Highly Successful People Do This Everyday | TRY IT! Prime Your Brain For Success

Highly Successful People Do This Everyday | TRY IT! Prime Your Brain For Success

When you strike it and you hit it it is the most Incredibly electric feeling you will ever have it is the most familiar Unfamiliar feeling you will ever have. You will swear that you are ancient in that moment you will feel it in every single cell of your body and I mean like a vibration Coherence where your body becomes electric If you close your eyes and you begin to think about doing something you’re an athlete you understand this if your Background in football and you are running a pattern or you are doing something you would rehearse it in your mind turns out That the act of mentally rehearsing something when you’re truly present Your brain does not know the difference between what’s going on out there and what’s going on in here In fact, your brain will begin to look like you’ve been doing it for the last five days and you’ve never run the course So now your brain is no longer a record of the past Because typically it is. Now it’s a map to the future So now you’re priming your brain. So that became the very platform. You know experiments with piano players, you know You can take a group of people that never played the piano before you divide them into two different categories You take one group of people, you teach them one-handed scales and chords do a brain scan of them They come and practice for two hours a day for five days At the end of five days if you rescan the brain They grow new circuits on the opposite side of the brain nothing magical there You learn something new learnings making new connections get some instruction you get instruction and get your body involved get your body involved You’re gonna have an experience experience enriches the brain Pay attention to what you’re doing got to pay attention and repeat it firing and wiring You’re going to assemble new circuits you can take the other group of people have them come for two hours a day for five days to a brain scan before, to a Brain scan after have them close their eyes and mental rehearse playing those scales and chords at the end of five days They’ll grow the same amount of circuits and the brain is that people actually physically demonstrated the action. What does that mean? It means not only they change the brain by thinking differently But their brain looks like they’ve been playing the piano for five days now set them in front of a piano Never played the piano before, they’ll play those scales and chords because their brain is wired to play it So now the act of rehearsing who they’re gonna be What are the qualities in beginning to get in this creative state? Began to lay down the circuits of a new personality and a new personality is connected to a new personal reality So the next question is does that change the body? Take a group of men have them do one-handed curls in their mind and bring an emotional component like Stronger harder more intense one hour a day for two weeks. At the end of two weeks Thirteen point five increase in muscle strength Wow never lifted a weight. Now their body is changing by thought alone. This is fascinating because you know growing up in this religion I grew up It was a constant reminder a daily practice to think in a certain way. To think that you can never be physically harmed You’re infinite love, that you are infinite light, infinite soul spirit life truth and love right? It was constantly taught to me then that I’m never able to get physically harmed Mm-hm, and that if you are that means your thought is off and you have to re-correct your thought and you’ll have a healing, right? It’s a little extreme for some because and if you’re not, you know Well practiced in it. If you don’t know how to really manage the thoughts and train then you can hurt yourself Yeah, exactly really hurt your body and that’s you know, it happened. Yeah, it happened four times But I used this, you know philosophy strategy technique idea in sports and I would rehearse Constantly like you talked about was constantly rehearsing the games what I wanted to create for the season for my my body for my life And it’s it just seems like it would always happen and I remember I would watch Game film of world record holders and track and field and football and watch them every single night and Mentally rehearsed the same movements they would have before I would fall asleep And then I’d practice the next day, but I was constantly rehearsing in my mind how I wanted to show up I was rehearsing this moment. Mm-hmm, you know in my life 10 years ago I was rehearsing what I’ve been doing this year of my life if. If you’re living by those elevated states and you know how to feel That emotion of your future before it happens You’re less likely to wait for it to happen because you’ll feel like it already happened. You’ll less likely try to control it you’ll know that the moment you lose the feeling you just Disconnect and you’re gonna make your way back. When you get good at it, no person, no thing No experience can take it away from you Now you’re empowered And if you understand the laws of how creation happens then you’re less likely to compete and rush to get what you want You’re gonna know that it’s gonna come to you and now that’s the new model of how do we create Now people say to me Well, I’m this way because of that person and that thing I would say to them So you mean then that person or that experience out there is controlling your thoughts and feelings That means you’re a victim to your environment But when you start changing your thoughts and feelings and it starts to produce an effect in your environment You’re gonna change the belief that you’re a victim consciously or Subconsciously of your life to becoming more of a creator of your life And now all of a sudden you become more a creator of your life. You can’t blame anybody You can’t say well that person or that thing, you’d have to say I got to be greater than that environment of condition Who in history can I study that had the same challenges? Then what was what was what are they they let me just work that into my rehearsal so that I can improve Right, just like you’ve done with sports the same process. Yeah When do you experience the most love? Whoo, personally. Yeah, that’s a great question. So I’m It turns out that the signature of the quantum field is greater and greater degrees of oneness and wholeness right? So think about it. Um, When we live in stress, we live in separation Right because our senses fool us into believing you’re there and I’m here And everybody is separate from us and everything is separate from us. That’s 3d reality, right, but as you start opening the center All of a sudden when you become nobody no one no thing nowhere in no time, right? That’s the moment that your consciousness lines up with the consciousness of the field. That’s when you are totally present Now here’s the deal if I can get people to believe that just because they can’t see something doesn’t mean It doesn’t exist that they can just connect and pay attention to that field and stay present with it and become more aware of it Moment after moment after moment every interaction with that invisible field Every experience lays down the circuits in their brain for them to perceive more of it, right? So then as they keep their attention on it, they start moving closer and closer to it So they experience less separation and more oneness and wholeness. So then when that happens there’s a cascade of all kinds of physical and chemical and energetic things that begin to happen. So for me The the best way that I can describe that field this is intelligent love it’s greater levels of order and unity and oneness and when you strike it and You hit it. It is the most Incredibly electric feeling you will ever have it is the most familiar unfamiliar feeling ever have you will swear that you are ancient in that moment and you will connect and it won’t be just like Love for your puppy you will feel it in every single cell of your body and I mean like a vibration a coherence where your body becomes electric and the only way we can describe that is love you you you taste that one time. Oh, Here’s what I say I always say the first time it happens the first time it happened to me and every time since When I come back to my senses, I always say the same thing “Joe Dispenza, you got this all wrong because some Veneer some conditioning is lifted. You start realizing that the way you think life is isn’t that way

