Hannity: Latest testimony blows whistleblower claim out of the water

Hannity: Latest testimony blows whistleblower claim out of the water

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  1. That's the difference between governments and individuals. Governments don't care, individuals do. Mark Twain – A Tramp Abroad

  2. I think FOX NATION should do a series on the Ancestry of President Donald Trump and other famous people. I think a lot of people would enjoy that so much. Donna Herman

  3. Please publish the name of the senators who just received campaign contribution kickbacks/bribes from trump… so we can give them appropriate attention.

  4. I have been saying it for a while now. DO NOT vote for ANY demrat! They MUST purge the socialist and radicals from their party BEFORE any of them can be trusted. The plain fact is that you cannot trust a demrat to vote on a bipartisan platform.

  5. You can tell Hannity likes little boys!! That's why he supports a president's that befriended child molesters and Kim Jung..well you know!! We are coming for you. Justice will be served! They will be just like Epstein! "Suicide".

  6. The More this goes on the less Anti American thumbs down I am starting to see under the post BAHAHAHA…SOME of them still have HOPE!! TRUMP for sanity 2020!!

  7. Condemned the impeachment inquiry for resolution
    Otherwise let investigation Mr Joe ,probably it dropped candidate like stone

  8. 7K Likes
    351 dislikes
    Dems can count on pro Trump 2020 election numbers like this!! Order your crying towels early Dems & Dem Lemmings!! It will be more lopsided than this.

  9. The white house and fox a waging war against the american people stopping them from finding out the truth Example Trump's tax returns he told you he would release them, but he lied. This whole thing sounds just like the Nixon days and he was also GUILTY AS HELL.

  10. Eric Caramello is the whistleblower…Just say his name…the entire world knows who it is. There are pictures of him on line as well as his home address and place of employment….happy hunting Patriots! He is ex CIA, hired by Brennan, coached by Adam Schiff and good friends with pedophile Joe Biden.

  11. OMG……..you are disgusting…please tell me you have no kids…..let this stop whit you….trump is a LOOSER ad just sooo stupid

  12. Again.. if the things going on behind that closed door are so bad or so illegal, then WHY havent Schiff and the rest of these asshats been tossed out on their ears? Because whatever they're doing is okay, thats why. If it wasnt, they'd be gone. NO MORE BS GAMES. EITHER TOSS ALL OF THE DEMS OUT OF THE BIG HOUSE OR SHUT THE HELL UP. Sick of hearing how wrong and jacked up Dems are. Fix the problem or shut up.

  13. Democrats Committed Conspiracy:
    β€’ For Smear and Defamation
    β€’ For Obstruction to Continuation/
    Completion of Border Wall that
    the DNC Party supported in the
    Past as there was an Emergency
    need for the Safety, Order and
    β€’ The Unfounded, fabricated
    accusation of Collusion with
    Russia and investigation,
    resulting to waste of Government
    funds in MILLIONS;
    β€’ Now the, Improper Procedure in
    Conducting Impeachment Inquiry
    without substantial evidence of a
    High Crime Committed by the
    Duly Elected President; AND,
    β€’. All of the Above can be Clearly
    considered substantial evidence
    Maliscious Conduct of Ousting
    the PRESIDENT, and/or to prevent
    the President for a RE-ELECTION
    BID; And,
    β€’. All these leads to a Seditious Act.
    those participants can possibly
    be Arrested without the need for
    a Subpoena,

  14. We have to remember that Obama still has that democratic crooked Atty blood in him.. What atty is honest? None that I know off along with corrupt judge's.

  15. Americans please do your homework. Trump campaign promises by this president has not done anything.
    He stated that Mexico pay for the wall and did not happen, he ask Americans to pay for the wall. NOT DONE,
    he promise to lower taxes on american business form 35% to 15% NOT D0NE. tariffs a disaster Not DONE.
    To repeal Obama care NOT DONE, helping farmer NOT DONE.
    Republicans control senate has repeatedly Failed. The list go on and on and this president continue to lie to the American people. Wake up and see that this President is Not doing anything he promise.

  16. Not only does Trump deserve a second term, he should automatically be granted a third term based on the fact that his first term was constantly under attack. And that a coup was attempted for no reason other than the democrats wanted him out, and abused the laws to try and remove him.

  17. Republicans control senate has repeatedly failed. this President is destroying American democracy and he only think about himself and not the American People.

  18. Thanks Hannity. It's so wonderful to listen to ONE OF THE VERY FEW Honest reporters. Major Media and Democrats are SO INSANE they are completely and perhaps forever turning EVERYONE against themselves…..WE HATE YOU CROOKS….YOU'RE PSYCHOS!!!!


