Have You Seen These Robot Check-In Desks? | Business Traveller

Have You Seen These Robot Check-In Desks? | Business Traveller

Over at Geneva Airport, roaming check-in desks have been helping to make the check-in process
faster and more efficient. STEPHANE:
Kate the robot is an idea we had that came from airports. They were thinking “how can we enable better
passenger flow?” So we thought about putting together and developing
an autonomous kiosk. VO:
The kiosks are programmed to respond to changes in their environment. STEPHANE
We are working with artificial intelligence, we’re gathering data from all the different
areas of the airport, so that if there’s a disruption and they’re needed in one area,
the autonomous kiosk will go from one area to the other automatically so this will help
alleviate airport congestion. STEPHANE:
One of the main innovations of those self-driving kiosks is the fact that they know where they
are. So they are using geo-localisation; there
is a map within a server, and the kiosk, using a laser, will be able to pinpoint all the
points of interest around it and it’ll know exactly where it is. STEPHANE:
Other areas that the lab is continuing to do research on is more on the airside; so
you could imagine on the tarmac having robots that will be self-driving, that could take
luggage from one aircraft to another one. STEPHANE:
In the future, the aim with all these robots is to help passengers go through the passenger
journey quicker, to make it more comfortable.

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