Harsh Reality of Working in the TV News Business from an Ex-TV Producer

Harsh Reality of Working in the TV News Business from an Ex-TV Producer

hi I’m Jennifer Moore and I’m an Ex-TV
producer in this video I’m gonna share with you some of the harsh realities
about working in TV news so stay tuned so as you may know I recently got out of
TV news after 15 years and there’s a lot of things about the business that most
people don’t know unless you actually work in it if you don’t you’re gonna
have no idea so listen up I know it may seem easy to pick on members of the
media the mainstream media but I hope you can remember a lot of these people
particularly the ones working in local news are putting up with a ton of crap
so let’s get into it first of all your work-life balance it’s
pretty much non-existent the hours the schedules and TV news are pretty brutal
also if you really enjoy your weekends and holidays off this may not be the
business for you because you can expect to work most if not all of them also
there’s the book also known as sweeps period or ratings and there are certain
months out of the year that people in local TV can’t take any time off of like
July May November because they’re in the book so Thanksgiving most people spend
it in the newsroom with like a newsroom turkey or Chinese food or whatnot if you
go into broadcast journalism thinking you’re gonna hit it rich you’re gonna be
like some big-time anchor you’re gonna make ten million dollars a year think
again TV news is not a particularly lucrative
industry for most of the people who work in it in fact some stations and smaller
markets they may pay you twenty thousand dollars a year to start and that is
full-time I know quite a few people who’ve had to have second jobs just in
order to scrape by so just know that the people who do work in TV news are doing
it because they’re passionate about what the work they like it and they’re
definitely not doing it for the money I can tell you from personal experience
there’s there’s no money in it okay now we need to talk about the crazy calls
everyone who’s worked in TV news you know what I’m talking about here all of
the very strange bizarre rude phone calls and emails that flood the newsroom
24/7 now this is mostly for local news I’m
talking about but stations have like an email address
a desk email and a phone number and I’ve worked as both a producer and an
assignment editor and I can tell you that the calls you get are absolutely
insane everybody has a crazy call of the day of the week and they just they just
keep coming I don’t know where these folks are coming from but apparently
they have nothing better to do than call a local newsroom and ask you for a lotto
numbers movie times sports scores weather forecasts asking you to Google
stuff it is crazy so I am telling you if you are thinking about calling a local
TV station and your call falls into one of those categories just put down the
phone put down the phone and walk away because I know every single person in
News has probably been traumatized by answering the phone and checking that
email box it’s just the way it is one thing I think everyone in TV news has
experienced is having a really terrible schedule like we’re talking weekend
overnights the 3:00 a.m. shift the 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. shift I have worked
all of those I’ve worked weekends I’ve worked ‘allah days that’s just the way
it is it is a 24/7 business and if there’s like some sort of breaking news
story we’re enrolling coverage or if there’s hurricane you could expect to
pretty much live at the station and again that’s just part of what we did is
a community service because you wanted to serve the community you lived in by
providing information but on a personal level it can really take a toll it’s a
very stressful job your day changes all the time because you come in in the
morning and then you have certain stories lined up and then by the end of
the day that’s just totally blown up because something else happens so I
think one thing I do want to really express is just how fast-paced working a
newsroom is and also how quick on your feet you need to be and just how much
you need to be able to be flexible and be able to adapt to changing situations
because things a new newsroom are changing all the time
on the flipside the burnout rate is also very high it is a very high-stress job
with like basically zero work-life balance so I know tons of people who
have exited the business for various reasons spending more time with family
writing a book starting a business getting a new job getting a better job
getting that dream job in public relations or media relations or as a Pio
so a lot of people do end up leaving but of course we all value our time working
in TV but sometimes it’s just time to move on to different things and that’s
ok too now I really could go on all day telling you more about the TV news
business but these are just a few things I thought of off the top of my head and
I thought I would share them with you so if you enjoyed this video or you found
it interesting feel free to smash that like button and subscribe if you want me
to be your guide inside the media industry you

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  1. Ugh! The schedules I used to do when I worked in TV news was terrible. I did a midnight – 8am shift that has wrecked my sleep cycle for life. Love the videos.

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