  20. Please Shawn please air the vids I found on President Trump on YouTube when he was in his 30's saying then the things he is fixing and changing now it's incredible how smart our president was then as well as now . I think us Republicans and maybe some Dems would be amazed to see it. Please I think it would be great for the people to see him then and now. If anyone was capable , stable and smart enough to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN it's been him all along. He hasn't changed his views at all !



  23. I typically despise modern Democrats in the 'Trump era', but I do honestly respect the two Democrats (Jeff Van Drew and Collin Peterson) that did not vote to impeach the President… πŸ‘ It's at least comforting to know that some modern Democrats are brave enough to 'cut against the grain' if you will..

  24. Hispanics are now turning
    Republicans and anxious to vote.and we will stand next to Trump. Watch out for the Hispanic 🌊🌊🌊wave.

  25. Why does anyone want to hear fro the whistle blower ? He said he had second hand information and after reading the transcripts of the phone call he clearly had bad intell
    So Why? Something going on we dont know about ?

  26. It is kind of strange to me that the Trumplicans are claiming that the Democrats are leaking just what they want to the public to hear about what is going on at the committee. Which just for you people who watch only Faux News the Trumpublicans are in the same room as the Democrats when the hearings are taking place. They also ask questions and interview the witness. Just in case you actually believe that the Democrats are hiding in a little room and not let the Trumplicans into the room.
    So back to the leak. If only the Democrats are leaking how did Horrible Hannity get this information or is he just making it up as he goes along just like Dump Trump? Just a thought while listened to a total of 3 minutes before I had to get Horrible Hannity off of my computer.

  27. So… Trump doesn't lie. Hannity doesn't lie. Conway doesn't lie. Sara Sanders never lied. Giuliani never lied. Is that what we're going with now?

  28. So if a whistleblower is our mother, father, child, grandparent, loved one, we're fine releasing their name to people who hate them including the unstable? Who would feel comfortable doing the right thing in the future?

  29. Sniff stays in control this country will be socialist this is a preview of what’s coming to this country if we don’t stop it now

  30. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ‘£πŸ•ŠπŸŒŽβ™₯οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ’₯πŸ€

  31. If something does not come out of this FISA warrant I will never watch you again. You have been pushing this for over a year.

  32. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the DMC attempted to assassinate President Trump… This is the most immoral government I've witnessed in this lifetime.

  33. Sean, you know, I know and the world knows that the Bidens won't be charged with even one crime. The DOJ has no stomach for prosecuting ANY polition, no matter how much evidence there is on their crimes. The DOJ and polititions may be rowing in different directions but they're all in the same boat.

  34. Sean Hannity I think that men like you are very rare. You have shown that you are more of an asset to your network as well as to the American people. Thank you 😊

  35. On Jesus Christ the solid Rock I stand.All other ground is sinking sand. Watching what they are doing to Trump a coup lets me understand how a coup also happened to Jesus Christ.He was innocent.Yet he was murdered.On the cross of Calvary Jesus as he was dying ,"said Father forgive. Them they do not realize what they are doing," However The Dems know what they are doing.All for control and power.They want to steal money from the poor.Sad $ won't help them in Hell.All power will be gone as they burn eternally.N Pelosi and others already have 1 foot in the grave.Their time is running out.These people better wake up and care about what God thinks about tbem.Stop the coup against Trump.America is watching.He is our Choice for President.

  36. I like fox news, but Hannity its the same thing with you day after day. No news that new what up with that??????????

  37. The non-whistleblower hear-say whistleblower apparently has nothing to say. Otherwise Schiff wouldn’t block all cross-examinations. The soviet-style secret fake transcripts are only partially leaked. This Schiff show is only to hide Biden’s corruption. The prosecutor in the Ukraine was eliminated because Vice President Biden paid one billion dollars of our tax-money!

  38. No, no Hannity, impeachment started before the election. Way before the election in fact. Hannity, you are like Trump smearing self made mud on those who disagree with you. That is the only way Trump can win, concoct mud.

  39. If Schiff has that much power, these people to testify should refuse until it's done correctly. Take the wind out of schiffs sail..

  40. Hannity, you are clutching at straws..In a few weeks when the testimonies are made available you will look like a complete idiot Even Sondoland has changed his testimony as he suddenly "Remembered" the events of Quid Pro Quo after he read the testimony of every other witness. The testimony shows that Jordan and the other republicans didn't even challenge the witness as the testament was so damming STOP PEDDLING LIES HANNITY

  41. Clinton gets a court hearing, whole the left tries to have a tribunal for Trump. Not my President you are starting a war you can't finish lefttards.

