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  1. The reason that audio tape proved CNN's bias is because there really is no news with the so called impeachment, if they had found anything to impeach Trump they would have used it the second they got it, they have NOTHING so they are trying to keep it on television to get viewers, but it's not working CNN has less views/viewers then conservative YouTube channels. They can't compete with real uncensored news, which also is the reason YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc.. ALL major social media platforms are heavily censoring, demonetizing, suspending and deplatforming conservatives because they can't compete and they want to control the narrative for the next election.

  2. No it isn't a big story, it is a lie. And while they do this, not only do they spend taxpayers money they are halting his progress. They will regret it all the way.

  3. I have an Ice Creme headache…. A SPORTS VERSION OF JAMES O'KEEFE ? Dimwit. It's called INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM Bambi. NOT what you do on…whatever you could call that format….Gutfeld. INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM. Yikes

  4. Trump wasn't getting press bc they wanted him to be the nominee.. he was getting press bc he was dominating the other candidates from the beginning. Stop making that stupid excuses. Yeah, Greg was pro Rubio anti Trump. Dana is a Bush camper.. and her analogy was pure stupidity.

  5. “I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”
    ― John Lennon

  6. If CNN told the truth there would be no need to expose them. I love The Five but I disagree with their take on this.

  7. Jessie's awesome though I say it is huge news that the corrupt news network Zucker said that – because like I and luckily Greg and Emily say that the only reason that it's even a story is because the hysterical liar news networks are making, it a story.

  8. So Sam Donaldson thinks MSM is too smart for Trump followers huh? Really? Has he actually listened to Brian Stelter lately? He's a boob. He's an idiot studying to be a moron. C'mon. I'm smarter than that. Really.

  9. I love that CNN and the left believes that 31% of Trump's hard core supporters are ignorant and dont follow the issues. 😆 😆…they still havent learned from 2016!
    They will be just as surprised and devastated in 2020 as they were in 2016 because they are the ones who dont see what's going on with American support for this President.

  10. Samuelson looked like a puppet or a cartoon drawing!  What's the matter with him?  When he came on, that's the first thing I thought.    WTH, is this even a real TV image from CNN?  Took a moment to realize, well, yes, it was.  Is it Botox or repeated face lifts that do that?

  11. if bat guano Williams said he worked for several journalistic organizations so why is he so pathetic at his job now?

  12. Of course an anchor on a news network would have a problem with anchors from news networks being caught on camera. Just proves to me faux news is in fact part of the fake news media no matter how much they try to point the finger elsewhere

  13. A few facts about this Video:
    1) Greg Gutfeld is awesome
    2) Sam Donaldson has achieved his lifelong goal of surpassing Rodrigo Alves as the human Ken doll.
    3) Claiming that CNN is anti American fake news in 2019 is like claiming that water is "wet".

  14. Going into Doctors and urgent care I’m seeing Fox News station happy to see that CNN always raises my blood pressure.

  15. Allowing the malevolent Mr. D*nalds*n anywhere near a broadcast signal should be defined as a criminal act. Scientific research has verified that his venomous lies actually damage the electronics of consumer receivers.


  17. Cnn is committing sedition. Cnn is undermining the President of the United States of America. It is a crime to do so. This is not free speech. It is lying to people to control their thought process. COFEFE. Our so called news networks must be held accountable. Jesus Christ is King of Kings. TRUMP2020.

  18. Juan sounds like a fool in postulating that CNN is fair and balanced and was just reporting the fact that "Trump and impeachment are the biggest news items in America right now"(paraphrasing). CNN is on a MISSION to get Trump impeached, a mission of FAKE NEWS!!!


  20. Gutfeld looks like the thinner version of Shaun's bestfriend trying to convince him that for his anniversary they should go to the Winchester again

  21. Rush Limbaugh is right. Fox News is on their knees for CNN, whitewashing the video which exposes how JOURNALISM IS DEAD, EVEN AT FOX NEWS.

    Gotta please their corporate masters. Bend over Fox News hosts, the big government Republicans and the Globalists are ready to a train on yall. Bunch of cowards.

  22. Veritas content was crap, CNN was hardly exposed. A few ppl in a bar talking when drinking will say anything, so hardly exposed.

  23. I love secret vidoes, it's how's the fake people, you all saying you don't doesn't look good for you all. Who purchase your station not so long ago?

  24. Cnn as well as the DNC are nothing but ships, filled with rats that should be sailed to the deepest part of the ocean and sunk.

  25. What's the difference between what CNN does and what fox news does atleast CNN uses facts a majority of the time but there the same thing

  26. What a waste of a fox entertainment. Ofcourse CNN is going after impeachment. Trump has been corruptly begging for it. OMG. Fox is so lame

  27. Yep. Project Veritas YouTube page is mind blowing BC there’s so much more from the Courageous Whistleblower who called Zucker out. This guy, Carie, was a Leftist who voted for Bernie. Now he’s leaning more to the center right. His dreams were to be a journalist at CNN but Zucker crushed that being a Dictator. Many others are repulsed by his demands on his employees. This is exactly why President Trump is right when he calls CNN Fake News & Enemy of the People!

  28. and yet more name calling…. typical……. why do they not understand that many of us will NEVER vote for people who go around calling us every name in the book simply because we voted our choice and support the choice we made???

  29. GUTFELD….YOU never cease to amaze me with your disgusting support of Trump! I can't imagine how your parents uphold your love of money over the truth! I am sure you were raised with better morals.

  30. Juan STILL doesn’t get it. News coverage had NOTHING to do w the election outcome. Donald Trump has EVERYTHING to do with it.

  31. I'm wondering if Juan Williams was an affirmative-action hire because he obviously wasn't the best person for the job

  32. Greg is supremely astute, fast, and clever, and 100% on traget. However, the comic angle, which he does very well, undermines his message. Well maybe we need a some humour in the grim events we are going through with the humourless criminal dems, but it seems a waste………..of Greg's talent for the real news.

  33. Correct. Why do I have see cnn on every tv at the airport??? Same goes with gyms. All you see is cnn. When I’m on a treadmill I want to see different channels. Several times at la fitness they actually had cnn news playing on the main speakers. Needless to say.. just before elections. When I confronted them about it the told me it was equipment malfunction and nothing could be done about it

  34. So to Juan, covering the Trump rallies, which dwarfed Hillary rallies, has political consequence? Maybe the fact that Trump had way more supporters at his rallies than Hillary (by the tens of thousands) has "political consequence" and is why he won the election and not the news medias coverage of the rallies. People like Juan will never understand why Trump won with that mentality.

  35. Why do I have to go to other stations/channels showing the full fox tape of greg gutfeld, instead of fox,,,,, I would much rather prefer watching it here on fox.

  36. Is bribed news, news or propaganda??? Doesn't free-speech end with the bribes, blackmail, pressure and the control of rouge agencies???

  37. God really works in mysterious way and this people will only make themselves lose their credibility and that will hurt them in the coming years. Lesson learn defying God will only lead you to the other side.

  38. I want to help the Democrats but there is no rehab for narcissistic, arrogant and ignorance addicts. they do have a psycho ward up the road, wonder if that can help!

  39. I've found that Trump supporters, much like ANY huge group of people have very different beliefs, and are very different people. So for him to make such broad strokes, we can clearly see their biases and hatred for Trump and anyone on the right.

  40. Pretty f**** bad when you got Nanny cams in your own mother f**** house and don't even f**** know it are in your place of residence yeah it's pretty f**** sad they supposed to be called family

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