Gutfeld: Why President Trump is going to be hard to beat at the ballot box

Gutfeld: Why President Trump is going to be hard to beat at the ballot box

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  1. The Dems approached President Trump about a deal during the election…..They said they would stop telling lies about the President if he would stop telling the truth about them.

  2. Gutfeld sits up on his haunches and barks the New Trump Party narrative, then goes and picks ups his Fox Trump Party Headquarters paycheck at the end of each month.

  3. Everything now that is done politically that is not from the left is a reaction to the what the left have become in the last decade. Americans tend not to like censorship, political violence cuz terrorism, blatant bald-face lies, corruption, brainwashing, fear mongering, hatred based on immutable characteristics, racism, sexism and the elevation of criminal aliens above that of non-criminal citizens. Just a few minor spats over technicalities.

  4. DJT is, was and always will be a crook. Among the worst slimiest type of scumbag. Beyond sad how some insist on keeping blinders on. The ultimate consequence of this disaster could be devastating. Equivalent to setting ones own home on fire and watching it burn.

  5. Bloomberg as bad as he is, at least he is not a commie. If he wins, the worst we'll get is the status quo. Which in reality it is not very different than what we get from Trump.

  6. He's not reelected until he is. Let's not talk so confidently like the dems. We did well faced with the horror of a hillary win.

  7. Trump loses this election, and the Democrats are going to start purging political opposition. They're telling us what they plan, and we should believe them.


  9. So remember my friends, go vote this year. The far-leftist horde isn't going to let their Bolshevik revolution slip so easily and fraud votes will be plentiful this year for sure.

  10. Yeah, Bloomburg is scary alright, but not in a good way. The idiot thinks he can buy the presidency. Well, he is employing a lot of folks who are glad to take his money.

  11. These unfunny posers trying to make jokes about someone who's not funny isn't amusing, it's just sad and hard to watch. I give this a 5 out of 5 cringes! Gutfeld buddy, you suck!

  12. Tyrus is NOT funny!
    Gavin McInnes said that he was almost hired for this show, instead of Tyrus.
    But I guess they wanted some diversity.
    Bur Tyrus is always in a bad mood!
    He seems like he never wants to be there & whenever he makes a "joke" everyone is slapping their thighs…as if it was the funniest thing they had ever heard.
    I prefer Gavin's humor.

  13. The more I hear Bloomberg's Voice, the more he sounds like a Homosexual.

    If Bloomberg wins he will be Americas first Homosexual President

  14. the only reason he is hard to beat… is that no one can find his little mushroom, we need to ask stormy for directions. I think Guttersnipe knows the way so maybe he can help out

  15. Did not vote republican in 16, definitely will be in 20. The country is doing so much better than we have in a long time. Why would anyone want that to change? Used to support democrats in my younger immature days, but I don’t know how anyone with a reasonable, rational mind could right now.

    Former blue, “I now identify” as a red man., and couldn’t be happier about that

  16. Mr. Bloomberg it doesn’t matter he’s toast simple no matter what you lose and your whole party loses to morons imbeciles and morons and that’s what you are you’re an imbecile the moron who has no couth. Oh yeah.

  17. People in Texas, or anywhere in the South, don't say crap like that about cats being scared. Maybe "long-tailed" cats in a roomful of rocking chairs.

  18. He might be hard to beat because of the electoral college and the fact that the Dems are weak. That does not for a moment mean that the Criminal in Chief should be in the White House. He has taken a once respectable party and made it into a cats litter box. He is not alone though. There are plenty of low lives in both parties. In fact the majority of them are scum. Lets just start with Jim (Gym) Jordan.

  19. Kat is insufferable. She's the annoying girlfriend in the room but no one kicks her out because there is a good chance she will take off her top.

