Gutfeld on the impeachment circus

Gutfeld on the impeachment circus

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  1. Fox is a disgrace to news! Watch the hearings folks and don't depend on these frauds to inform you. Think for yourself. There is no way you will agree with these hacks if you watch the hearings.

  2. I bet that if the president of Ukraine himself respond proving President Trump's report on their congratulatoryphone call, Juan ofbthe five will still be in denial .

  3. Juan must be related to Senator Green who has been calling for Trump's Impeachment since January of 2017 and Juan never agrees with the President and ALWAYS will say he's wrong

  4. People who are innocent of a crime and actually have tapes showing their innocence don’t lock the tape up air tight! They show the tape to prove their innocence! Until Donald Trump release the tapes of the phone call, I’ll have to assume there’s something he doesn’t want the American people to know! That to me shows he did something wrong!

  5. If you don't know who the Whistleblower is, how can you verify the information given? How do we know the Whistleblower isn't a Foreign Asset claiming to be a government worker?

  6. Katie got it right: STAFFERS are running the impeachment show. Not elected, not trustworthy, no authority. Schiff is a puppet to his own staff. Jesus Christ!

  7. Cult leaders . Cult leaders are considered to be authoritarian personalities who have intense feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and hostility and to compensate for this they form a group of people around them with whom they can use thought reform techniques to dominate them and to use them for financial gain.

  8. Dangerous Personalities) that you should watch for: Is this the president? think about it

    He has a grandiose idea of who he is and what he can achieve.
    Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, or brilliance.
    Demands blind, unquestioned obedience.
    Requires excessive admiration from followers and outsiders.
    Has a sense of entitlement—expecting to be treated as special at a

  9. On a more seriouse note I think the people who triggered all of this should see some jail time. I mean who can file false statments to this magnitude and walk around free

  10. I see Trump has released the transcript of another phone call with the Ukrainians.
    He should be congratulated. It PROVES that he made at least one phone call without breaking the law.
    How did he think this was going to exonerate him?
    LOL! What an idiot.

  11. Can we have our $40,000,000 you dems spent on trying to impeach the man we put in office and America voted for, and you took lies and heresy to the frontlines against our president. Also, I’ll be generous. I only want half the money back you spent trying to shame together the Russian hoax for 3 long years.

  12. You never pay attention to comments. Everyone is repulsed by Juan Williams and his lies and stupidity. Yet you feature the wanker's warped perceptions. I'm bored with this program. Its totally predictable.

  13. Juan sounds like he probably never graduated past middle school; Dana Perino has so much Botox in her face it is a wonder she is still able to move her mouth to speak.

  14. Dems will bill Donald Trump for getting him elected for a second term in a landslide. I have many Dem friends who are rational intelligent people. Who puts these morons up front.

  15. I used to watch Fox. Until they get rid of Chris Wallace and Brett my friends and I will never watch again! They are a disgrace. I will be watching OAN. We already have enough Trump haters on the so called Media. Shame on u Fox

  16. Either Eric Swallowswell is the DUMBEST attorney in America or is lying about his claim a president CANNOT dismiss an ambassador for political reason. He should open up a history book with regards to Truman FIRING General Douglas McArthur for comments he made about Truman policy regarding the war in Korea, China and Europe. McArthur was NEVER accused of insubordination just foreign policy opinions different from a high school educated President…

  17. Gutfeld History shows Presidents of United States that have been impeached have been found Guilty 100% of the time. Republicans can't handle the truth.

  18. Juan didn’t those poles say Clinton was a shoe in. Common Juan, all you have to do is go into a highly democratic area and take your pole to make it favorable to your agenda. Stop thinking all Americans are as stupid as your Democratic Party.

  19. When this impeachment goes to the Senate, could the Senate majority leader find that, on the basis of no impeachable evidence, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff could be held in contempt for attempted coup against a sitting, duly elected President? They should not be allowed to get away with this unconstitutional travesty and insult to the American people.

  20. Juan is so ignorant that even I'm embarrassed for him. Fox is calling these hearings a clown show and yet they have a clown sitting at the table with them.

  21. This is like a video game. As soon as Juan opens his mouth, I try to hit the pause button before a steaming turd rolls off his lying LIEberal tongue.
    (Sometimes I win.)

  22. Trumpf picks the best people:
    *Trump personal lawyer Cohen – FELON!
    * Trump campaign manager Manafort – FELON!
    * Trump asst. campaign manager Gates – FELON!
    * Trump foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos – FELON!
    * Trump wingman & top political adviser Stone – FELON!
    * Trump national security adviser Flynn – FELON!



  25. So why did we not hear the word about IMPEACHMENT when Obama was in office? Why no investigation into any or the events when Obama was in Office? I also saw great respect for Obama when he held the Office of President. There has been no respect for Trump since he took office and if there is a smear on anyone it has been on The President Donald Trump.

