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  1. it is not an impeachment inquiry it is a coup against a duly elected president to undo 62 million votes an attempt to overthrow the government by stepping all over the Constitution and ignoring the rule of law. the Democrats in charge are guilty of sedition and treason and we should not allow them to continue down this dangerous path

  2. MSM has a total layoff of 7800 employees, President Trump's approval rating has gone up not down through this sham, Trump supporters are not going to allow the Democrats to impeach our duly elected president basically telling us our vote didn't count! there were so many people at his rally tonight 10500 inside and who knows how many outside lining up in the rain and cold the day before. we love our president and we stand behind him 100% when they attack him they have attacked us and we're going to fight back

  3. I think the democrats know this is a losing battle and are using this to crush and remove the hard, radical, crazy far left wing nut jobs from the party. The ones that can not decide what bathroom to use. The ones that cant decide what color they are . . the one that believe illegals should have free healthcare at public expense. . the ones that believe environmental racism . . this might seem to be a coup but it could just as easily be a purge because the writing has been on the wall for a long time. Nancy Pelosi at the beginning was telling people not to mention impeachment .. . i also think the democrats know that if Trump is reelected, he will replace Ginsburg and Breyer, the Supreme court will be lost to them for 30 years. That puts abortion on the chopping block. . . the impeachment is about one or both of these things

  4. Lou the king of spin… He is so happy with his Trump tax cuts that he will turn a blind eye to anything.. oh yeah.. he is a hateful old man too

  5. I beg to differ on the remark Bloomberg made about the Dem candidate field. Did he specifically single out Tulsi Gabbard? Tulsi being toward the centre politically, and Trump being being more to the centre of his party in action, have a lot in common. Tulsi has a intellect like a steel trap and if anyone can take it up to Mr Trump it will be her. I hope once she is defeated though that Trump offers her a job in his second administration cabinet.

  6. So, this Pelosi nutjob is getting angry when asked a question. This Biden nutjob is going around calling people fat and stupid. And this Nadler nutjob is falling asleep? They are clearly not capable of doing their jobs anymore, so why are they still able to hold their positions?

  7. After this impeachment crap is over I would fire every single one of these guys who testified against him and lied to Adam Schiff. Then I would fire Christopher Wray the leader of the FBI because he's a never Trumper and a dirtbag.

  8. This impeachment drive is nothing more than the Democratic Party running interference to keep Biden's crimes from being investigated. Biden is nothing more than a "Mob Boss".

  9. Billionaire President Trump who is working without pay can spend the rest of his life on beautiful beaches if he wants, but he instead chooses to work for the American people.

  10. Fox News is the only media outlet that reports the truth .and
    Trump is the toughest president and the democrats are finished

  11. Nancy morganheart from HEADLINES WITH a Voice says Trump's rhinos don't WANT to call witnesses. Huh? I want Hunter Biden on the hotseat to answer questions or rather purjur himself

  12. So true. But the democrats think they found the solution for this to not "not end well" – by never letting it end at all. Absolutely idiotic. It can't be fun these days to be an American with functional braincells because if you set aside the many, really many, hilarious and obvious stupidities committed by the democrats it is so alarming and costful for the USA what has played out over the last 3 years. Imagine how much more could have been done together. Luckily Trump and his administration accomplish an incredible lot despite of all the distractions laid out by the democrats. Looking at the bright side all this may be what you guys really needed for a better future political environment. All the illegalities exposed by the Trump administration and by the various republican members of Congress must in some way discourage potential political crooks to outlive their dreams of serving themselves the tempting forbidden fruits.
    And by the way, your politicians surely must have learned something positive from Trump's reign about how to negotiate, keep focus, connect with the people, deliveron your promises and the value of not being entangled in swampy dirty connections.
    Don't worry too much. Trump will win by a landslide in 2020. And the people will provide a Malthusian "positive check" of dimensions on the democrats in Congress.

  13. My question is why is he still alive? No one takes him seriously anymore. He's a compulsive liar who really doesn't care about the everyday citizen. He's just drunk with power and thinks he's a god when he's really trying to sell the USA to Russia. Why do you think he went to Russia Yesterday! He's a Russian citizen.

  14. They hate Trump because he is an outsider. Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court all need term limits. These people are way to powerful for our own good. Backroom deals to make them and their families rich.

