Gutfeld: Is this impeachment really ‘historic’?

Gutfeld: Is this impeachment really ‘historic’?

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  1. The first president to be impeached in his first term of office. Garfield tries so hard to be funny. SMH for this fast talking Trump arse liker. The fact is Trump is completely unsuitable, unqualified president ever.

  2. the democrats think we are dumb as them are since we don't believe their masters lies I mean they confused they, masters, for trump i mean they are that level of stupid think trump love the dumb and yet they denied real science and logic for stupid shits these are the same group of idiot who think trump is guilty without a fair and square trial and think they will win because they have "evidence

  3. Lmao, Reminds me of when the republicans wobbled down the stairs to interrupt the house Impeachment hearings. HaHaHa

  4. Considering the Trump administration has displayed historic levels of corruption, yes, the impeachment is historic.

  5. Yes they can walk like a group unified mob thier weave and bobing a mob as we marines say go trump 2020 semperfi

  6. Pelosi has crossed the line into the Twilight Zone! The Clinton Articles were delivered to the Senate on Saturday by a lowly courier! The "Pomp and.. etc adds to the gravity" ??

  7. ….. signing pen tips shaped like golden rifle cartridges coming from anti-gunners says it all !

  8. Funny how they love pomp and circumstance when it suits them. The same party that hates history, statues, police, military and the constitution.

  9. It is all down to the use and misuse of words with these twisted manipulators, But the truth is they are harassing, Slandering , Obstructing and committing treason against the President of the Untited States of America. I hope they are removed and prosecuted.

  10. Blessings & Grace to all Y'all Patriots / please come and support my channel for prayers, theological study, and true application of Gods word rarely found in pulpits today "Saint of God", TY 🙏

  11. Whoever wins in November – something tells me you won't have to worry about seeing too many of those reverential statues much longer. If we've learned one thing these past three-plus years, it's the complete contempt the Left holds for our history and traditions, and the spinelessness of the so-called blue dogs to even call them out for it. That contempt is going to roll on, feeding upon itself, regardless of who wins the election.

  12. Pelosi has alzheimer's cause she thinks she is the president with all her actions. She needs to be in a nursing home with the other 2 clowns

  13. Hilarious
    affair of Hilary C! This is really hilarious – Obama and dems
    government transferred 1,7 billion USD in cash to Iran, it was 17
    tons of packages 100×100 USD in used bills, as hereby Iran wanted,
    and than Iran couldn't use that money in cash, which it wanted in
    cash, because it was impossible to put them into… banks accounts! –
    USA sanctions prohibited it… So why they simply did not send this
    1,7 billion USD using money transfer to bank account in Iran? Or in
    Switzerland? It was impossible to Iran to put the money in cash into
    any bank account – so Iran wanted 1,7 billion USD in used bills
    because it was hereby easier to Iran to spent this money in cash,
    this was one dems explanation why the money was in used bills, and
    now we know that soon after Iran received this 17 tons of USD
    (100×100 USD packages) in cash as it was hereby done because Iran
    hereby wanted it in cash – to bank accounts, because USA made
    sanctions to Iran and banks could not deal with Iran at all. It was
    necessary to put this money in cash to many different bank accounts
    in Europe with speccial approval of USA government, only to have them
    on accounts in banks, not in cash. It makes no sense! Iran wanted m
    oney in cash, and couldn't use them, because the money was in
    cash… It looks like the money – with USA government approval –
    somehow "disappeared" immediately after the payment was
    done, and were changed from US dollars into many different currencies
    in many small European banks, what was for sure against USA sanctions
    prohibiting all banks doing any deal with Iran, against rules
    prohibiting USA to send money in cash, or in gold, or in any other
    form except USD and money transfer, and especially in used bills, so
    welcome in case of bribery – to any person or institution, and since
    that it is impossible to track this money now. It means, that the
    money were divided between many small accounts in European banks, and
    finally the money – after a lot of transfers, changing USD into other
    currencies – are for sure on secret accounts of top Dems in
    Switzerland, Germany and other European countries, and owners of
    these accounts are Hilary, Pelosi, Obama, Kerry, Biden, and others.
    They sell USA to Iran for bribery, for money. Media and Intelligence
    should follow the dirty money – this is the most ”hilarious”
    Hilary's affair in this century!

  14. Puppets, all puppets… They are told what to do by the DNC which is now under the control of others who hate America

  15. 28% of presidents in my lifetime have undergone impeachment. Not only is this not "historic", it is verging on commonplace. I expect it will become more common in the future.

  16. The funny thing is he's right these newfangled dishwashers and newfangled toilets that won't flush a f**** turd folks there's not enough water pressure are you going to flush it six f**** times in new shower heads there garbage it's like taking a shower with f**** are and a few drops of water he's right and you got a you waste more water with the newfangled s*** been with the old ones

  17. I'm glad all of this is being recorded.
    In a few years we can make a docudrama and miniseries about the illegal coup and the fall of socialism in America.
    After all the trials that is.

  18. Only Historic for the do nothing .Democrarts those fools has done nothing for the very Gigantic Salary the TAX Payers are throwing at Satan's Soldiers

  19. Have you ever looked into the lives of the so called " forefathers?"
    Most of them had questionable morals, negative attitudes, and even worse!

