I believe with all my heart and soul that this Prophet is a real Prophet how would he even know about becoming president with this impeachment thing there's no way for this Prophet to know that and 2014. that the Democratic party would try to impeach and he said also the prophet that all these corrupt people in our government would be exposed and they are and I despise the Democratic party with all my heart and soul and believe me sir I used to be a Democrat but never never never again

  6. Chinese groups actually buy old hotels along the Pacific coast LA, San Francisco all the way up to Washington. They buy these hotels and fix them up and the women come over and are admitted into the hotel and have their baby right in the hotel! I wish either one of these guys had mentioned that it's an actual money making Market! And it thoroughly pisses me off and it's been going on for decades! Bruce Lee was one of the kids his parents came over deliberately to have him in America. I don't care how much you like Bruce Lee. That's not right.

  7. President Trump, in reinstating a rule first instituted by President Reagan, gave foreign nonprofits a stark choice: Stop providing abortions, or any information about abortions, or lose valuable dollars from the United States, the biggest global funder of family-planning services.
    US were paying hundreds of millions every year for other countries abortions.
    US was paying hundreds of millions dollars in providing abortions for foreign countries.

  8. There needs to be an amendment done to remove birth citizenship from women coming here for birth citizenship of babies? US citizens did not vote on this?

  9. I tell you one thing I know as truth, Homan is a TRUE patriot. This man has done countless deeds in the defense and protection of our great nation.

  10. Make them sign document that they understand that if a child is born during a visa stay in the US that the child wil not automatically become an American.

  11. Mexico needs to step up more to save people by helping people to go backwards
    Now this is only one way this is because of a USA passport so no USA passport only boarder passport and if you kid is born in USA no USA passport only a border passport that is that less people will not go because no passport is you caught to that boarder you go
    paper work no jail just a car ride and be hide the walk you go with a new boarder passport
    because they will try it again so now they have a I’d number with Mexico and USA well they have to pay for it so if they can not México will have to pay for it

  12. I wish trump supporter folks would speak more CLEARLY…. oftentimes their important messages are drowned out by their own inarticulate delivery …. enunciate… this guy is a mushmouth and hard to listen to….

  13. Trump is a terrorist. The bloated orange pig and his cronies should be tried and punished for treason and war crimes.

  14. They have interviewed some of these folks there waiting for impeachment and a democrat to be be in power so they can come back to America !!!!

  15. It's called a pregnancy test. It should be A REQUIREMENT for all visas, maybe even for the men too because how do we know these sisters aren't women posing as men. If they refuse then that is the answer to wether or not they are granted a visa.

  16. No one has done more but that doesn't mean he is doing anything. STOP bringing in foreigners, LEGAL or ILLEGAL! Listen to the original Americans stop importing voters for communism. Look at the videos, it is mostly men coming in illegally not women. Oh brother, the women doing birth tourism from Russia and China are very few and very rich women. They are paying their own birth costs. This is a red herring! Good God how stupid do you think we are. Build the wall, stop all immigration. No one should be voting unless they have a history in this country.

  17. On a step to the right path BUTTTTTTTT the main way illegals get into the country is by work visas and then staying after they expire then democrats give them sanctuary cities

  18. I’m tired of these anchor babies I’m tired of all of the illegals flooding my country and stealing my hard earned money I’ve had enough with these crooked politicians buying their votes this is out-of-control Trump has to continue and fight even harder

  19. They are using our tax money dollars to pay the house for sessions of impeachment  !!!!  Crazy.      Imagine what we can do by now with that money for us citizens. 
    Calculation: Members of Congress Are Compensated for a session for day . $7,200.23 per Day
    A member of the U.S. House of Representatives earns $174,000 per year. So, given that the House was in session for 191 days in 2019, that works out to a salary of $910.99 per day. Each House member is also provided with a budget of $944,671 to cover staff costs and another $256,574 to cover office expenditures.
    After dividing those costs by 191 days in session and adding the resulting figures to the base salary, you’ll come to $7,200.23 per House member for daily wages and office costs.

  20. Guys like Tom, are the people Congress should listen to, because they're on the front lines of this problem. He knows what's going on, and how to correct it.

