Hearing Caller’s Experience – Feature – Convo

Hearing Caller’s Experience – Feature – Convo

Your VRS experience with receiving calls from hearing people usually goes like this: Your phone is ringing. You answer it and the interpreter appears. Have you wondered what it is like for the hearing caller? If I were hearing and I used VRS, what is my experience like? Here’s the typical experience that hearing people go through with other VRS providers. Hello. That’s the experience. It’s common in the industry. When a hearing person calls, the first thing they hear is the ring back tone, and then the connection to an interpreter. Sometimes the Deaf person doesn’t want that; they’d prefer the interpreter to wait. It can be a strange experience. It doesn’t feel natural. For us Deaf people, this is equivalent to going to the doctor’s office and finding that the interpreter is already there. That means the doctor and the interpreter have already talked and prepared themselves for the appointment, making me the last person to be included. With Convo, we change this whole experience! Hello. This experience is more real. When a hearing person calls me, the first thing they’ll hear is my greeting. This instantly connects us. For us, this is equivalent to going to the doctor’s office and having the interpreter walk in with me. You control the call.

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