Hannity: Dems wasting time, resources on more possible investigations

Hannity: Dems wasting time, resources on more possible investigations

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  1. They all must be arrested and charged with crimes from Obstruction all the way to Treason and Publicly executed to ensure this will never happen again but if this is allowed to continue they all (Both Parties)must be replaced

  2. What about the people in prison for doing nothing wrong because of a lie of cops and government workers lie about and cover up reports s of darkness in justice. We the people want all governments workers to take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports this is organized crime in the justice people get a back bone and stop this open up the door s of darkness in justice God amen

  3. FYI I have just received the Primary Election Booklett I Speak fluent Spanish but my Newest 18 year old voters Just became 18 In June. Will Vote in this Year for the very first time. They Speak and read fluent Spanish My Daughter too. But We Wanted to register as Conservative The Voter Registrar Changed our Political preference to Independent! Without my or their permission!!!
    Democratic Communists are Taking Independent Party As their New Political title… What is really about to happen!!!???

  4. Hannity…I like your show but why do you and just about everyone else in the media and congress pretend that the constitution is still alive? It's been dead for decades. NO direct Taxes unless in proportion to the census or enumeration…do yo understand what that means at all? No American laborer within the continental USA is made liable for the income tax unless they derive income from foreign commerce. The Supreme court ruled it so in 1916 in the Brushaber case they ruled that the 16th amendment only applied to "INDIRECT" taxes and that a tax on labor is the same as a tax on property and therefor a "DIRECT" tax.

  5. Again! Fox shows Barr’s statement like he’s responding to democrats!!! What a joke. This is an entertainment rage network not a news network. Fair and biased?? Yea right

  6. If these people get put in jail they'll have a much more difficult time in causing problems. So…why are they still free to do as they will?

  7. What does a 3rd world communist or socialism with no justice changing the constitution of the United States of America it is our country we have to have laws inforced to keep this kind of falsehood and lyes running over people. But our congress (dems) law makers are lawless traders they hate good but backs every thing from made up lyes ,drugs, murders etc. They think their above the law. McCabe should have been charge how did he wiggle out of it? Are they all getting away with the treasonous acts from lying…stealing..murdering..
    Fisa abuse.
    God bless America again

  8. INSURANCE policy playing in FULL FORCE ! Wow how deep it goes ? Then with a big wide smile lisa pages with a full glass of red wine on public to Andy . Off the hook ?? It looks like it is

  9. It is Unacceptable For Stone to Be Charged For Voicing and giving his opinion and views………..

    In The case of Sensitive information the Legislative body representing the Will of the people Debates and deliberates upon it….BUT the people should NEVER be left out of the loop or made 3rd hand participants.


    All founded upon the people for the people and by the people.

    We must Never Lose sight that when a Citizen Speaks in their Voice they Are No matter What FREE. The 5Th Furthers this by stating you CAN NOT incriminate “Be a witness against” yourself. Hence why you HAVE to be told when Arrested “Anything you say can be used against you.” But if the Citizen says no I will not be “I am protected by the 5th and I am free to make my case without incriminating myself.” Then it goes into the legal then realms of definition.

    The point: INTENTION is Supposed to weigh heavy and give Gray area in the law so that is flexible and adaptable.

    From what I have seen of Stone his Actions Follow the inauguration of Pres. Trump were patriotic. IMHO Stone intended to inform and invite people ( Citizens ) into Political and Rhetorical Discussions Of Discovery Growth and Solutions concerning Cleaning up of our Nation and Other Social Topics Of Interest.


  10. My friend hannity and my friends in usa I send you my love and my prayers from greece. What we all citizens of the world see happening in your beautiful country is the result of many years work from this evil cabal the so called democrats. If you could see the media in Greece England Europe in general they lie every day about trump. And they say exactly the same lies all media read the same scenario. They will never stop my dear Americans because if usa goes down by the left we all go down. I pray to Jesus to bless Americans to vote trump forever we need you strong healthy and under Jesus GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  11. That’s why they want your guns. So they can come to your home with fully automatic guns and have you dance to their tune.

