Hashtags on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

Hashtags on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

When you hear ‘Instagram’, you might think
that it’s just an app that you can use to share pictures and videos with your friends. But as an entrepreneur, it’s a powerful
platform that offers a HUGE opportunity to help grow your ecommerce business. If your business already has an Instagram
account, but it’s not driving sales, it’s time to revisit that strategy. And today, we’re going to show you how to
utilize a secret weapon – carefully curated hashtags. Hey guys, it’s Jessica Guzik here with Oberlo,
and today I’m going to be talking about Instagram hashtags, what they are, and how
you can find the best hashtags for your content. You ready? Let’s go! [Title Card – What is an Instagram Hashtag] Before we dive into the nitty gritty of using
Instagram hashtags to grow your brand’s reach, let’s quickly cover what they actually
are. A hashtag is a singular word, or phrase, with
a hash symbol in front. If you’re a frequent social media user,
you’ve likely already seen them in action, but if you aren’t, they usually look something
like this… Jessica pointing to an animation of #Oberlo
on screen. So, what’s the point in using a hashtag? Well if you post a picture or video on Instagram
without a hashtag you’re only talking to your existing audience. But you probably want your posts to reach
the largest audience possible – and THAT’s why you need to add relevant hashtags to every
single Instgram post. Hashtags will open up your content, and your
brand, to tons of new, engaged users to like your content, follow your account, and potentially
even purchase something from your store! If you don’t add any hashtags to your content,
you’ll be relying on your existing following to engage with your new post. This isn’t as much of an issue if you already
have a huge following. But if you’re just getting started on Instagram,
it’s likely that your content won’t have a large reach, and you might struggle to achieve
any decent results. [Title Card – How to Find the Best Instagram
Hashtags] Now that I’ve explained how Instagram hashtags
can help you to generate more likes, more followers, and ultimately more sales, I’ll
show you how you can find the best hashtags for your brand. It’s super important to understand that
the hashtags you use HAVE to be relevant. If you sell backpacks, hashtags about unicorns
and candy canes aren’t going to bring you the right kind of attention. Thankfully, there are a couple of online tools
which you can use to curate a list of hashtags that are perfect for your business. My favorites are TagBlender, Instagram Tags,
and Seekmetrics. Each of these tools are free, easy to use,
and they’re great for finding lists of hashtags. We’ve left links to each tool in the description
below – check them out and let us know what you think in the comments. [Title Card – Instagram Hashtag Limit] OK, so now that you’re convinced that Hashtags
are important, and you’ve even found a few to test out… there’s one thing to keep
in mind: DONT OVER DO IT. A lot of people get carried away with hashtags
and want to put hundreds, even thousands of hashtags on each Instagram post. Sorry guys, there’s a limit of 30 hashtags
per post. Instagram doesn’t just put this rule in
place to be jerks – they want to ensure that hashtags aren’t taken advantage of and the
content on Instagram is relevant to its users. At first, 30 hashtags might seem like a lot,
and you might feel like you won’t need that many hashtags. However, I do recommend that you take full
advantage of the full 30 hashtags that you’re allowed to use. Remember, every hashtag that you add, gives
you an opportunity to draw in more engaged users to your content. [Title Card – Measuring Your Progress] As with all marketing activities, it’s important
that you can measure the success of the hashtags you use. If you analyze the performance of the hashtags,
you’ll be able to validate your choices with data, and it’s always a good idea to
be data-informed. You’ll also be able to identify any hashtags
which aren’t performing well, which can help you to improve your future content by
removing the poor performers. There are tons of tools which you can use
to analyze the performance of your Instagram content. Try SumAll, Simple Measured, and Icono square
– they’re all great places to start, and they’re free! These tools will analyze the average number
of likes and comments which you receive using different Instagram hashtags. I put links in the description below – check
them out if you’re interested. [Title Card – Instagram Top Tips] Before we finish up, I’m going to share
with you some of my favorite Instagram marketing tips. Combine these tips with your carefully curated
hashtags, and it’s only a matter of time until your following skyrockets. ONE – Engage with your followers…. This is a great way to solidify your relationship
with existing followers, and build trust for your brand. Whether it’s answering a comment on your
post or liking a followers photo, it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it can mean the world
to your audience. After all, it’s called social media for
reason… socialize! Look after your followers, and they’ll look
after you. TWO – Remember to post frequently! Building a following on Instagram is tough,
and it’s even tougher if you don’t post very often. Try to post at least a couple of times every
week – it’ll help you to keep your following engaged. THREE – Check out the competition! Take a look through your competitor’s feeds
and note down everything you like, and think about what you could do better. Take the good ideas and leave the bad. Learn from your competitors. As Pablo Picasso once said: “good artists
copy, great artists steal”. Thats it, thats our guide to using Instagram
hashtags for your business.. And here’s our question of the week: what
do you think about Instagram marketing? Do you think it’s a sustainable way to grow
your business? Let us know what you think in the comments
section below, we can’t wait to see your thoughts. And, if you liked this video, be sure to hit
that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell. We’ll be adding new videos each week where
we’ll be sharing some of our best secrets on running a successful dropshipping store And until next time – learn often, market
better, sell more.