  42. Luckily trump will win 2020 and every one of those morons will lose their positions and republicans will keep winning in years to come

  43. Here is a simple synopsis of the current anti-Trump propaganda hysteria: The whistle blower is a CIA agent that worked for Biden and was closely involved in the $1 Billion Quid pro Quo loan from the USA, thru Biden, in exchange for Ukraine firing the Ukraine Attorney General investigating corruption linked to Biden's son, including millions of dollars in kick backs to Biden's son. The whistle blower is also linked to the fabrication of the anti-Trump fake Russian dossier paid for by Clinton, which was at the center of the failed 'Russia collusion' fiasco hoax. Basically the whistle blower says it was misconduct for Trump to discuss Biden corruption with Ukraine, and the whistle blower was part of the inner circle of Biden's Corruption with Ukraine. Both of these bogus scandals are 'projection' of alleged misconduct by Trump, that mirror the actual misconduct by corrupt democrat politicians. The whistle blower also had prior contact with, coordinated with, Schiff days prior to filing the whistle blower complaint. Trump deserves a measure of responsibility for not firing enough deep state subversives much earlier, especially those near Trump's inner circle, but also the huge numbers deep state subversives that are part of the anti-Trump 'resistance' in every US government agency. Google "Breitbart Whistle Blower".

  44. Just wondering when is what the Democrats are doing going to be called what it is. Treasonous and be held accountable

  45. This pencil head Adam shifty Schiff is a traitor and a downright repulsive liar from day one Trump took office. Look what unforgivable damage he has done to the Democrats! Ugly Shame to shifty adam schiff.

  46. This is a political impeachment. Those who are running for President shouldn't be permitted to vote on impeachment or partake in the process.

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  48. Why isn’t Shiff arrested or at least questioned for obstruction of justice? He said for months that he has evidence that damns trump.

  49. Sound like to me all of them to get behind closed doors and coming up with a conspiracy to assassinate Trump that's why I said ice assonate

  50. All Republicans must go on the offensive take out ads in your local papers, craigslist, thrifty nickel, any place you can speak the truth and confront the lying media. Be creative but be hard-hitting no more defensive moves from the Republicans we must take the offense, attack now with the truth, let them know there is no integrity and no honor in the lying scum dog Democratic Party where they push the communist and socialist government agenda. We will take back our country and defend the Constitution .

  51. I want the corrupted democrats to go through with the impeachment. I want the trials to start and for three reasons. 1. Since the Russia collusion BS started this, it's a part of the proceeding. The idiot phone call is an attempt to cover up the collusion. 2. I want all involved including Muller,Comey, Killery, Obama- everyone involved put on the stand and sentenced.

    3. Now the phone call fraud. Schiff and all involved need to be recalled from office and jailed for conspiring to remove a sitting U.S. President based on the premise "I don't like Trump". The republicans can call EVERYONE Muller and schitty Schiff to testify. I predict Hullary Clinton flees the country along with Comey. I also predict a few actual suicides as well as some Hillary influence and or assisted suicide/murders.

  52. Ah watching America burn is fun. Lol, I cant believe a major news anchor like Hannity sounds more like a whack job…"deep state"…hahaha really dude? Take ur meds man. It's just called inequality…powerful people control the government. That's what you get for favoring capitalism. There's no conspiracy

  53. The current 'whistleblower' smear campaign is following the same pattern that Christine Blasey Ford's smear of Justice Kavanaugh followed. (Secrecy, limiting questions,hearsay etc.) It's almost it's like the same organization (The Democrats) has a standard method they use to set up false smears.

  54. The Republicans have a fundamental problem. They are honest and expect honesty from others . KIND OF STUPID In THE SWAMP.

  55. If the voter fraud is not fixed the election will be a sham. Already proven over six million illegal votes for Hillary. If she runs again [ and will ] there will be votes from troops who died in WW 2.

  56. Shifty shafts is nothing more than a snake and he needs his head taken off along with Obama and Hillary and the rest because what they did was so that America they sold us out they sold our government out they sold our military out and they sold everybody out will guess what it's America's chance and guess all your names are going to be replaced and you won't be in those satisfying seats anymore what you will be sitting in its called Behind Bars

  57. Not more than 2 of all those new reps had the courage to stand on their own feet? It didn't occur to more than 2 of them to not let themselves be bullied? Probably, that earliest vacation taken in 2019 by the Democrat Congressmen was set-up with enough tempting perversions to blackmail them all. Brand-newbies shouldn't be as controlled as these seem to be.

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