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  1. The defense of trump is becoming increasingly indefensible and the obsequious republicans better snap out of it. Trump is going down and he’s going down hard. Visions of Mussolini hanging from telephone wires?

  2. 2:00
    Juan wrote a book on 'honest debate' …I havent seen him debate honestly EVER. Hes one of the biggest hypocrite, liar and fraud on FOX news.

  3. Probably this aid to the Ukraine via Burisma should flow into the pockets of the Bidens and Clintens. So corrupt I estimate this DEM-Clan under the leadership of Hillary Clinton.

  4. Time for the Country and Nations,we are Controlling by dirty money,that Soro pay to Destroyed innocent children and families Citizens,because these dangerous representatives and leaders are against to the Peoples President to destroyed because of too many lies and deceit betrayal dangerous from too many media cover up the dangerous and unloved cruel that the last year's the Country and Nations were threatening manipulated by Soro and Rothchild money ,that pay to Destroyed innocent children families elderlies Citizens but they want to control,but My word of Wisdom becareful your plan is rubbish and crime against humanity,God will intervene and Destroyed leaders they against his Chosen servant President Trump, because he called j to bring his people back ,the Country and Nations were treated Innocent Citizens like slaves and threaten victims of politics action

  5. The lefts leadership is a lot like trash, trash that you thought got thrown out a few weeks ago and is now riddled with disease, rats & festering stench, that and Russia of course.

  6. We let liberals get away with it since Obama, it needed stopped then, now it’s out of control. Why are liberals running our schools, and telling us what we can do?

  7. This is well-planned marxism/communism creeping into US society, they are not that stupid it is well-intentioned planning to brainwash the unwashed into be a complete obey society.

  8. I used to think it strange that Chicago considered itself as northwest, seeing as it's actually in the northeast of the U.S.

  9. College students are very often dumber than the general population, coming from sheltered lives with limited exposure to real world problems and situations and so are easily fraught, too prone to be influenced by their just as dumb peers and even dumber leftist professors.
    They also lack self awareness, a sense of irony are totally humorless, and can't take a joke.

    Oh, and Epstein didn't commit suicide.

  10. Hey commies, if you try and physically attack journalists, you know somebody just might blow your brains into the gutter. You might think about why words were invented. You start taking people’s words, and it won’t be long before someone takes your life.

  11. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo, He said the forbidden words "Illegal Alien." That's Hate Speech you Bigot. New York gets to fine you now for saying words that are triggering to woke lefties.

  12. I keep trying to watch these post and usually like them until Juan talks then it’s pure garbage. So I’ve stopped watching these post as soon as they show Juan or the awful Brazil. I usual don’t even start watching post that have the five mentioned in them

  13. Gutfield, you’ve joined the pettiness movement. You must have run out of things to say when you chose to comment on a college newspaper article.

  14. most youngsters arent able to understand much more than a simplyfied headline on (preferably) a phone display. no surprise they cant differentiate the content at all. no surprise that weakness gets used by those who have nothing to contribute. low hanging fruits for the brain damaged democratic head lemmings…

  15. 'Busting in and throwing people in jail"? Juan…did they or did they not break the law by entering the country illegally?

  16. They will regret this type of behavior if Conservatives become the majority in the media which might happen since Liberals plan to tax the rich half their salary. People involved with Hollywood, NFL, NBA, and people such as Jay Z and Kanye.

  17. The wimpy far left gets offended and the rugged far right shoots people up. I don't like either of the far sides but i would rather people get offended.

  18. A liberal said to me yesterday that the violence on he part of the left is the republican's fault for "making them do it."

  19. Northwestern University is in Chicago right.

    Yes. It's in the northwestern suburbs.

    Just say no. It's not on Chicago. Apparently Chicago now encompasses all of northern Illinois.

  20. Hell, if they can silence current events from being reported in newspapers because they don't like it, imagine what is going on academically.

  21. Oh, my, Q is so relevant, here. They just posted this quote yesterday:
    "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

    Poor little SJWs running for their safe spaces, afraid of simple IDEAS if they disagree with their beliefs. SJW = Victimology.

  22. How stupid of a reporter to apologize for doing there job just like when a congressman apologized to Alexandria Cortez for being white.

  23. Just starting this. If Juan defends the school, we know this is just a big joke. No true journalist would support this kind of policy. – MayorMike UofWY B.S.Telecommunications

  24. I can't imagine why northwestern students were mad about a Jeff Sessions piece in their newspaper. Sessions is really just an undercover Democrat. If I were a Democrat, I would cheer for Sessions with a bullhorn.

  25. Beggars hanging outside the Grocery store or the Bank!!! Is that right?!? Should't the grocery and bank take them in?

  26. Northwestern is in a suburb of Chicago called Evanston. Evanston has been very liberal for decades. That disease has slowly permeated the culture of the University. A couple of years ago the Northwestern football team tried unionizing.

  27. Re. AOC's Fighting for Justice in America commercial": 1)studdering is not convincing 2)A lot of those caucasians behind her were applauding…why, she did not mention justice for caucasians!

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