  21. Who approved USA Consulate Office Compound in Hyderabad, Financial District, Telangana, India🇮🇳?
    Designer of recordv integrus architecture.
    Contractor: Caddell Construction Co (DE) LLC.
    Local Designer: MA- Magal Associates, 319, Gagan Mahal, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029, India🇮🇳.

  22. Democrats are traitors of America people because they care more about illegal immigrants and make us pay for all their cost. How is that benefiting us? Even worse is they distort the news by their fake media and these black racist Democrats pretend to care when they don’t even care about their own people and violence in the inner cities, like Baltimore, Chicago and such. If there are an American citizen and an illegal immigrant needing the help for whatever reason and the camera is filming them, they will push away the American citizen just to get help to the illegal immigrant. Just idiotic and hateful.

  23. Glad to see the Mexican Southern border patrols swinging clubs……… the are getting invaded too.

    The tit has gone dry, the milk in the land of Milk and Honey has gone sour.
    Stay in your own country and fight to get it fixed.
    Don’t come here illegally with your problems.

    Trump 2020…..MAGA

  24. I always say if either parent is not a u.s. citizen their child isn't a citizen, it only applies if one parent is a u.s citizen then maybe the child is a citizen! I remember when president Reagan said if an illegal alien has a child here they are not entitled to benefits or they are not considered a u.s citizen!!!!! Trump 2020!!!!

  25. Thanks Tom for the great work you do! I couldn’t stand the way AOC tried to pigeonhole you! Your a good Man and a great American!

  26. Trump protects us from people experts, criminologists and labor economists, tell us lower the crime rate and improve the economy. He also protects us from clean air, clean water, and health insurance. Trump protects us from old age, through a lower life expectancy.

  27. President has all the rights to protect the American people from the corrupted presidential candidate.✅
    How can they put him on trial for finding out the corruption.⁉️

  28. The amendment they are using is the one that gave slaves citizenship after the Civil War. They were brought here agasinst their will and abused. Illegals come here freely.

  29. The 14th Amendment Section 1. for babies born to citizen parents, emancipated slaves also being citizens. Ratified July 9, 1868.
    Everybody, get a copy of the Constitution, get two and give one to someone. Read it, you'll learn a lot.

  30. THANK YOU!
    Birth right citizenship should be NO MORE!
    Anchor babies – should be NO MORE!
    ILLEGALS should be DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY – AFTER facial recognition, finger prints, DNA.

  31. President Donald Trump is saving America… Best President ever and under such pressure from every direction. A very special man!!

  32. Love Homan, a true Patriot. These fake US birthright citizenships are so criminal & fraudulent! Especially, since they have no loyalty to the US.

  33. ROLF,   the title of this propaganda Ad is rich, Hahahaha       USA's hollow economy that will crash, the economy always crashes when the Fascist get into power.  All the economic indicators clearly point this out.  USA is ridding the rails on one wheel.

  34. lol Starting fake wars is not protecting people, tell Moscow mitch to pass the security bill to protect us from Russia, the bill that passed bipartisan in the house but died in the republican senate. I wonder why?

  35. He is willing to take issues head on that many deny even exist. There can be no solutions from those who deny there are problems. His right to try mandate alone saved lives and gave power back to ordinary sick people and away from incompetent doctors and greedy drug companies. Misdiagnosing people and then sending them home with opioids to die? Horrible some of the practices being normalized.

  36. Donald trump can help mexico .Donald trump can help all these poor countries to prosper so they wouldn't want to leave there country bottom line.
    all they have to do is ask and let his team find and help them understand a path forward

  37. They do not meet the 14th Amendment’s jurisdictional allegiance obligations. They are, in fact, subject to the political jurisdiction (and allegiance) of the country of their parents. The same applies to the children of illegal aliens because children born in the United States to foreign citizens are citizens of their parents’ home country 
    Should be an easy slam dunk argument why Anchor babies are not or should not be considered

  38. Why doesn't this guy write the immigration policy? He seems to know everything about the issue and I feel like I can trust this guy. There seems to be a no bull sh!t type of attitude about him. I like that.. A lot..

  39. no more visas for pregnant women !!!! no more anchor babies period !!! back date law 20 years !!!!!!!!!! 100mill++ trumplicans will reelect president trump 2020 magakag!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I know for a fact that Chinese mothers come here to have their babies, so that the baby can obtain American Citizenship. Holman is a 100% great guy.

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