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  1. I am in India.. having a startup sports wear brand casual wear clothes.. Want to act like a source for dropshipper..please guide and help

  2. This post arrived just when I need it. I'm just considering how to use hastag on Instagram and twitter. Thank you so much

  3. Do you recommend putting hashtags on old posts?…like going back on previously published posts and adding them if you didn’t already have them on there?

  4. HEY OBERLO; your new ad's are shitty 'yes, this is an advertisement and you can skip it'. Its really cringe, we know we can skip the ad do something entertaining like the click funnels ad (This Gold Digger Got Rich Painting Nude Squirrels ). the first time i saw this ad I literally LOLed. It's much better than standing in front of a boring back ground and telling us we can skip your ad. we these new ads come on I feel like you're going to tell me about starving kids in Africa.

  5. Hey there, great video and info on how to use hashtags when you are starting out. I do have a question about social media marketing.

    I read an article on oberlo that it is good to start with one social media account for marketing. I decided I want to start with facebook marketing. Is it a good idea to start with just one account? Do you have any tips for facebook marketing as well?

    Thank you.

  6. I had heard that instagram no longer considers the 30 #. If you put 30 they consider you as spaam and instagram do not recognize them, is this true?

  7. Jessica asked us to share our opinion on Instagram for marketing and growing our businesses; for now, in this decade, it’s working for some. However, it and its social media siblings will slow over time soon. Measurable and precise direct-response marketing sadly is not 100% available online/via social media. Let’s see if the ‘giants’ can improve their tools to counter this. Will be interesting, for sure.

  8. I believe Instagram is a great way to grow your business because there are so many people active which can also be potential customers.

  9. I have been wondering how to cross this hurdle. This video has shun light on this issue for me… Thanks a lot. Short,yet real value added…

  10. If you have your account in private. If you use a hashtag will people who are not your followers be able to see and like your photo if they are looking for that hashtag??

  11. As always Oberlo you come through for us! Thanks for this great video on hashtags, I was wondering about their use.Now I can get into it!

  12. Using 30 hashtags today doesn't work and using the same ones even when they are relevant and the reason why is instagram filters thing of your account to be a spam account and this can really impact on your growth and reach to new potential customers… Also what Instagram will do is put a ghost ban on your post or feed this means your followers can see your stuff but other users on instagram looking up that hashtag will not see your content.
    I used to grow a lot each month by 10,000-12,000 new followers my engagement was in the millions then Instagram changed it all and now using hashtags don't work like they used to. Even my audience don't see my work only like 10%, my account has over 100,000 followers which is small when you compare it to others with millions but I bet they're effected by it all too.

    I've got a group chat with 10+ instagrammers some with under 30K and others with over 400K in followers and they are really struggling, its going down the line of if you want to get your content out there you need to pay, its a shame Facebook is ruining this platform as I really miss the engagement I had last year talking with people. I'm loosing followers daily faster than new followers are coming in, its a shame as it really makes the platform off putting to use as a area to share and promote your services, products and work.

  13. I can't begin to describe how grateful I am to you Jessica (I don't now how to spell your last name) and Oberlo!! This video is packed with values!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!

  14. Thanks for your educational post and sharing what u know with all of us! As it is still not clear from your video, I'd like to ask u….
    #1- Where do u recommend adding the relevant hashtags – caption or comment?
    #2 – How would I know if a hashtag is good or not?
    Thanks again!

  15. Please help me out man. If i'm to post 3 pics in a day. can i use 30 hashtags on each picture or i gotta split it 10,10,10

  16. Here's a question that I bet a lot of people have who are new to Instagram: How do you put a hashtag in Instagram? I know that sounds basic, but nothing you've said makes sense to me because I have no idea HOW to insert a hashtag.

  17. Just a quick tip for the number of hashtags. There's been a test and the result was 9 hashtags under a post worked out the best.

  18. I heard in another guide that the more hashtags you put it takes away from the strength of your most relevant/strongest hashtags so the guide recommended that we use 5-6 most relevant and strongest hashtags instead of all 30. Is this true? can this be checked somehow? @oberlo

  19. I’m about to start a Shopify store and have started Instagram and started to follow a bunch of people related to
    my niche. Started to post about my products. Nobody is seeing it. How can I have people see my posts? Hashtags?
    And for some reason, I’ve tried 3 times to start a Facebook account but each time, it keeps shutting down my account for “suspicious activity!” And I haven’t even started to do anything… What the hell is going on??? So now I can’t connect Facebook and insta together because of this problem… any suggestions?

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