Health eWorkforce Consortium: Overview of Instructional Materials

Health eWorkforce Consortium: Overview of Instructional Materials

Hi, I’m Margaret Murphy with Bellevue College and I’d like to give you a brief overview of the types of health IT instructional resources that you can find here on the skillscommon site that were developed by our college Consortium. You’ll find a few different flavors of health IT content. First, programs, courses and modules that are a bit more focused on the IT in health IT. Next, health IT modules that can be integrated into existing health care programs. Third, stand-alone highly interactive EHR simulations that you can incorporate into programs any way you like. They’re plug-and-play – very easy for faculty to use. And finally, a free 100-hour online health IT foundations course hosted by Stanford University. Here are some examples of the instructional resources. We have curricula for a variety of programs, with learning objectives and course descriptions. We also have documents that provide all of the details of the instructional content you need to run the course or the certificate program. Here’s an example of one of the instructional content documents. This particular one is for a SQL course and you can see there’s a course summary, learning objectives, course topics, core materials that are needed for the course. And then every module has detailed descriptions with objectives, materials that map to those objectives, any learning activities that are included, discussion questions, and finally assessment questions. Let’s take a closer look at those. You’ll see that all of the assessment questions have feedback that directs the learner back to the source content and they’re also all mapped to learning objectives. Here’s a list of the health IT certificate programs that were developed. And here are the health IT courses that were developed outside of a certificate framework that are available for your use. You can see here the modules that were developed for infusion into existing IT programs. As mentioned, we also developed health IT modules for inclusion into these nursing and allied health programs that you see on the screen. These are examples of some of the topics covered in those infusion modules. We also created seven highly interactive, self-paced EHR simulations to give students hands-on practice using an EHR. The simulations use OpenEMR, an outpatient system, and VistA, an inpatient system. Here’s a brief glimpse of one of the simulations. The simulations have three different key elements. They have what we call “Show Me” feature which walks the student through the steps of a using a particular feature or function. We then follow that up with a “Learn-By-Doing” section which gives students the chance to try the feature or function themselves. They’re given two tries for each micro task and if they get it wrong on the second try they get a little screencast showing them what they’re supposed to do and then they can move on to the next micro task. And finally, we also have assessments at the end of each major section. Also available to you is a course that we collaborated with Stanford University on, which is a foundational health IT course, that’s also aligned to the HIMSS CAHIMS certification exam. Let’s take a look at that. The course includes hundreds of pages They are divided into units and each page contains explanatory content that’s interspersed with really rich visuals and the content is formatted so that it’s easy to absorb. And also interspersed are hundreds of hands-on activity that familiarize learners with the content. So, here’s an example of a scenario. I’m going to drag an answer there and you can see that I am incorrect and I get detailed feedback on every response. That format exist throughout the course. And there are also assessment questions available. If any of the resources that you just viewed are of interest to you, I encourage you to explore the two catalogs that are available on this webpage. They’re very user-friendly and you can quickly find the material that you’re interested in and you’ll also see a link that will take you directly to the resources that are downloadable. Thank you very much

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