Hannity: Democrats are a broken record

Hannity: Democrats are a broken record

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  1. USA has become a Banana Republic, this kind of politics is the common factor of all banana republics when a party wins, the opposite party do whatever it can to obstruct the president's work and to retake power as soon as i can without thinking in the damage to the country…!! because the electoral seats…means a lot of money..

  2. How long are the American people going to put up with this Cham and excessive spending to hassle the President? This impeachment isn’t working, what are they going to try next? I am tired, tired, tired, tired of all the BS! Congress needs to get in touch with the American people and get to work on the needs of the Country, like border walls, infrastructure, and lowering texts!
    Trump 2020!

  3. You're forgetting one thing, Hannity. Those FISA requests were approved by a JUDGE. As for your issue about repetition, remember: Witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt, witch hunt; hoax, hoax, hoax, hoax, hoax; no collusion, no corruption, no collusion, no corruption; no collusion, no corruption; no collusion, no corruption; read the transcript, read the transcript, read the transcript, read the transcript, read the transcript. More than a little hypocritical, Hannity. And remember, just because you say it Sean, doesn't mean it's true. In fact, it often means just the opposite. FAKE NEWS FAUX. Murdoch should lose his license or be sued for broadcasting false information. And by the way, your interpretation of the Constitution and sueing to have a subpoena enforced, is absolutely wrong. It's a time factor. Every time a court rules in the Democrats favor, whomever just files an appeal to make the process stretch out ever longer. McGahn was sued in April to comply with his subpoena, and he still hasn't gotten the ruling he wants, so he just keeps appealing it. Someone in broadcasting should have a better grasp of the truth (as if that was a concern to you). Democrats are trying to make the world a safer place, by removing the lying, corrupt, mental health case currently in the White House. See how that slinging names around works both ways? Only my statement is litigation proof because it's backed by tangible evidence.

  4. 21 hours of talk from Adam Schiff. CNN didn't report a word of what was said on behalf of President Trump. They literally couldn't bring themselves to report it.

  5. We love ya Sean……..But, "broken record??"
    Yes, the dems are……….definitely.

    But, plesse!! Sean!!!………

    Quit repeating every night.." Smelly Walmart people", "Biden 30330"

    While your at it……please tell Laura to STOP the air quotes.

    We love Fox…….but, your driving us nuts with this stuff.

  6. What about Democrats in the House left their seat for a coffee, and still take their time chatting with other Democrats? They didn’t care about anything what happened there. It is a shame there is a bunch of Democrats, especially from California that have the impression to be walking in a market. They should be ashamed of them.

  7. The Baldwin clip needs to go into the national archives so that generations yet unborn can experience what may be the pinnacle of cringe within the entire scope of human history.

    It will stand as a testament to the importance of self awareness and humility for 10,000 years.

  8. When I SIGN IN, googlie-asses magically STOP putting CNN videos in my "recommended" list.

    How interesting.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!!!!

  9. WHY do people use the term "interference" without specifying what a pathetic measures the Russians took? What, they posted a few fake websites? They let stay out there that maybe the Russians hacked the voting machines? WHY does Sean do that? SPECIFY what crap the Russians actually tried.

  10. Trump should have got a medal for what he was doing, instead we get the shim sham witch hunt. Great show sean. Class.



  13. Fold your hands together, left and right. This is Yin/Yang, Genesis says that the women was taken out of man for a help meet for him.
    I dont know how it all works but I know a little.
    | The Beginning & The End | First and the Last |
    The Almighty God, Alpha & Omega, Yahweh, Elohim, Odin, All Father, and Great Spirit.
    Close your eyes, now open them: Almighty God
    Sleep at night | awake at sunrise: Alpha&Omega
    Inhale and exhale: Yahweh
    The Sun is for day and Moon for night: Elohim
    Up & Down
    |/left and right/|bad and good|/
    /|right and left|/good and bad/|
    Dad & Mom
    Male ○ ●Female
    MAN & WIFE
    God told Adam & Eve to cleave one
    to another and*☆*dwell as one flesh
    We are made in His image & all things
    either created or made bear witness of Him
    My name's have never been hidden I am standing upon Temple Spires across the whole Earth.
    We don't like being raised up so highly.
    In fact the opposite, we are here to raise up the
    Human Family.

    your friend always.
    A tabernacle called Clay


  14. The ineptness of the Dem Leadership and their lazy approach has caught up with them . They can't be compared favorably to the dependability and professionalism of Trump, his Lawyer defense, appointees, and administration.

  15. The Fact of the matter is that, Dumb Swampers are surrounded by intelligent Human beings they always underestimated and called Slaves!!!!!!!!!

  16. When will hannity be subpoenaed to testify and answer for his role and Fox's involvement in the Yovanovitch smear campaign?

  17. What are you defending? Seriously ? Your show is showing Alec Baldwin. Edited views of a celebrity. Keep it up. Dunskies.

  18. We are so over the impeachment of the president. It seem like the democrats are going through Obsession and compulsion behaviors. The crap they do to black America now Trump knows how it feels to be black in America.

  19. Adam Schiff should be in jail for lying to the American People by editing out the facts .He has spit galshoods and is NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Adam . Schiff should have to pay the 32 million dollars for keeping the Muller investigation alive whit his PROOF THAT NEVER APPEARED !!!!!!