    TRUMP 2020

  13. Anyone that votes for any democrate is a fool. They will continue to tax us rob us and take away our constitutional rights . They even said we cant be trusted to vote for the right people .While they get rich funneling our tax dollars through foreign aid back to their personal accounts.Dems are so corrupt its sick

  14. Hillary and its rats are hiding behind the power of the american government and as long as well allow it nothing will change. and we will deserve everything Hillary and its rats have for us

  15. I myself and I'm sure 70 + million we the people are just as frustrated and there is going to be a Breaking Point you know the one that puts us over the edge the one that causes Bloodshed the one that Sparks a Flashpoint it certainly will happen if things don't get fix in these people don't see Justice

  16. We have all the names of all of the dirty players oh, why can't they be arrested and be either sitting in jail or sitting with bail until they investigate more??

  17. It's amazing they can all raise money for their campaigns they raise money for the American people he probably wouldn't need those bodyguards

  18. we have to all watch the news weather it's on social media or anywhere how about a news channel that travels the street and talks to your everyday American then we'll find out how they feel nobody likes Democrats anymore very few Democrats will get elected if any this next time around.unless every voter boxes fixed by George Soros how could he be the one that owns are voting machines he should be in jail or a wanted poster Dead or alive in his son should be on there too.

  19. I have no problem if they want to start a revolution cuz I think that might be the best thing for the country so Democrats can be removed forever.

  20. Abusing/gaming the system is all the Democrap party has left. It's time to begin arresting these traitors as well as the fake news deep state. This is coup ….and the Democrap party is literally the new communist party.

  21. Civil war is coming. Never owned a gun, believe that everyone has the right to bare arm's. Going to get a CWP. I will not be pushed around by dumbass people. MAGA!!!😎😎

  22. Lying to congress is the least questionable thing to come out of Cheryl Mills' mouth. One of her Wikileaks emails says she likes sacrificing 'chickens' to Molloch in her back yard. What really has me dumbfounded is, at what point in the past did sacrifices to Molloch become animals instead of children? Was that sacrifice really a 'chicken' or was that a code word for something else?

  23. Roger Stone should just be acquitted. Charges made in the process of a investigation which was proven to be a lie. You want to jail someone?Jail Adam Schiff. Oh the propaganda lies that have left his mouth🤬 Besides in this type of time being charged Schiff spit enough BS to be in prison well beyond life.

  24. what I want to know is why Hillary and all of them thugs get by with the s*** they do I don't understand why they don't go to jail

  25. I am frustrated, McCabe just got nothing for lying, and he did more than lying, he sign on a fake fisa, leak information to the media, some of the early release people in jail, for a second chance, have not even serve 2 years, and they are out, if there is seal indictments it is wrong, we need closure, unseal the indictments, we need to know that justices is for everyone, I lost fate, trust and any kind of respect for the justice system. Why to seal their disgusting reputation, I know the world is watching, so, let the world know we really mean business, or is it another one of those cover ups? is seal so you can't see it, BS. we want to know.

  26. what about Comedy, Rise, Holder, Osama, Hillary, Kerry. why is that we do nothing when we discover the media lied? if they were hold responsible for accuracy, they wouldn't lie, or they have to pay the price, pull their credentials, they have no place in society, but we do nothing about it, they lie till the sun comes out.

  27. Anyone in this country with special powers and special privileges, always abuse them, we will have no media problems if we hold them to a higher standards, the same goes for government officials in ANY position, to work for the government should be a privileges, not a license to steal, lie, abuse.

  28. Here's what's going to happen. The Democrat's failed impeachment will result in them losing the upcoming presidential election. Nancy Pelosi' violation of USC18 §2071 will lose the Democrats the House. The Republicans will take The House, retain the Senate, and win the Presidency. Once the GOP has all three, the Democrats will NEVER attain power again.

    The memes we see of TRUMP 2020, TRUMP 2024, TRUMP 2028, TRUMP 2032, TRUMP 2036 etc… are not just for rubbing the Democrat's noses in, they are prophetic. A Trump (not necessarily Donald) will be POTUS for as long as they want the job.

    Here's something else you can take to the bank: Ivanka Trump will be the first woman POTUS. Anyone wanna bet a buck?

