Hillary Clinton backtracks after trashing Bernie Sanders in documentary

Hillary Clinton backtracks after trashing Bernie Sanders in documentary

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  1. Does anybody remember the good old days when Bernie said Mass immigration and open borders was a Koch brothers plan? Unfortunately you can't trust any of these Democrats which is why I switched sides.

  2. I firmly believe there are people out there who are living their lives as if Hillary is POTUS, and Hillary is one of them.

  3. So Hillary has TDS so bad that she will support a do nothing for the USA communist that nobody likes just to defeat President Trump …. Thanks Hillary you just gave Trump another million votes…

  4. 60% of Bernies supporters are women. For good reasons. This "Bernie bros are sexist" is just another misogynous attempt at dismissing working class womens vote.

  5. Funny. We all don’t like Hillary. She cheated and lost to trump. He quickly mopped the floor of her. It was sad. All that talk and she was weak. It’s Bernie’s time.

  6. There are so many democrat woman that are morphing into Hilary. Watching FauxNews yesterday, they had they moron Harf on, and I had to take a double look. She is literally becoming Hilary before our eyes.

  7. This woman is horrible same with her husband he’s flown with Epstein in his private jet a couple dozen times horrible these people get away with everything

  8. These frauds coming out with a scheme to fight off Bernie, obvious lies being made towards a dedicated and honest man. How do we fight off a crowd favorite who threatens our wealth? Use the most easily triggering accusations towards him. He is being very reasonable when it comes to the accusations but these frauds are not gonna be satisfied before they do some damage to pass their own interests.

  9. Well, he wanted to bail out PR and they got 90+ billion USD in the long run. So they can vote for him, if they want. Otherwise – no commies in office!!!

  10. Well lady stop talking and if you can’t say something positive don’t say anything at all R.E. nominee Sanders it just makes you look bitter and nasty

  11. Dems competition who is lying better will reveal the best liar 2020. I would say that Hilary and Shiff would win, they set standards. From the other hand, it would be so interesting to make another competition, which dem is able to say any truth at all, starting from questions about their mental condition. Shock and disbelief – literally no one would tell the truth, which is obvious. This is purely pagan sense of truth – the truth is as much danger as complete lack of liars could be. Without liars dems party couldn't exist, because it would be nonsense to have two Republican parties. Pagans were always slaves, and all dems are slaves – of evil.

  12. No surprises here, pushing on till a politician who is all there in the head is finally nominated! Vote Sanders for 2020

  13. I dislike her, but she is right. Bernie has done nothing to be proud of, nothing in Congress.
    Also, this stubborn commue did not want to relinquish his role when Hillary won the most delegates. He fought her to the end and eventually gave in but with millionaires' terms to campaign reluctantly, for her.
    She shld not have backtracked her comments. He is a mean codger.

  14. Bernie is better off without her. We don't need weaklings and criminals backing us. When Bernie backed her in 2016 he was being polite, the good person that he is. Obviously Hillary is not doing the same but not only i'm not surprised, i don't want it to happen. As i said, we're better off without her. Nobody likes her

  15. Hey, why isn’t she busy answering to FBI regarding her husband’s flights on Lolita express??? She’s lashing out because she is not afraid and she will get away with everything!

  16. Bernie was offered the Green Party nomination, he could have walked off the stage and literally went across the street with his followers but he kept his word to suppport the nominee even though he was cheated. He endorsed her and went on a unity tour for her and what thanks did he get???

  17. Hillary,. Stay off our side! Keep your real views and retire quietly with your ammassed ill-gotten wealth. Your day is over.

  18. rofl I love how petty, hurt, indignant and passive-aggressive she still is after 3 years! She will never come to grips with how transparent her evil was for the American people. After a trail of destruction, thank god, ultimately failed forever.

  19. Why are we still giving airtime to Satan's favorite b*tch? Ah yes, coz the corrupt corporate media is run by Satan!

  20. Hillary Clinton: Three years after her stunning loss, still full or resentment and hatred. She'd have been a disaster as POTUS. Thank heaven she lost in 2016. Bernie may be ahead, but he'll still lose to Trump if the DNC doesn't get him first. The DNC won't let Sanders become the nominee.

  21. She didn't backtrack. She said she'd vote for him if the nominee. Trump is the most hated man on earth now that Justin Bieber's got his stuff toghere

  22. Bernie's only the most popular Senator for a couple decades running!!

    Hillary's so elite she cannot see the progress and steady improvements achieved by Bernie for us, the people. Through the years he's never wavered or changed his intentions, which shows he's a genuine representative of democracy with a cause greater than any of of us collectively could hope to challenge. Bernie's fueled by his desire to help others.

  23. It’s ok Bernie , Hillary Clinton doesn’t like you but everybody else loves you. That woman is Satan in disguise. Even as a Republican, I think you’re a great person and a genuine person and that’s why you’re moving ahead in the polls !!! 👍👍👍

  24. Love you Bernie: But $15 a hour and/or FJG are old-broke-slavery-mentality “Swapping time and labor for money” you stay broke. The Rich don’t work for money, they have money work for them. It takes money to make money. A $1000 a month UBI is residual income for life will change the “money game”. What good is $15 a hour when you don’t have a job, acronym “Journey of Broke”
    A FJG to sharpen pencils? Please issue the gray jumpsuit along with that, a waste of money and time. Bernie can keep the dignity of a job, give us the money a $1000 a month in our hands, then we’ll have dignity: Retiring, paying student loan, college Tuition, medical insurance, helping homeless, jobless, volunteers, at home Moms, to start a business, donate more, less stressed, healthier both physically and mentally, staying out of prison. The 4th Industrial revolution is here and these old Politicians are experienced about the past, but are clueless about the future. Artificial Intelligence will bring big sweeping changes, we must embrace and benefit from it. We need a “New Way Forward” Andrew Yang is the only candidate of vision for the future. All other candidates are stuck in the past.

  25. No no ! The fact that Hillary Clinton won’t endorse him is the BEST endorsement. The DNC needs to tell Hillary Clinton that is in in fact her that no one likes. And they need to make her go away !

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