  26. Schitty never said he knows the whistleblower, so he has never met the whistleblower, doesn't KNOW, them, had NOT vetted him…..

  27. Oh, and Juan, they found that the Fox poll had been purposefully skewed. The actual numbers were 70/30 against. Only Democrats were for it, the traitorous ones.

  28. President Trump show's us on a daily basis that president Washington was right in his farewell speech. Because of the parties, Americans have not faired well. We need to know what we are voting for and we should stop voting for good party members. We need to start electing Americans citizens instead of career politicians.

  29. Remember it was not just Bidens son making cash in Ukraine but Pelosi's son did too didnt he?How many Dems had relatives making money off Ukraine ?Was the Ukrainian government under threat from powerful Dems to let their relatives BILK them?.??I would like this looked at and I would like to have an answer.

  30. I've always avoided going to the circus bc clowns freak me out and today I finally went to a circus. My favorite part was the crickets…and the clowns made me laugh…

  31. The impeachment storyline is pretty clever, actually. If they can't impeach, then the fallout from failed impeachment will likely swing some segment of voters to the communist side.

    It's amazing to me how blatantly they lie and distort and expect everyone to believe them. Even more amazing that there are people who lap this garbage up like prisoners in a whorehouse.


  32. Jessie: Look, Juan, this is a cube, it has 8 vertices, 12 edges of equal length and 6 sides with equal surface area and shape. IT IS BY DEFINITION, A CUBE! A MEMBER OF THE PLATONIC SOLIDS.
    Juan: But Jessie, It gives the 'Impression' of a being a sphere….And I don't think that the American blue collar, white working class and even Plato himself knew what they were talking about. Personally I think that Euclid of Alexandria was a Trump planted republican shape racist, who perverted the course of world geometry, which helped influence the outcome of the 2016 election, and he should be impeached for it. This triangular prism proves it.
    Jessie: Give me back my Toblerone Juan

  33. I'm sorry but the more I watch the five it reminds me more of The View the hell with the view until they get rid of Juan Williams the hell with the five

  34. Oh Juan and his love for poles. I guess when you have no facts or evidence poles showing opinions from idiots that fill them out are all a leftist has these days. But look. A bunch of online idiots without jobs or families think there’s a bribe. Or Russian collusion. Seriously. Stfu Juan. You’re a disgrace

  35. Everything they say and do is opposite of our biblical principles and laws that’s the way 99 percent of the people are RAISED IN THIS COUNTRY ….NOT A TRANSGENDER AGENDA MINDSET …. that snuck in with Obama rewriting our marriage laws trying to play God remember ?……lying stealing and committing harm to yourself and others is part of Satan Worship…. study to show yourself approved…..Obama doesn’t qualify as a Alpha Male….so he doesn’t have the ability to guide other Alpha Males due to his policies … President Trump is Alpha Male with business management skills…. he qualifies…everybody has to crawl before they WALK…..just saying

  36. Juan is a terrible Comic Relief, he's been reduced to parroting claims that it is apparent even he finds difficult to make. Methinks he doth protest too much!

  37. The more Gutfield lies and froths at the mouth about Trump’s crimes and Impeachment, the more you know how guilty Trump is.
    This obscene little man is as complicit in these crimes and cover up as Sondland, Hannity, Giuliani, Carlson, Igor Fruman, Barr, Lev Parman and Trump himself.
    If you hitch you wagon to the Trump Corruption Cult, be prepared for a fiery trip!

  38. President Trump is guilty of representing the American people. Congress, for the most part, do not work on behalf of the American people.

  39. Juan needs to go! Why do we need to listen to his lies, as soon as he starts talking I shut you off anyway as do most watching so why bother having him there?

  40. The only thing that’s a sham here is your reporting…it’s a true horror movie…how you have made a mockery of journalism… That’s leverage..?? Using taxpayers money and their policies to extort personal favours is ok with you..?? Shame on you..!
    There are a few just a few true reporters at least trying to report the truth on fox.. why don’t you try and learn from them… people you need to watch the entire hearings instead of these ignorant talk show hosts giving their mistaken propaganda…
    The only African American guy on the table seems to be the only one talking sense while these snowflakes see the logic in his argument and quickly try to shut him usual..!

  41. It seems like there is no whistleblower exist, it was imagine invisible person by Schiff. I am pretty sure there no one except Mr. Schiff. He should be arrested for fabrication of case.

  42. Psychosis – a condition of where a person has difficulty interpreting what is reality and what is not. Delusional- a term that refers to a mistaken belief of an individual where the belief is held with strong conviction despite when superior evidence is presented to contradict the belief.
    I.E. Schiff, Dems

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