  20. When every democratic candidates only running platform is "to beat Trump" … or there back up, free health care and college for all…. of course paid for by the "rich" how can they loose ?!! The only minor stumbling blocks are … shouldn't your platform be helping the American people ? And that there just in not enough "rich" people to foot that bill, "Rich" will have to be around $50,000 a year . Math sucks

  21. at this point it's clear the democrat party is self-destructing. With our economy and foreign policy being in the shape they're in, all he has to do is just sit back and let the numbers speak for themselves. democrats have no plans, no message, no symbol of inclusiveness and, most importantly, no actually relatable or viable candidates for nomination which is why i can guarantee even if the dems turn out more voters that trump and the GOP have certainly gained a lot more independent and moderate democrat voters than they've had for decades

  22. Trump lies nonstop and his behavior speaks for itself but doesn't matter people don't care. Fox News acts as his propaganda machine.

  23. I have a shirt Idea
    Republicans for Bloomberg
    ……and…. its scared as a three tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs…. you New York Hack!

  24. The Democrats can't have humor because it's hard to have humor when you're so filled with hate try making a joke one time when you're extremely pissed off or jealous or experiencing any of the other negative emotions it's just not going to happen do people live in breed negative emotions towards other daily when was the last time you saw a Democrat laugh or be happy or smile that didn't look fake as hell UC conservatives and Republicans all the time able to smile or laugh about something or not be serious or just all around joke and be humans towards each other

  25. "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups".

    -George Carlin

    Comrade Donnie rally goers and Fake Fox news and its viewers are prime examples

  26. Truth is that the country is so single minded that Trump would probably win if half of the republicans did not vote at all

  27. American Politics is sick!

    You Americans should embrace and respect the office of the US President, not foolishly break it down because you don’t like one man!

    The best CEO’s in company’s are the ones disliked the most because they don’t have time for Company Politics..They get the job done, show results and move on

    Similarly with Trump

    Your country has more enemies inside your borders than outside them

    Trump is doing a sterling job. When he’s gone so to will your country slip into an abyss and invariably the next leader will be a communist puppet controlled by the lobbyists, funders and puppeteers

    Quite frankly , as an outsider looking in, Trump has turned your Politics onto it’s head by showing the American public how you the voter have been fooled and brainwashed!

    He is good because he’s an astute businessman.Never was a Senator, never was a Governor. Not even an attorney. Which proves one point.. No one influenced him and he owes no one any favors

    Unique in your politics! Thats why they don’t like him, he’s not part of the sick breed that the Political scene is so used to

    Ultimately, it proves how gullible we as a people were and still are when we are controlled by corrupt Politicians

  28. What we Texans would actually say is “making him more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin chairs” but Bloomberg is a dumbass and needs to keep Texas out of his mouth, we don’t like him.

  29. is Trump the best president?
    the smartest?
    the best person in the USA that could be president?
    so why is he president?
    cause all the people that run against him are either worse. or don't know what bathroom they should go in.

    Why does Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez call herself a woman of color. She looks simply hispanic style white, the way many white people look in Spain or Italy and other places. Judge Jeanine Pirro is darker than AOC. I would love to ask to do a DNA analysis next time she claims racism. According to Wikipedia, a Latino can be of any race or combination of races: White American / Caucasian, Black / African American, Asian American, …‎Hispanic and Latino Americans and so forth. It's a group of people joined together by Spanish language and similar, but then aren't Brazilians latinos? The racial make-up of Puerto Rico is over 80% white, and I think she probably white. Why is it that nobody has challenged her on this issue, on using the probable pretense of being a person of color to attack others and actually win election, I believe.

  31. Trump will be hard to beat because Trump's buddy, Vladimir Putin, is already affecting the 2020 election. Also Trump is a lying thief. And guys like Greg Buttfeel and the other Fox Trump blowhards will continue to spread misinformation along with the Republican party. It's amazing all the unconstitutional and illegal things Trump has done and you hypnotized Trump supporters can't see it. Try getting away from Fox for awhile and read.

  32. You disabled the comments of the vid about Buttigeig so called going after Christians for voting for trump yet, there can be comments on this vid. Guess you dont want people to point out where you take things out of context to fit your agenda.

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