HEA Fellowship – University of Sunderland

HEA Fellowship – University of Sunderland

The HEA Fellowship Scheme is a
recognition scheme in higher education which recognises excellence in
higher education, of learning and teaching. There’s the UK PSF, the
United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework which has different levels of
fellowship which can be awarded from Associate Fellow, to Fellow, to Senior
Fellow, and finally Principal Fellow. I have the Senior Fellowship and this is a
nationally-recognised qualification, country wide. I took the written
route for fellowship and that is because I predominantly prefer to get my
thoughts down on paper and have time to interrogate what i’m going to talk about.
I also found this route particularly helpful for me in relation to the case studies that I wrote about because it allowed me time to reflect and think
about the areas of best practice that I was applying within my work here
at the University. (Guy) We have two main routes for fellowship, we have a written
route and we have a dialogic route. Each of the different routes, the dialogic and
written routes can reflect the academics own teaching practice, for example, the
dialogic route may reflect somebody who uses reflection quite a lot as part of
their professional practice. Other members of academic
staff may prefer the more traditional written route to fellowship. (Emma) So my
current level of fellowship is Fellow. I took the dialogic route to get my
fellowship and I took that route because I felt like it would be easier to
express myself in a spoken format rather than written and it also gives the
opportunity that if there is anything that you have missed in your application, the panel can probe that from you. There’s a number of different routes
that are open to academic staff. The requirements would be that somebody
would be employed by the University of Sunderland to undertake this scheme and to be able to access it in terms of which
route they preferred whether that was a written route or a dialogic route and
within the Centre for Enhanced Learning and Teaching (CELT) team there is a number of different support mechanisms to
help staff move through their fellowship claim. So I have Associate
Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. I took the dialogic route because I felt more comfortable
talking to my mentor and going through a conversation, going
through the process, through a conversational approach which was fairly
informal but it was a formal meeting
that I had with my mentor. I would definitely say go for it, it’s a great
way of consolidating your learning, your professional development, your knowledge
and skills and it really makes you think how much you’ve achieved in your roles
whether it’s a support role or whether it’s a senior role. I think it’s a great
way for everyone to be recognised by the Higher Education Academy. (Adelle) The advice that
I would give to anybody who’s thinking about doing the fellowship, whatever
level of fellowship that you’re looking to apply for, is, it’s probably
not as complicated as you think it might be. A lot of the information you’ll
already have because you’re already doing that within your job role so it’s
about kind of bringing together all of that information and then structuring it
in a way that celebrates your work. I think the main piece of advice I would
say, in terms of applications, is make sure that when you’ve written your
application it’s very tailored towards the criteria, so go through your
application at the end and make sure for every piece of criteria you’ve put
something in there, given an example of how you’ve met that, so that the panel
know when you get there that you’ve already met all of the criteria. (Guy) If you
wanted to find out some more information about the fellowship scheme, staff
can email the CELT team at [email protected] or within our
CELT website, there is lots of additional information in terms of the different fellowship routes
and example information within there.

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