Homan: Everything illegal on the southern border is ran by the cartels

Homan: Everything illegal on the southern border is ran by the cartels

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  1. I was laughing at the wall being sawed through with a $100 saw. Billion dollars for that just to get finessed by a tool from Lowe’s. I love when whites get mad about illegal immigration. I can’t wait til me and my fellow Hispanics make up over half the population and whites become the minority. Not a president law enforcement will ever win the war on illegal immigration and drugs. Man it feels good to be Hispanic.

  2. President of Mexico works for the cartels I bet, why else the president of Mexico wont do anything to work with president trump! And the DemocRATS are in cahoots with the cartels too

  3. ‪How in the hell can anyone still think Trump should be reelected for anything? The only accomplishment he has made to date is to divide the country, fan the flames of hate and bring this hate to the forefront!!!‬

  4. Why doesn’t anyone do anything about the cartels? They are pretty much like isis in Syria but on America’s southern border! We travel 1000s of miles to fight isis but our government refuses to fight terrorist right here on our own border.

  5. The war on drugs started in 1985 this is 2019. Does anyone see a problem. Did the Mexican government say they would take care of the cartels back then? One cartel boss since then. Not a high enough count. How much money and lost lives have we spent trying to keep the border safe? We need to do more to stop the drugs and illegal traffic into this country………..

  6. Cartels run EVERYTHING. If they don't run it, they get a piece of it. They also extort celebrities, as well as people who run legal businesses. They are the law down there. I lived on the border.

  7. Those good upstanding cartels help poor riffraff to get into USA and get free healthcare, free housing, free education, free stuff…. they deserve Nobel peace prizes for their human trafficking and helping dems get illegal votes

  8. Mexico has a 5 year window to remove the cartels. That’s it. Then some weak politician will come into power and they’re stuck with the cartels.

  9. Some people will run drugs for the cartel in return for protection. If This becomes known by a rival cartel guess what happens?

  10. Really- You'all Finally figuring it out ? Dems want open borders because they are married to the cartels-Its been known a long time !


  12. The biggest cartels in Mexico are from China, the biggest cartels in America LATINA, Asian countries, Europe east and west,Africa continent ,are most from China, China is running the government of many countries like Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Australia, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, north Korea, new Zealand, Arcadia California, Nicaragua, Bolivia

  13. Trump is a serious racist due to he did the following racist things:

    Ban people from entering America

    Wants to wipe out those other countries people especially China, Russia, North Korea and those Latin American countries in order to protect America’s allies

    Finally built a wall to keep everyone out with lethal force.

    I can’t believe I voted for a serious racist that violates americas immigration policies. America is supposed to be a nation of immigrants not racist towards everyone.

  14. These border drug cartels have been George H.W. Bush's buddies since he was Veep Nixon's 'drug tsar' beginning 1952. Look it up.

  15. Blaming "the cartels" fall short as most of the criminal institutions south of the border are small and local affairs. El Chapo's private army is still around, there's a city run by rogue vigilantes, and Acapulco collapsed on its own crime rate, but the average coyote isn't connected to anyone of special note.

  16. Make sure to MIDRO CHIP, FINGER PRINT, and photo and complete names are kept in a database for future crimes committed!

  17. The Demo(RATS) are the cartels. Biden was washing our tax dollars down the drain in Ukraine and then paying off his fellow Demo(RATS) with kickbacks. Trump is being impeached by the Demo(RAT) cartel for trying to find our stolen money!

  18. Note: It only counts to be "caught at the border if the BP makes the arrest. Many are caught soon after entrance as they seek employment.

    Also, most illegals are caught at least once in their lifetime. It is not uncommon for illegals to be deported several times.

  19. Mexico is heavily influenced by russia 🇷🇺 and china 🇨🇳 mexico is to russia 🇷🇺 as the ukrain is to America

  20. Mexico president says hugs and love will do more than bullets.. trump protect your citizens and launch a full scale army operation into the golden triangle.

  21. Mexican president

    Step up, the point if you want the cartel gone You'll accept our help!

    We have the resources to do it in half the time and your country can be free, if you so desire, I'll be watching to see how that works out. Pres. Trump has no other agenda but to make peace, with all nations, Global Peace!

    Pres. Trump won't hold any punches and will get the job done for half the cost. I only know this because he works for me and if you want any business deals I would recommend you speak to him great advisor, a billionaire actually, he gave it all up to be president and work for all of us, and we got a lot of people that listens to him despite what you see in the news, the inner workings of our nation are solid, just happen to be speaking to the right person, Pelosi would tell you she's Queen , I'm waiting for Adam shift to jump up and shoot an arrow across the floor and all while claiming he's God, all the while tail with the psychiatrist chasing saying he's going to increase his medication,

  22. EVERYTHING LEGAL and ILLEGAL is CONTROLLED 1 Way or Another by the CARTELS not just AT THE BORDER….But most of the NATION….WAKE UP…where have you been for the LAST DECADE…they Use Our Weapons , Vehicles , Training . Intel , AGAINST US. ….MEXICO IS NOT ..NOR HAVE EVER BEEN AN ALLY TO THE US. THEY LOVE OUR MONEY

  23. Just send the army. Dems do not care about children, or they wouldn't have created this horror show. Primary,secondary, and tertiary objective is votes. The real truth will be told when these kids grow up and reveal the abuse at the hands of the cartels,AND the un vetted sponsored homes they were sent to live in.

  24. The Mexican Cartels should be eradicated from Mexico like ISIS. They're a state within a state and use brute force to get their way without blinking an eye. It's TIME FOR "ACTION" after those seven Americans were horrifically murdered. The Mexican President can only do so much until the cartels will threaten HIS family if they haven't already. How much is the Mexican President being PAID by the cartels??? Is he corrupt too and a PUPPET to the cartel puppeteers?

  25. Tom Homan is very aggressive working on southern border and records on trespassing the border and involvement of cartel's the key players of shipment of the packets/parcel's/boxes shared with greed staff and the over sightedness.

  26. What's the Mexico President action in the event of burning alive?

    So what's the cartel's role against USMCA? Mexico President choosing cartel's?

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