  15. I've seen a lot of commenters saying they are leaving the Dem party and voting Republican. People are tired of the sham attacks and they are smartening up. ??

  16. Notice how conservatives always explain things precisely, concisely, calmly and with logic and NOBODY does it better than VDH!! MAGA!!!

  17. Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Kerry's son, & Romney's son; do you see the Pattern of Corruption here?

    Corrupt news should be illegal.

    Obama Spied; TRUMP Thrives! MAGA FREE

  18. This goes out to Republicans too, NOT only for the Democratic party, Cumasutra Harris dropped out her campaign because of lack of support by the majority of Foundational Black Americans.
    While being interviewed on the radio station The Breakfast Club she was asked about her perspectives on giving Black Americans " Reparations. " she responded with a flat out resounding " No " Miss Harris went on blabbering by saying or recapping the historical journey of slavery in a mediocre tone, to the interviewer “ we had this, referring to slavery, we had that “ referring to Jim Crow laws. So I said to myself, hmmm America you have awakened the conscious minds of millions of Foundational Black Americans, and no longer are voting for, or supporting presidential candidates, who refuse to reach out to us, with Tangibles for us hand in tow.
    Cumasutra you’re mother’s Hindu from another country, and your father is Haitian, nothing against Haitians but it’s another country. Miss Swirling bed-wench historically you have zero roots in the United States so you wouldn’t understand Black Americans in terms of having uncontrollable anxiety and manic depression and not knowing why.
    Psychologically it’s an experience that’s a direct results of the aftermath of decades of massive Traumatization and it is passed down from a cellular perspective. Unabashedly engineered by a systematic political agenda of the U.S government. The south mainly but not limited to spearhead America into a globalization of economic wealth and its need for profitability. To which it did, it capitalize exclusively from my bounded captive ancestor’s enslavement. Foundational Black Americans are their descendants still dealing with nightmares of racism, economical disparities, discrimination institutionalization racism environments, injustice court systems in fear of being murdered by the very institutions sworn to protect you. You have no idea of who we are as Black Americans and the end results of emotional internalized negative-eugenics, from Post Traumatic Slave Disorder ( Frances Cress Welsing) you lack the distinctive connection with our ancestors. This is why you don’t agree with reparations. You don’t have the spiritual insight of the soulful cry for justice of our people, it’s deep within our souls, monetary gain want cure this negative euphoria of injustice, but it can at least provide Foundational Black Americans with the ability to get the help we need. You could have changed history but you chose to do what most white people do, which is deny us what’s rightfully ours. The reparations we want or restitutions should be in a government funded endowments. I know it will afford us that help we need, not to mention how our ancestors worked like animals before Sun up and beyond nightfall. The United States took more from our ancestors than they could ever pay back to her descendants. !!!
    B1 !


  20. Slanted company owned media not trusted, agenda driven. Remember Nick Sandmann the media does it all the time. America voters will not be bullied into submission. America First voted in by Patriotic American voters, not by Russia and certainly not the slanted media.

  21. than put people in prison, where liars belong!… GOD is who is in charge…not you men!…ignorance in the people will bring their destruction….

  22. There's no stopping the Trump train. Look at who they gave to run against him. They can't even fill a high school gym.
    Hillary Clinton bankrupted the DNC. She's a loser should never have run against Trump. The media propaganda has only worked with the young and naive who haven't seen their first real paycheck.

  23. My Uber driver seemed like a reasonable man. But, he believes Trump is going down. He admitted to believing CNN. I rarely run into anyone who watch network news anymore. They have lost all credibility with a vast majority of Americans.

  24. When I heard the Articles of Impeachment I was sure the Democrats were revealing all their crimes for their impeachment and blaming it on President Trump. Democrats Sedition, Treason and Abuse of Power. Time to take the COUP DONKEYS and press charges. We need to find all the coup members. This can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

  25. You hear this and then you watch some of these third rate networks like CNN and MSNBC who only tout their agenda that Trump is done and Democrats winning…totally ridiculous, yet we as Americans tolerate such garbage from elected officials.

  26. Here is a president
    I'm talking about the one and only
    President Donald J Trump
    getting stronger than every before
    and now I am confident that he is going to
    drain the swamp for good

  27. No Trump money changed hands. No Trump orders were given. No national security compromised. No black and white. No audio n video of anything illegal. Dems have no case. Focus on diversifying and expanding your economy instead.