  29. 5 years latter Sean still playing this clip telling the same story gets tiring hearing the same stories day after day hannity

  30. And lets stop pretending that Obama NEVER stuck his big nose into legal cases❗😧❗
    Like when he came out with how Trevon Martin could be his own son…..
    Of course he did do that before it was brought to light that Zimmermann wasn't white but was actually Hispanic….
    So the media covered for him, calling him a white Hispanic….😱

  31. The problem with anarchy that some people don't realize is that the criminals will take control because they don't play by any rules. Unfortunately those who control the rules also don't play by them.

  32. WHEN WILL THERE BE ARRESTS 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  33. Dems with their anti God, anti common sense, anti capitalism , anti baby rights/ pro infanticide ( even though we hold these truths to be self evident that ALL MEN are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights …..) should not hardly get any votes from anyone who really sees the short term & long term results of their values ,views and policies in cities, states and countries where they are predominantly held and practiced.

  34. Yeah, yeah , "Breaking news" every video you make.
    Fox news is not the President's friend.

    Remember…Hannity was running defense for the Bushes ILLEGAL wars in the early 2000's.
    If you forgot that, you're a sheep.

  35. Bloomberg made his money selling out to China…..He was so busy sending your jobs, your companies to China….dirty little Mikey, lined his pockets well off the backs of America and it's citizens…..

  36. the investigations have convinced everyone who will be convinced. more of these kinds of investigations will merely confirm the suspicions of those who refused to buy into pelosis witch hunt. that the democratic party are power grabbing lunatics.

  37. Looney Toons = the government
    Wille E. Coyote = the Democratic party
    ACME = the Democratic party's plans
    The Roadrunner = Trump

  38. Dont know what he's talking about if you aren't a rich elite the cops come to your house work anywhere any time and they don't give you the option to know you are wanted they get you and lock you up.

  39. Glad i walked away 2 years ago.. i thought it was temporary, now i do not believe i will ever vote democrat again. Never been more disgusted in my life. The whole west coast is sliding quite literally into the toilet and THIS is where they want to put their energy smh

  40. On Sky news and BBC this morning broadcast that a scientist in UK interviewed 700 people for lying constantly. He came to the conclusion that all of them has small brains. Now we know what is wrong with A.S

  41. I disagree vehemently with Sean. If 99% of the FBI are good people. They would be putting an end to this appalling corruption. It FBI is stunningly corrupt and needs to be disbanded

  42. Democrats wanted to have a Roman parade with Rodger Stone blowing everything out of proportion so that the media can Say that Trump is kurupt hires bad guys anything to continually try to discredit the president. The President Trump's been serving years it as a congressional. Guy or maybe He served in the Senate. For years then maybe it's possible for him to be corrupt, but coming right off the street. You guys are very ridiculous. It's just so insane the forces of Good and Evil. That's our life Good and Evil.

  43. It's funny watching all the Trump haters lose faith in their little impeachments. Im just setting back saying its not gonna happen.

  44. This station does nothing but attack Democrats and tell lies! The people that were arrested… Lied to the FBI, Gave our election data to Russian agents, and was convicted of witness tampering. This kind of "False Narrative News" should be illegal!!! People believe it and go and repeat it, thinking they have the truth.

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  46. It i8s odd that some of these democrat idiots do not just Disappear or just get the snot knocked out of them bt a big guy in a bunny suit.They are running about arresting Republicans for not and it is getting OLD and FAST.

  47. Did I read .. that the democrats were caught flipping Bernie’s vote over to Bloomie .. that’s what they did last time 2016 … they flipped Bernie’s votes over to Hrc .. I know I had one of those votes and was so mad I wrote Trump in black pen over the whole page .. sent it in .. Thank goodness he won ..! but you know they have messed up this election already ..! No one believes them anymore .. this election might be disqualified completely for fraud ..! Let’s see what happens next .. look at your ballot .. photograph it. .. and make sure it doesn’t get flipped ! Watch it !

  48. This same injustice is happening all over the USA.
    To the normal American citizens. Corrupt Congress people. It's time for limited terms for Congress. Start weeding the corruption.

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