Henry Ford Cardiology Fellowship Testimonial – James McCord, M.D.

Henry Ford Cardiology Fellowship Testimonial – James McCord, M.D.

My name is Jim McCord, I am the inpatient
director of cardiology at Henry Ford Hospital, and it is my pleasure to say I have actually
done all my training at Henry Ford. I was an intern, a resident, and then a fellow.
I could say that there are many parts of the Henry Ford Health System that are very strong
in regards to cardiology. You will see many of the unusual cases, you will see plenty
of the so-called “zebras,” and you will also see many of the common presentations of patients
in uncommon fashion. So when I was training, I actually kept cards on all my individual
patients. I had a patient with mastocytosis that had sudden cardiac death, I had a patient
with pheochromocytoma, I remember when I actually studied for my boards, I matched up all those
cards to all the topics that were to be reviewed and I can say with all honesty that all the
major topics and many of the unusual ones were actually covered by patients that I saw.
You will receive a tremendous foundation in your cardiology education here. I can certainly
say that in all the basic aspects of a general cardiology foundation we are extremely strong.
So if you go on to perform as a general cardiologist, you will have that excellent strong foundation,
and indeed if you actually want to do a sub-specialty, we excel in that area, too. The opportunity
that you get actually in Henry Ford cardiology is that we have a robust program in clinical
research, and that is actually a part of cardiology that is critical. It is essential that you
actually understand how these trials are designed, and what their strengths are and their weaknesses,
so as you read manuscripts, as you go forward in your career, you know what is a good study
and what is a bad study.

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