Have you Claimed Your Google My Business Short Name Yet? Hurry Up

Have you Claimed Your Google My Business Short Name Yet? Hurry Up

Have you claimed your Google my business
short name yet? earlier this year Google released the ability for business owners
to claim a short name and short URL for a Google my business profile. If you
don’t know what this means for you it’s simple, just like entering a website
address in a browser will take visitors directly to a website, a short Google my
business profile URL will take visitors directly to a Google my business listing
in Google Maps. Why is this useful? Because if you want to give direct
access to your listing to potential visitors or existing customers, instead
of using a very long URL like this one you can use a much simpler structure
which will now look like this this is an ideal format which you can
promote on your business cards, your email signatures, your brochures and any
marketing material to help people find your business, leave reviews, get
direction to your business etc. It also makes it easier for anyone to find you,
even if you don’t have a website. Still interested? Let me show you how it’s done
and what you need to think about before you claim your very own short name. If
you’re new here my name is Luc Durand the founder of rankingAcademy.co.uk
which i funded it to help local business owners like you increase their online
visibility so they can get more customers and make more money. If you
want to join this growing community just subscribe today and click on the Bell
button to be notified when I publish a new video. If you’re ready let’s get
started. How to claim your short name. Obviously
you need a Google my business profile so, if you don’t have one, create one today
using my step-by-step tutorial “google my business
step by step set up for best results”. If you do, log into your Google my business
profile. It’s important to know that if your listing hasn’t been verified yet,
you will not have access to this feature. Once logged in, select the info option on
the left hand side menu, scroll down on the main screen until you get to an
option called, add a short name. Google has yet to roll
out this option to all businesses so it is possible you may not see it. If you do,
just click on the pencil icon which will bring up a dialog box where you can
choose your short name. Before you do, you must
know that once you’ve chosen a name, you will only be able to change it a maximum
of three times a year, so make sure you choose carefully. The question is what
name should you choose? According to Google’s policy your short name should
be associated with your business name or, the name by which people commonly refer
to your business. They also recommend including your
location to make the short name more distinct, for example, you can use your
business name with your location like your city or neighbourhood. Alternatively,
you can use the suggestion made by Google from the dialog box as shown here.
You cannot choose a name that is shorter than five characters or exceeds 32
characters. In this example I’m going to keep things simple and use the name of
the business as the short name “Excel electricians” Once you’ve chosen the
appropriate name, the status will show as “under review” in your
Google my business dashboard until approved, which should only take a few
minutes. After which, you can start using it in your official marketing
communication material. The format of your URL will be as follow: G.page/yourcustomname, so in this example it will be G.page/excelelectricians. After claiming your short name you will also have access to
a shareable link which when clicked on will direct visitors to your business
profile and trigger a review pop-up automatically. This works both on desktop
and mobile and should make it easier for you to collect reviews for your business
and help you rank higher in Google. To access the link, log into your Google my
business profile, from the home page locate the get more reviews box, click to
copy the link and use it when requesting reviews from your customers. Before you
make your final decision there are a few things you need to be aware of. The good
news is short names work on both desktop and mobile, but it is possible your
business name has already been taken in which case you will sadly have to find
another alternative. You can choose a name that is not your business name if
you don’t break Google’s guidelines such as impersonating another business. If your account
remains inactive for too long, you may lose your short name. If you are running
multiple locations you will need to claim each locations short name
separately, this is when adding the location to your business short name is
very valuable. To find out about all the related Google policies for short names
go to the URL that is displayed on this screen, also in the description below.
That’s it for today this is yet another way to promote your business and
encourage visitors to interact with your listing and shows Google’s desire to
continue pushing local search. If you haven’t claimed your short name yet I
thoroughly recommend you do it now because just like a website’s name, once
a short name has been taken, it is highly unlikely you will get it back. Until next
time, happy marketing

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  1. More great tips. You are now my one stop shop for SEO tips! Forget Neil Patel, this is where the useful stuff is without the fluff and BS.

  2. Thanks Luc, excellent video. I find all your videos so well done and helpful to me and my tiny business (I wouldn't call it small just yet lol.)

  3. Can we use capital letters, as example: MobileRepairLondon, make a sense to use that, I think its more user friendly :0)

  4. Is there anything wrong with using a popular search term for a short-name. I did this and it instantly ranked me for Local-Carpet-Cleaner. I will exploit the system every time an opportunity presents itself. Short-name already taken by someone else? Try making it more unique by localizing it with a city name. Local-Carpet-Cleaner-Happy-Valley. FYI – The Google search engine ignores the '-' hyphen symbol and treats it as a space.

  5. Hey,
    One of my clients has a School of 18 branches. I have claimed GMB listing but only 2 of them are approved. I did the same for all of those but not worked.
    What can I do now? Love from Bangladesh.

  6. How could we rank one GMB listing for multiple services. Eg- event planners ranking for wedding planners and birthday party planners?

  7. What a great tip! Do you know what happens to the existing long URL which is being used in my review submission software and other items?

  8. So good! Only just started with GMB and I have not found out yet how to connect my YouTube channel to it. Would you be able to tell me please how to make it appear in GMB? Thank you so much

  9. Great tip. Do you have guide on businesses that are virtual using gmb? (Or want to get onto google my business) but don’t have a physical address.

  10. Thanks for the tips. If you use a blue screen instead of a green screen you can still key it out but the color reflections on your skin will match the background like they should naturally and you won’t have that green skin tint anymore.

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