  20. The lyrics for a popular Alabama song is;

    “If you're gonna play in Texas,

    You gotta have a fiddle in the band”…

    If you gonna broadcast the news, you gotta have a female blond
    on the team…but is that enough? or must a no gray head male anchor be included
    too? I think so, after all this is show business of the highest order…an ongoing
    inclusive branch of broadcast news…

  21. At least some republicans can admit that the Prez sounds pretty dumb when he talks about toilets and dishwasher. Now if we can only get them on board for when he talks about politics, windmills, and conspiracy theories.

  22. Also, can anyone tell me why Fox turned off all of their dislikes on their comments? Wanting to hide the fact that all their videos and the fools commenting on them are regarded as garbage by all moderately educated people in America?

  23. Dems want to impeach Trump because there's no way that they can match his record on the economy, trade, or foreign policy. The media is delusional and completely unreliable. They think that they can cover up their incompetence if they can somehow get rid of Trump.

  24. Greg…still trying to get over his rejection letters from "National Lampoon" and "Mad Magazine". Just keep swimmin', lil' Nappy!

  25. Yes; He was impeached in the house, and reelected by a landslide in 2020, and history will show you led the charge Nancy. # worst and most corrupt speaker ever. Yes it will be HISTORICAL

  26. Mr. Gutfeld, as humors as you show is, maybe it's time for the irony of the 21st century, since 1973 little black mothers have been convinced that it is their right to end the civil and constitutional rights of 15 million babies, so the black community is one third less and has 40 % less voters which is one of the unintended consequences of the young white ladies running the programs supporting a girls right to choose life of her own verses over that of the community she is part of, one question that needs answering is, "is it an unintended consequence" or a clever democrat way to keep the south in the hands of their party. Republicans have by far advocated abortions is not right, because many claim it's a religious question, in fact it should be a political question, or a legal question {which the supreme court} Great Scott has Waded through, not having the benefit of hindsight, but now the Black Community might want to re-think, or maybe just think about the results of that trial. A few minutes with a network production meeting before programing might be worth consideration. Usually, political satire is my thing, but fact is facts in this case.

  27. I'm a bit confused, is this the new thing? Everyone is just making jokes on the news? Or is this like section for it specifically? I know CNN is a joke in itself, but I didn't expect skits from a new source, even if it is right leaning..

  28. “It certainly doesn’t have to be crime. If you have someone who completely corrupts the Office of the President, and who abuses trust, and who poses great danger to our liberty, you don't need a technical crime." — Alan Dershowitz (1998)

  29. What the hell is wrong with people? Does anybody really believe one so called party is any different from the other? They are all the same, They are all liars, murders and thief's. Only a blind deaf and dumb person would fall for all this pomp and circumstance. Only idiot's with no sense would vote for any of them.

  30. We need to start calling out these media when what they really are lying sacks of s*** we need to start calling them out every chance we get and the Democrats get up in their face and tell him what we really think of them the traitors to this country protecting the Constitution to ripping it up in Virginia and other places there's such lion facts of s***

  31. Its Not just Ukraine paying off the Bidens; add in Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, Iraq, & China!!!

    Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Kerry's son, & Romney's son; do you see the Pattern of Corruption here?

    Corrupt news should be illegal.

    Obama Spied; TRUMP Thrives! MAGA FREE

  32. im sorry but when I see jerry Nadler walking..    lmao..   We are the lolly pop people  from the wizard of oz    lol

  33. That's what I have to do to get water in my washing machine just to cover the clothes.💦 I have to trick my machine.🤦
    And because the machine only gives you a little water it doesn't get the soap out!
    those pods are concentrated.🤷

  34. Well, I know people who used to be against Trump but are now against the dems because of this sham of an impeachment

  35. I’m 100% in agreement with Trump on the crap water saving showers dishwashers and 🚽! Then he brings up the light 💡 it’s like he’s hitting my personal wish list too bad I don’t live in the states.

  36. If the Confederate Party. ( I no longer call them Democrats…they are Confederates) were interested in "Protecting" the Constitution they would have been at the Rally in Richmond Virginia. They were no where to be seen! I know because I was there!

  37. The Confederates are like Drug addicts…they all get high for a while and then the come down makes them depressed and they need more and more and more…

    Pelosi uses $5,000 worth of custom made bullet-pens to impeach the President.

    President Trump uses a $1.99 sharpie to sign a $2,000,000,000 trade deal with China.

  39. **STOP Booker NOW..And MAXINE WATERS IMPEACH 45'sd THey should both be taken out and REMOVED IMMEDIATELY ***We the people saw Booker who was totally Bias,against the PRESIDENT slandering President TRUMP TO THE MAX in EL Paso ***This video can be seen on Booker's Video in EL PASO* *We the people seriously OBJECT To BOOKER'S Dems manger's credibility BOOKER HAS NONE, **by allowing Booker to continue in this sensitive case, as a Chosen MANAGER is corrupt ,a total outrage* *If Booker Remains this case, it will be flawed deemed as total* *conflict of interest will occur Democrats Pelosi Schiff Nadler would have been totally aware of this FACT*
    *Which is a corrupt disgrace totally SLY and underhanded. By the leading managers of this case..Once again Unfair Unjust to everyone and unfair to the SENATES, Action MUST BE A PRIORITY REQUESTED and needs to be ADDRESSED ASAP ThankQ*


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