Hannity: What have Dems done to improve Americans’ lives since Trump?

Hannity: What have Dems done to improve Americans’ lives since Trump?

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  1. Impeachment. The leftist tards believe that the moment trump is impeached they will all become millionaires, live on beach front properties, love is in the air everybody jerking each other off and singing kumbaya.

  2. Henry we know Donald Trump is your friend all he is is a lying piece of s*** Donald Trump said several times that Republicans were stupid and all he need to do is become a Republican and he can be the president of the United States

  3. Hannity and Murdoch are Enemies of Truth Justice and the American Way. 'rage hatred psychosis and insanity' are evident from Cheeto in Chief's twitter feed 24/7

  4. If you watch Fox, all you see is beating up on Dems. Very sad they cannot see this is beyond party and about sanctity and fairness of our election along with integrity of our constitutional checks and balances.

  5. Trump Report Card:
    F minus in White House phone call security,
    F minus in reducing border hoppers,
    F minus in ending endless wars
    F minus in healthcare
    F minus in rolling back student loan interest rates, and
    F minus in assassination, too sloppy, 11 died to eliminate one old general. Shoulda poisoned a lamb chop.
    Trump's fired!
    You should have to be good at your job to keep it.

  6. Sean Hannity throws gasoline on the flames for his own profit and the Fox News ratings. America is two countries now. This political garbage even divides families and long time friends. It's as bad as America was before the Civil War in 1863. Decency, civility, honesty, and mutual respect are dying values. My family and I cancelled our newspaper and our cable TV/internet service. No smart phones with WIFI for any of my kids. No Fox, no twitter, no facebook for my kids. Go to school, do homework, read books, play sports, be a Scout, perform music somehow, go to a non-political church that prays to God and helps the needy.

  7. Pelosi is a verified Psyco NUT CASE !!! Looks like she is in an orgasmic state. Celebrating her worthless attack on our Beloved POTUS. All Lies, All Lies, Nasty Nervous Nancy Delasodro, Mafia speaker of obstruction house from Hell !!!

  8. Not much… Social Security… Medicare… Civil Rights Act… a wide range of integration legislation… ACA… hundreds of bills sent to the Senate this year, most with bipartisan support.

  9. Love all your points, Mr. Hannity. Ask President Trump to work on ageism!! I'm 52. Please, President Trump, meet with power houses that promote employing mature intellects. We're pro-American and dependable and hard workers. Thanks! Trump2020

  10. Trumps ability to keep Obama's economy up has been a surprise. Our debt has increased a ton though, brought to you by the party of fiscal responsibility… wait. Cant say that anymore. Trump meanwhile talks about better tiolets? Lies about wind turbines… Old lightbulbs? The.kost expensive border wall ever still isnt up. Trump also tried to rob you of your coverage if you had previously existing conditions despite his lies saying he is saving them! What has he done to save them? Literally nothing. The manufacturing jobs didnt come back.
    Hannity speaks a lot about a no talent rich guy getting paid when he doesn't deserve the job. Trump inherited half a billion dollars and still bankrupted a handful of businesses! Talk about no experience! This segment was a joke


  12. If the Biden’s are innocent then why did they interfere with the investigation in Ukraine. Innocent until proven guilty should apply there just as it does here. Oh wait I forgot, impeachment is guilty until proven innocent. I forgot.

  13. What did you expect from a Catholic? If you Catholic, you can do whatever you want to, as long as you go to confession, another simple human being can forgive you. No problem at all, just do why you want, and tell the guy with the funny collar, and everything will be fine.

  14. She looks smiley because of botox also please note that the picture of her smiling were separate pictures taken at separate times. Note the separate out fits. A symptom of framing and bias. Though this started out with great points, (all the good things Trump has done, and I mean that genuinely) it lost me as soon as the obvious bias started.

  15. Mitt Romney has the same problem John Mcain had. Both men struggled to understand why they weren’t president of the US, and why a man flawed in their eyes did win the presidency—Donald Trump. Find last year’s state of the Union Address. Romney’s reaction shots are unbelievable —a study in conflict.

  16. You bunch of idiots; they were elected by the people to run oversight and budgetary control over the GOP. Trump is utterly corrupt and in that sense the system is working. USA needs to be protected from this grave danger posed by having 60 million lied-to, duped and brainwashed voters. They deserve better too.

  17. All the Democrats that are running for the presidency have said nothing about new jobs or getting people back to work. They have all talked about taking things away from the working Americans and giving it to idiots who do nothing. This is not my saying I saw it need to pass it on.
    There needs to be an investigation to find out if anyone in the democrat party has any ties to America.

  18. Nasty Pelosi is such a hypocrite. She is responsible for the damage to our country and to the Constitution! Shame on her. She should resign. She should also stop identifying herself as a Catholic–that's a load of BS, given that she is a rabid pro-abortionist who espouses values antithetical to Christianity and the Catholic Church.

  19. After seeing all the work and progress TRUMP has done for the USA…
    Makes you wonder what OBAMA and the Democrats have been doing for the past 8YRS!!

  20. What about the widespread success of trigger free zones on college campuses and the recognition of micro aggressions?

  21. Nancie..is so sad, so distraught at having to sign the Impeachment of this president…she had her signature written in gold, on each and every pen. Then, democrats waved them in the air with great pride and jubilation. They must think the pens have the power of Harry Potters, wand. Wave it around and make a wish…We all know what that wish will be.