  28. Who is Pelosi praying to…she is the Speaker of the House and a member of the Democratic Party who denounced Jehovah God and vanquished Him from their platform by vote??? So, if she believes she is praying to our Nations God….DUCK out of the way…ricochet answer coming back: "return to sender"…reasons: "due to pride, hate, lack of righteous integrity and choosing to live without any solid foundation of character or righteous character that you can ONLY get from our Creator, Jehovah God. You, Nancy, are under the spell of the devil and he influences your greedy, narcissistic self-indulgence and while under satans spell, he plays you like the foolish human you are; your sickened heart misguides your mind (deprivation), evil self-serving purpose does not reflect God's decrees, laws or instruction; In order to reach the God of our Nation and Creator of ALL…what you must do, in humbled repentance, be sorrowful for your sins against (GOD), and against the President Donald J. Trump, whom HE has placed into service for America, and, especially the people of the United States, (God's Nation). WE THE PEOPLE need to hear, see and build trust that you are truly working to change…in order to forgive you it may require you to pay back All $$$$ you have illegally stolen through bribes, pay offs, scandalous and treasonous plots and actions for you or your families betterment. A public apology and request for forgiveness needs to come from You on mainstream media. Nancy, without any regard and/or consideration of your sworn vow to uphold the Constitution YOU HAVE FAILED THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS NATION, YOU MUST STOP your lying tongue from spewing out hate and lies about what you stand for, and what you stand for has absolutely nothing to do with representing the Commonwealth of America; YOU Nancy, in your current state of hypocrisy, are praying to the god you have chosen to serve; and when you chose to pray in this current state of heart, DO NOT be fooled…your prayers are not reaching (Jehovah God), you, have chosen yourself as your king…your selfish lust for power and control, is obviously driven by greed and such are not at all reflecting of God's Children; without your focus being humility and obedience to GOD, Satan is your puppeteer. P.S. Repent first, give me another shot at changing you… You see, in order for you to be forgiven and remain that way you must sincerely desire to repentant and live your best according to God's Word… Your choice. Oh, I certainly pray for you…that God will call you by His Spirit to repentance…if He does chose to do so…make sure you are listening and He will help you to overcome the evil one as ONLY HE CAN.

  29. Waste of time it is. This impeachment.- Master Yoda

    I may swing to Bloomberg. It depends on if he'll finish the wall. And what his pitch is for Presidential goals.

  30. May You & Yours have a Merry Christmas this year full of Hope & Cheer… Before ringing in a Bright New Year rife with Blessings of Health & Prosperity that I pray GOD shines down upon ALL within the USA… & any ally that supports its BACK!

  31. Wow, no wonder people believes Trump is a great president, they take for granted what Fox News say instead of doing some research

  32. Impeached trump now or Democrats party will be doomed in 2020. Democrats candidates are all idiots and boring. All their promises will not pass in the congress.

  33. I feel like Trump should be the NFL coach who is winning and during the last quarter decides to run up the score and blow out the game and humiliate the opposition. Yes, lets run up the score!

  34. On the IG Horrowitz report …."His conclusions about motive were not supported by his own evidence." Boom!!
    What a wonderful wordsmith Victor Davis Hanson is.

  35. Good luck white people try getting the popular vote when a black person says that's crazy and MAGA thinks that its a good thing

  36. Lindsey Graham just nailed dems. coffin shut today in front of Horowitz! Time to dig their graves!!! Set the date, their funeral is coming soon!

  37. GOD BLESS our PRESIDENT ✝️✝️✝️????????????We will be VOTING for TRUMP again because he is an AWESOME President and we THANK GOD ALMIGHTY for all of the FIRST FAMILY ❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  38. Fox news cable or corporate is nothing but a liar..A LlAR.
    With their alternate lying foolishness and ignorance of what the Constitution of the United States is and what it stands for.
    All other major news organizations are on the same page.. EXCEPT FOX NEWS. They are lying to the public they are lying to the world.
    There alternate version of a dystopian world is NOT THE TRUTH..
    Fox news is twisting it into a false and dystopian Truth and lying about what is real and what is not reality!!!!

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