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  1. If this is her latest lie? It suggests that at some point she stopped lying? I wonder if anyone can show me when she ever told the truth? If that exists I have not seen it.

  2. If she starts slipping in the poll's, I'm making the prediction that she's going to come out as being trans. You heard it here first people ?

  3. Hey fox, you need to get back to the Epstein case and report on all the big wigs exploring little kids body's. Or are to good of friends with the Clintons?

  4. democrats have nobody good enough to run against TRUMP. Nobody else in the world has done what he has accomplished for himself, his family and AMERICA. Most importantly, he gives GLORY to GOD, THE FATHER, OUR CREATOR.

  5. Is Juan Williams just playing the part of being a lying liberal, ..or does he actually suffer from a "malignant brain impairment" dedicated to hating the truth? I've noticed the rest of "The Five" just roll their eyes when Uncle Tom Juan starts to speak.

  6. Well at least Elizabeth Warren didn't lie about bringing 1,050 troops home from Syria and leaving a strong ally to the wolves(the Kurds are on Russia's side now), and at the same time send twice that many US troops to Saudi Arabia.

  7. warren and s nothing but a da- big liar thief fraud traitor back stabber disrepectful disgrace GOOD AMERICANS she's A DA- BIG LIAR PERIOD VOTE her OUT OF EVERYTHING she'll NEVER EVER BE PRESIDENT EVER

  8. I'm sure Trump is hoping for her to be the nominee. When he starts tearing this weirdo liar apart the spectacle will be a sight to behold.

  9. You just don't understand. You think Ms Warren is lying. But she is not…at least not by her understanding. Your mind-set is just warped. Her mind-set is different. See, liberals believe something is true because they say it, whether or not it is factually true. It becomes true, in their mind-set, when it spews over their lips.

  10. She probably got sacked from school for picking on white, christian, straight, proud American males for being born against her marxist ideals. Thank GOD for the legend Gutfield, comedic brilliance, completely logical and correct analysis of someone probably struggles running a bath, let alone a nuclear conflict. Hillary Clinton, god bless her prison cell to be, really, and I can say this hand on heart, deserves a cretin like this to puppet run the DEMONCRAT campaign for her, she'd cry like a under TRUMP's current pressure, and cower like one in live political debate. They must like TRUMP!!!

  11. Liar will always lie their ways in and out. Voting for someone who has history of lying to be the president of the United States is very danger for the country. The liar will do anything to benefit him or herself by lying.


  13. Actually, all this has to do with Hillary leaking information and providing anonymous whistle blower so she can swoop down and procure the Democratic nomination for 2020. Rats eating their own.

  14. She has to be the least attractive (and I'm not talking pretty here) of any one I've ever observed who's running for office. She looks like a skinny witch flailing her arms around with not much of great interest to say. Is this the best we can do? Well, anyone worth their salt goes into private enterprise and makes themselves a life and maybe a fortune….without having to lie and cheat before TV cameras. If I were Liz Warren I would realize I was over my head.

  15. Elizabeth Warren by her own admittion was not qualified to be a teacher but wants to be President!!!??? She has turned out to be a fraud like her indian heritage. She needs psychiatric help.

  16. being special at haardvurd these days is nothing to brag about. that last prez was a grad, yet never produced his college creds as promised (Columbia?), and his birth doc was a 1961 computer generated, 9 layered doc which said his father's race was African. hundreds of lawyers in congress but none could spot that fraud but a businessman? yeah, I believe.

    I can relate to her teaching story though. I once knew a male teacher who wasn't falsely accused of misbehavior. of course he was so shy he could only teach if the class was in another room. he would record his lessons on video and soon the class would just leave recorders to record his recording. think i'm telling a lie? lust ask lizabeth. she was probably there.

  17. IMHO Lizzie may seem to be ahead of the bunch, but the polling on the DemonRAT side of things is never close to accurate. It is always Phony Baloney. Pocohontas is not Presidential material, even for a good School PTA . I can see her now, "if they come to school, they get an A, if they call in sick, they get an A, the only way they can get a B or worse is to not sign up correctly" & everyone will jump & laugh & clap & go back to sleep"… yep, that's our Lizzie… What a LYING fool she is … A real PUKE of a person… no way is she a leader. She could NOT lead a bunch of kids, to a Candy Store…

  18. Elizabeth Warren: Liar liar, pants on fire. Your nose is longer than a telephone wire. Does Warren ever tell the truth? Democrats in congress have become the political version of organized crime! Let's clean the House!

  19. Juan is such an idiot… he doesn't even listen to what other commentators are saying. "Opposition research" Juan, not "liberals leaking"!

  20. The GOP, Trump and Hannity are dead to me. I was fooled by Nixon, whom I voted for, and now betrayed again not only by a Republican POTUS, but by the entire GOP. I've voted a straight GOP ticket for 40 years now… never again. Answer me this question: "Why has Russia, after over 2 years, not yet paid for their crimes against the USA in the 2016 election?". The lies of FOX actors such as Hannity and Gutfeld are treasonous. Trump must go, but more importantly Russia MUST pay!

  21. The look on my wife's face as she writes the check each month to pay for her student loans says it all. If Pocahontas was president our taxes would go up tremendously to pay for free college for a bunch of millennials and we will still be paying off college when they graduate.

  22. I'm 6.25 percent choctaw which is way more American Indian than pocahontas and I have never claimed to be an American indian.

  23. Well,, This Gal is so far away from Honorable and Honest,, A single lie is not even worth an eyebrow Raise. Another Lying gal wanting to become the first Pres wearing a pant suit. PEACE!

  24. Gutfeild would be a lot better off not to make everything a joke and not start his monologues with "its like…….." EVERYTHING IS NOT like something else, most things are just like they are.

  25. As a third generation Irish/Dutch mix, I have more Indian blood in me than Warren does!? She couldn't cut it as president anyway. She's too weak-kneed. Iran could propose the looting and pillaging of America and she'd sign off on the deal with a smile on her face!

  26. What is wrong with that black dude ?
    He actually sees nothing wrong with the words coming out of his mouth mouth.
    Democratic have major mental issues.

  27. Funny how liberals always know stuff that's NOT TRUE but keep spewing out the same crap every day till even THEY BELIEVE IT!

  28. It’s basically: “I know public schools have very little funding and might not be able to afford my maternity-whatevers, but I’m going to get pregnant anyway and-oh, the money is taken out of the students’ education tools? There, see, problem solved!”
    Excuse my lack of sympathy.

  29. Is Liz’s lie about her identity her 1st lie? Kind of doubtful! Is Liz Warren actually a female, or is that a lie to get votes? Does she even know? I think most lefties seem confused, guilty, obsessed, concerned or dishonest about their own and others identity! What would make one think they’re honest about anything else if they’re so obsessed and confused about an obvious thing? What makes one capable of the presidency with this kind of confusion? What makes one lie about an easily provable fact? What makes one confused about sexuality when you can see and touch what you are?
    These people are so confused. What is it? Is it in the water? In the air? Maybe it truly is a mental disorder! My common sense just fails me. I know, it isnt so common anymore!
    Sorry if I seem sarcastic, thats only part of it. Ive been programmed not to make assumptions anymore! Now Im confused! I need to consider questions and problems to come to conclusions and decisions.

  30. Juan must feel isolated having to play the role of the 'Village Idiot'. He can't really be so stupid…………….can he?

  31. Good education??? education did not make Elizabeth more intelligent that is for sure, he he. Who cares how high education you have it is very important how intelligent you are.

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