  22. Responsible Voters owe it to themselves to take the News Watch Test….View ABC, NBC, CBS & PBS…You will notice that all of these stations are echoing each other on News…The only channel that is NOT is Fox their stories are false & exaggerated…Its very sad to see a once admired station turn Dishonest while pointing the finger at other stations You will not find most of these stories on any other new stations chk it out… ….We have been had, no longer a Fox Watcher …

  23. Would a smaller scale “New Deal” for the homeless and addicted involving subsidized inpatient care and halfway houses be something to consider and/or possible?


  25. Well there going to save kind folks the cost of funerals
    Pits will be used and China maded plastic coffins
    It’s clearly Genicide Period..
    Can’t happen? Really???

  26. The democrats have put 400 new bills through it is the republican senate that is sitting with all those bills in its lap. Get a brain hannity

  27. I voted for our president, and I don't regret that; I'll still vote for him in 2020. With some of the revelations that have come out in the last week or so though, I've got to admit, this doesn't look very good…

  28. So how do you think comey going to do the sue side thing or maybe a certain crime family will do it for him. That way there will be another conspiracy theory out there. Lord knows we haven't had enough of them in the land of oz excuse me n the land of make believe in dc land

  29. i bet it's more than mitch mcconnell. you know the man that doesn't let any democrat bills be heard in the senate. and they call it democracy lmao

  30. What a bunch of lies!

    Farmers were suffering from Taxes on goods on China
    Do you think any other president can't outperform Trump?

  31. President Trump and Republican constituents are the only ones standing up for the greatness that our country was built on and is built on. The leftists need to be removed from congress.

  32. There is something very immediate, very simple and emotional, about you Republican people,  not the brightest lights, but your so cute,

  33. An illegal alien was arrested yesterday for planning a violent attack against state legislators. This hasn't been "reported" endlessly on Fox News. Why? The illegal alien is a white guy from Canada who was planning to attack the Virginia legislature over new gun control laws. How low can it get…

  34. There are a few types of Trump supporter. Those that don't know about him, or do and don't care. That means either stupid OR bad for America like he is. In 2015 you might have got a pass. Knowing what we know now you don't get to play ignorant. It's down to stupid, evil or both.

  35. i dont think trump would have run for presidency if it wasnt for the dams messing up your country, i bet he knew all the corruption that was going off and had to stand in as he knew no other than himself that could change it…

  36. Remember Lech Walesa, leader of Solidarity in Poland, with gigantic pen, signing the agreement with

    communistic leaders of Poland? He attracted public opinion with this
    huge pen, but at the moment he was corrupted agent of communistic
    Intelligence. Pelosi attracted public opinion with golden pens, when
    she signed the articles. Was it designed by the same Intelligence?

  37. Keep letting the lies from the Republicans…pile up..you can't name one positive thing the Republicans have done for Americans…start wars..let the president be a dictator..take away public assistance…attack immigrants…no health care plan..take credit from the last president…insult handicap..help Russia….I can go on..

  38. They had done nothing for me except tax me to the poor house.  Along comes Trump and bypasses Congress and gets things done.  The Economy, Stock market Military strength, unemployment, higher wages & higher way of life are at Historic levels WITHOUT Congresses help.  I ask you then why do we need Congress.  Why are we paying them high wages for doing absolutely nothing for the American people?

  39. I love watching Hannity, it's pure Trumpian entertainment. No substance or true facts but entertainment nevertheless and with all the theatricals of a Fox host – Sir Laurence (Tucker) Carlson comes to mind, as does Dame Judy(Laura) Ingraham as well as the diva absoluta Pirro.
    My Grandma used to say it's not what you think but what you KNOW.
    I wish Hannity's grandma was as wise as mine.

  40. If Trump's fool doesn't know the answer there is no point in telling him. One thing is certain, we are far more divided since the lying name caller took office.

  41. I think hannitys bin reading comrad bone spurs to many bedtime story's he's looking really tired what a couple of pathetic losers

  42. At the end of the day, Trump rebuilt the USA, strengthened the Republican Party and utterly destroyed the Democratic Party. Quite an achievement for a newbie in politics and in record time.

  43. Hooray to Ukraine. They are upholding their promise to fight corruption. Investigating violations of foreign ambassadors protection laws. They stood up to the bully,to bad media and some voters won't reconize the message being sent cause they have not been taught the language of cognitive reasoning. World education Council surveys showed, U.S graduates are 12%. America is producing a population of idiots .

  44. I know there is to much to investigate. The GAO seems to be ignored by all presidents. When they act in a partisan manner as they have. Maybe someone should pay attention to them.

  45. If she thinks that she’s saving face by trying to convince the voters Trump really did something wrong, she’s wrong. And, there’s nothing prayerful about her. It’s all she can do to contain her excitement over impeaching him.

  46. Had any Democratic gloomy forecast related to Trump ever materialized yet? The malicious media pass the gloomy forecasts all the time, yet have no reflection whatsoever on the wird fact that their malicious misinterpretations of reality never materialize.

  47. For starters, they haven't produced a trillion dollar plus budget deficit and shifted ALL of the cost of infrastructure from corporate America to the average citizen. That bill will come due soon.

  48. The Democrats didn’t get a chance to work because Trump keeps strong arming them. Trump is treating or transforming the US government like a Totalitarian system. I don’t know why the press are afraid to say it, because clearly that’s what he is doing and some Republicans are letting him do it and become a dictator, if he stays in power he may start a war.

  49. The reason we have to lose them is they are downers. Nothing but negative that is killing the world. On and on with you did this and lawsuits and just doesn't stop… Trump is positive. Maga 2020…

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