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  1. How many times have you attended a lecture and they played music in the background? Stop trying to make things jazzy. The content of the talk is interesting enough. Leave the music out please.

  2. After i did the practice, the next day i became rich, my muscles grew and the next step is becoming a super saiyan and make a Kamehameha.

  3. i love enriching my brain. through my body as well. ive also had people come for 2 hours a day for at least 5 days but i think i might have misunderstood something

  4. Bruce lee had this figured out long time ago ..one reason i followed an learned Bruce's way ..be water an you can become anything .

  5. Which is why i know if I ever got the chance to race for a living after watching Dale Earnhardt for so long imagining myself out there on the track with him racing just like him I know without a shadow of a doubt I could be just as great as the late Dale Earnhardt senior.

  6. I have been doing this. And it really works. I'm finally getting to be in the time. Not how do I get there. Be there.

  7. I agree to this my environment changed me, I was shy but I made friends who were very very confident and played tricks on others and stuff and I became like them after a few years at school without realising.

  8. Wow its all good, ive been living like this most of my life, ive healed my self always n now seein this stuff going public its awsome i guess lots of us know this but the system buts doubts so we wont wake up n n be really free n fulfill our purpose in this earth the way our bodies are design to, thats why we always feel incomplete cuz we've been feeding our minds lies,. Bessings to all n a big univeral hugg to all life in this earth n happy awakening to every one.,

  9. Love this i have experienced this with my martial arts training. I didn't know how this worked but all i know is that i seemed to articulate a particular move or kick etc better after running it through my mind. I am so surprised to hear Joe explaining this as a truth that i am definatley going to work more on this thought process from now on. Thank you so much for your work. I have three of your books but only read one at the moment. I will be starting the next one shortley.

  10. I will never get tired of listening to him. ❤❤❤❤ I have felt that familiar unfamiliar knowing inside me during one of his meditations. I started to cry. I didn't feel ancient but it did feel.very old as if something I've known for a long time but forgot. I think People should have you as the sexiest man alive….for the rest of your life lol

  11. Bullshit don't think for a minute that your brain will change after 5 days of imagination….unbelievable what this so called doctors are " preaching " it's like all the medicine they give to people and destroy their lives……he is just talking about something like the placebo effect..if some one are imagine to play fore 5 days and another who plays for real for 5 days you will not have any difference because all people are learning different it's to little difference in the beginnings of something new …..

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