Can you turn the light on? Hey guys. It’s about 10:30 at night right now and
tonight is really special and important in San Miguel de Allende. It’s Holy Week and traditions that have
been going on for centuries are beginning right now. I’m walking along the street here where
the events will take place tomorrow and there’s lots of people out in the street. Everyone is decorating with all sorts of different materials: paper flowers, balloons, painting in the streets, all sorts of beautiful, beautiful things. I just met a wonderful man named Antonio and
it’s so exciting that now I can speak enough Spanish to have a conversation with someone and, if I didn’t understand,
he was very patient in re-explaining it. So I was asking him a ton of questions
about what’s happening here. They’re going to fill these streets and
a procession is going to start very shortly in a town 12 kilometres away called Atotonilco. And they are carrying a symbol of Christ through
the streets and people are decorating in front of their homes with different materials and his family was there. He pointed out his different family members:
his nieces and nephews who are all helping him to create a symbol of Christ
on the street in front of his home. He also showed me some of the traditional
plants in the back of his truck that he’s gone and purchased. And I guess the three that are used most widely,
and have been for a very long time, in Spanish are called manzanilla, hinojo, and mastranto. And they are important and special for their
aroma and he let me smell them. And tomorrow they’ll be thrown along the
procession route to give everything this really pungent, beautiful smell. So that was really interesting to learn about. And I asked him where is the procession going
and there’s a church very close by here and I said, ‘Are they going to the church?’ And I used the word ‘iglesia’
which means church, I thought. And he corrected me and said, ‘No, it’s the templo.’ And he explained to me that an iglesia is a structure. It’s a building and that the church is people. And he really beautifully explained
how this is about people. It’s not about a building and how the church
is people and that’s who this represents. So I feel a little choked up. I’m really moved. When you’re travelling you meet a lot of
people and I really connected with Antonio and I won’t forget him. And I’m sure I won’t forget this event either. It’s after midnight now. We’ve been walking around for hours
looking at all of the preparations. I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere
in the world and this isn’t even it. So I cannot imagine what’s to come tomorrow. We’re going to bed now to get some sleep
and we’ll be back here when the sun’s up. Good morning. It was a very short night. All throughout the streets you can see the
plants that Antonio showed me last night and you can smell it
as you’re walking through the streets. It’s incredible. Buenos días, Antonio. ¡Hola! ¡No se fueron dormir! We just spoke with Antonio again and what
his family has done is unbelievable and when I said how beautiful it was
he just said, ‘My family.’ And the skill, time, and care that has gone
on to the preparation of the streets here is unbelievable. People have obviously been up all night doing this. The procession has just gone by. We’re following behind it now. There’s tons of firecrackers going off as
the procession continues towards the church. As soon as the procession passed by, people
were already cleaning up the streets. There are trucks out here collecting
everything that needs to be picked up so that they can get the streets open for cars again. Extremely efficient. Unbelievable how much preparation was put
into this all through the night and then how quickly people are preparing the streets
to be used again now. It’s just after 8:30 in the morning now. The procession has ended outside of the church. There’s now an open air mass that takes place. People are having coffee and eating breakfast
from the sellers who are outside. I feel so privileged to have been
here in San Miguel de Allende when this tradition was taking place. And I’m just really grateful to have been here to see it.

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