  20. I'll tell you what is New today. Trump. And Rudy Giuliani and Mike pence. All had lunch .with Lev parnas ,and his friend and 4 others. At one of trump properties. And it sounds like trump is ordering lev parnas ,who he said that he doesn't know. Lev parnas is ordered by trump "to get rid of Marie Yovanovitch. It's all in a hour long video. And he say to Lev parnas ,get rid of her tomorrow. Get her out, I don't care , get her out tomorrow. take her out ,okay Do it. Trump sounds like a dictator mobster in chief. A gangster running the white house.

  21. ,,Seeing Russia Everywhere", HAHA , because of seeing Vodka in every single supermarked i guess. But people who think that Aliens took place in U.S Goverment get laughed down.

  22. Schiff and the Dem gang will never see jail ,, they'll just plead insanity! There sponsored Coup is one or the other of either insanity or intentional treason! Nothing more or less,,

  23. Mr. Hannity you should consider looking into who owns all of the news media in the USA. I heard through the grapevine that George Soros owns them all directly or indirectly and he is the puppet-master of the US fake news, just like he is the puppet-master of all of the crooked US politicians(" that means all politicians except President Trump and a couple others") George Soros is the supreme commander of all US fake news and all crooked US politicians and if any of the fake news reporters say anything good about the right they are immediately fired. In other words they are all controlled. You must know about this. If not you should take it to the next level.And look into it.

  24. There is just so much more snowflakes , liberals , Democrats etc Republicans talk America and they say it racism SMH they wanna own minorities and keeper down so they can control them SMH they are using our countries political venture into money making schemes and deceits SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING BOUT THESE LIBERAL MEDIA OUTLETS TO TURN NEWS INTO ALL NEWS NOT JUST BITS N PIECES OF THINGS THEY WANT US TO HEAR N SEE

  25. Amazing ! How could anyone even watching this guy ? Your buddy won't be re-elected….REAL FAKE NEWS !!! By the way, Trump have no idea who Lev Parnas is…….really ? nobody mentioned anything about Lev Parnas on FOX.

  26. No new developments? Hmmm,…
    Sean Hannity is a mouthpiece for a corrupt regime, and history will remember him as exactly that. There’s nothing noble in what this man does. Quite the opposite, in fact. His broadcast is full of lies. And of tells. HE doesn’t even believe what he’s saying.

  27. You've got to be a special kind of stupid to trust that bunch of fascist, criminal, loons. There's no excuse any more, with all the info available all over the place. Listening to their Rules for Radicals list of crap doesn't need a functioning brain cell.

  28. What makes the world so confusing is that the Democrats have invaded the World and when we go Republican, it feels off !!!

  29. The Democrats really need to dumb down their strategy, their low IQ, imported voters don't have the patience to follow these proceedings, and probably don't really care. Nobody who supported Trump, and has followed these proceedings, has changed their minds about Trump. All this has done is point out how corrupt Joe and Hunter Biden are, and how the Democrats are the 'do nothing' party of obstruction.

  30. Having watched 5+ hours of the unedited hearings, my only takeaway is that Democrats are unscrupulous liars, and for some reason, they all feel the need to tell their 'tales of adversity' before making their point. So what you end up with is hearing about all of these poor, 'under represented' people who overcame racism and sexism to achieve their positions. What does that have to do with this trial? Nothing. There was some of that from the Republicans, but basically, it just seemed like everyone wanted their fifteen minutes of fame.

  31. Shawn. Can you please if you can tell people like Mike Pompao and even the President to STOP taking interviews by far left news reporters who promise their words are going to be off the record. How many times are they going to fall for it????. It happened a little while ago and now it happened again. Come on. They couldn't be that stupid.

  32. A country allowing computers for voting might as well just surrender, except they almost already have.
    Leviticus 23 applies. "In all your generations, in all your dwelling areas".
    Notice v 3.
    Genesis 2: 2, and
    Especially Deuteronomy 28.

  33. WHO voted in this moron? What congressional district is so full of brainwashed saps? Hey guys, VOTE SCHIFF OUT!!!! He doesn't help you. Get rid of him. VOTE for a Republican if you must, anyone, just wake up and vote the fool out.

  34. Yes Mr Hannity you learn nothing, you are Trump addicted. The same problem as your so beloved president. Too stubborn and not smart enough. Why do you think you're working for FOX. Not because of your journalistic qualities. No really not. Every lie, every idiotic bulls…, every conspiracy theories is a sufficient news for the Trumpers. They believe everything applauding brainless. You are all the same level. White supremacist morons who ignore reality. Narcoticised by the toxic blabla of your fake hero, blinded by the fake aura of your toddler in charge. Check out the "oranges" and perhaps you look behind the disguise of the bloated toad. America gets lost with this goonies in office. And Mr Hannity you are a shame for your profession. Unprofessional to the bone. Sad but not surprising. Trumps angelotti Nr. 1

  35. Honestly Adam Schiff opinion carries very little weight. Show me so proof then the American people will support impeaching trump. But they have nothing on our president but lies. How the heck can our government spy on our president. That shouldn't be allowed at all.

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